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Loohan's Paranoia Bulletins

Loohan's Retort to Tim Rifat's Allegations

(last revised 7/2006)

Warning issued 3/9/6

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WHAT's HOT -- for beginning orgone makers -- the latest poop

(Not all the older info in the OTBs is still considered that important to me.
There are some phases I went through that I have left behind.
My more recent stuff reflects what I'm into doing these days.)

OTB-1   February 21, 2003   Cobalt Blue Bottles in Orgonite

OTB-2   March 6, 2003   Neutralizing Household Wiring

OTB-3   March 8, 2003   Best Mold Release Agent

OTB-4   March 10, 2003   Souping Up Orgonite

OTB-5   April 2, 2003   Power Packs
Warning issued 3/9/6

OTB-6   April 6, 2003   Plotting Becker-Hagens Grid for Your State

OTB-7   June/July, 2003   More on Water Containers in Orgonite

OTB-8   August, 2003   Best Water Wands for Heavy-Duty Environmental Repair

OTB-9   February 27, 2004   Written, Drawn, or Etched Stuff, and Eclectic Layering
Last revised 1/15/4

OTB-10  February 29, 2004   Bucking Energy

OTB-11  April 8, 2004   Mobius-Wrapped Bottles in Series
drought buster?

OTB-12  April 12, 2004   Power Graphics
(formerly titled "Labyrinth Power")
make your own charged water!

OTB-13  January, 2005   Powders in Orgonite

OTB-14  February, 2005   Free Orgone Devices

OTB-15  May, 2005   Advanced Power Graphics

OTB-16  May, 2005   High-Energy Clear-Casting

OTB-17  Spring 2006   Corruption of Ingredients

OTB-18  August, 2006   Keep it Simple

OTB-19  October, 2006   Toward an End to Demons

OTB-20  March, 2007   Misc. Tech Ramblings

OTB-21  April, 2007   Grid-Blaster

OTB-22  April, 2007   Using Radionics Devices in Orgone Warfare

OTB-23  May, 2007   LED Madness

OTB-24  June, 2007   RoboCops

OTB-25  September, 2007   Electronic Amplification

formerly entitled "Ultrasound Amplification"

OTB-26  October, 2007   Tubular Perpendiculosis

OTB-27  Fall, 2007   Programming

OTB-28  November, 2007   Beyond Dial Boxes

OTB-29  December, 2007   Misc. Tech Ramblings 2

OTB-30  March, 2008   Dispensing with Electricity

OTB-31  April, 2008   Big Rock Units

OTB-32  May, 2008   Grid Blasters Revisited

OTB-33  March, 2009   Superb Environmental Energy Correction Devices

OTB-34  April, 2009   The Yejkusti Path

OTB-35  May, 2009   Easy Tetrahedron and Pyramid Molds

OTB-36  November, 2009   Salvaging those Resin Dregs

OTB-37  February, 2011   Working with The Committee

OTB-38  March, 2011   Getting Rid of Demons

OTB-39  March, 2011   Combat Cones

OTB-40  March, 2011   Misc. Tech Ramblings 3

OTB-41  December, 2012   On the "Need" for Shavings and Crystals in Resin

OTB-42  May, 2013   Chem-busting with Wood

OTB-43  July, 2013   Tips for Developing Psychic Sensitivity

OTB-44  February, 2014   Resin Wands

OTB-45  July, 2014   Remote Defense Bricks (RDBs)

OTB-46  November, 2014   Bionization

OTB-47  August, 2016   Concretite

OTB-48  February, 2017   The Channel Program

Youtube Videos of Loohan's chem-busting

My orgonic gardening page Rated G


Aikido coil

Important Offsite Links:

Warning! Even agents of evil have historically promoted these devices, as they were destined to be overridden and taken over by heavy black magic. Which did occur in 2005, but was reversed with a lot of painful work. E.g. the first following site is by an NSA Satanist, who promotes several others on his otherwise informative site.

Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies! The Do-It-Yourself Kit for Sky Repair: build yourself a chem-buster.

Who was Dr. Wilhelm Reich and why has history tried so hard to erase him? article by Jerry Morton.

Reich's Contact with Space: science meets flying saucers.

Other Onsite Links:

What is in your clothing tags?

How to Make an Inexpensive Lake-Buster with little or no orgonite.

The Truth About Western Science article by Nick Sandberg.

Ozark region sites of interest: Stay "up" to "speed" on corruption and racism in Southern Meth-ouri.