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Orgone Technical Bulletin #17
Spring, 2006

Corruption of Ingredients

[Update February 2007. Good News: It appears that this entire issue is fully resolved, and this bulletin is of historic value only. Knock on wood. And all corrupted orgonite, minerals, and much, much more has been cleared of these nasty energies.
For further info on how this was done, see my Feb/11 blog entry.]
[Update April, 2007: Well, fairly fully. There are still people out there with the corrupting touch, and many of them sell crystals, etc., so I try to clear stuff once a week or so. Also there are some different but similar types of corruption that do not resolve easily, though they are greatly mitigated. There was a period around late 2005 when I advised against pouring orgonite, as the dark side had such control over the elements that they made even all carbon radiate evil, and this got locked into the resin when it cured. I still have some items I cast just before I realized this, and they do not clear up fully or feel good. Also many of the items some people have made with black magic and evil intent do not fully clean up, even after breaking the spells and jailing the demons. This includes all Nikken products. Also I just found some crystals in a friend's chembuster that had been zapped by some hi-tech from a chopper or something, and they would not clear until I focussed on them specifically.]

A significant portion of the people who have been working with orgone devices now have a very undesirable affliction: any solid object they touch, especially crystals and metal, becomes infected with a very evil, demonic kind of vibe. This same kind of vibe occurs in areas of geopathic stress, and appears to be literally tied to Satan himself. (Satan is pretty feeble lately, in terms of DOR output, but back when he was strong this energy in corrupted crystals was much stronger, and nailing him would cause the crystals' bad energy to greatly decrease for a while.)

Initially I pretty much assumed that this phenomenon was caused by werewolf demons, as the first person to come to my attention with this affliction had such a strong werewolf presence at the time, and another person (Reiki II, BTW) I knew with the affliction also had some mean werewolves.

However, many people with this do not have the WWs.

Tentatively, there does seem to be a correlation with involvement, even inadvertent, with "spirit guides", "ascended masters", archangels, evil cults, and the like. However, many people who have such things in their background do not corrupt (yet?). Like myself, fortunately. Nevertheless, most of the orgonite depicted on my site (let alone others') is somewhat corrupted, due to the use of ingredients corrupted by others.

Please read entries for March 9, 12, 22, and 23 in my blog.

Good news! I seem to have found a cure. See blog entries for March 24 &27.

Update 6/22/6: After trying some things that did not prove out long term, I think I finally now have the ability to clear these things so that they stay cleared. And I have done a lot of work on the nasty stuff, with good results. See my blog entry for today.

Also recently, Kneweyes has cured herself of her corrupting affliction.

So this is rapidly turning into a non-issue. For some other nasty things in the environment that are also rapidly becoming non-issues (but are valuable to know about in order to understand the enemy) see my Paranoia Bulletins numbers 1, 2, & 3.

Update 6/30/6: It's still not 100% on really corrupted stuff, though. For example, I have a friend who had many very corrupt crystals. After working on them, only one feels truly sweet. One has a bit too much of a nasty twinge left, that I can't remove, to be useable. The rest feel pretty good, but faintly off, and don't seem able to take a positive charge (OTB 14).

Update Aug. 29, '06: A friend of mine is experimenting with clearing methods. Running water does seem to work for low-level corruption as contained in the stones sold by a couple conspicuous vendors to the orgonite movement early on. My impression is that this will clean most of these up 100%. One could put one's stash of slightly corrupt stones in a nylon mesh bag and leave it in a creek for a few days. Though this individual cleared a stone under a slightly dripping faucet for an hour. Actually it was 96% clean after the first 1/2 hour.

But he was unable to clear another stone that was strongly corrupted. He buried it for days, then did the faucet thing for 1 hour+, with not very good results.
I, too, still seem unable to truly clear any highly-corrupted stones.

Update Nov. 2, '06: My friend sent this pic of his urban basement crystal-clearing setup. Ignore the left side faucet, the laundry hose, etc. The rinser is the vertical PVC pipe standing under the right side tap. It only takes a slight trickle. He partially or even mostly fills the pipe with quartz, and braces the pipe in such a way as to make the water hit in the center of the surface of the contents with a splash.
He has been having very good results with this on slightly-corrupted crystals.

Update May 29, '09: People sometimes ask me how they can clear any bad energies in rocks, metal, etc. that they put into orgone devices.
This is a good idea. Some vendors corrupt everything they touch; others buy some stuff that is corrupt from their sources. Though I hardly notice this lately; mainly because I periodically clear all items such vendors stock. However, my efforts are inconsistent, so it is good to clear your stuff yourself.
The SE-5 machine has some etheric mojo that is the ony thing that really clears such things quickly and well, in my experience. Luckily, it is not password-protected and you don't need to shell out $3K to tap into this.
Simply imagine you place the item(s) to be cleared, even if it is a universe, on the plate on the left. Then throw the switch on the right (there are 4 switches above the round knob).
Will this work on all corruption? Very rarely have I encountered any items that it will not work on; and none of these came from a vendor that way.
An exception is light bulbs that have been deliberately treated in some way in the factory to give off funky energy.

Update June, '11: There is an Archangel named Asdalsucaf that one can call on to clear ingredients. He does a good job.

Update Nov. '12: This type of corruption is getting rare, but if you pour resin and have concerns about the possibility of negative entities corrupting your resin as it cures, you can hang a pic of Ice the turtle nearby. This should block such corruption.


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