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Loohan Communications Office

Orgone Technical Bulletin #10

February 29, 2004

Bucking Energy

It seems that 2 HHGs, TB's, whatever, base-to-base is approximately equivalent to 3 of the same units separately. I think this efficiency goes up more to the extent that the single units are designed to shoot energy baseward at each other.

large funky double-terminated TB

People have talked about "bucking" magnets together with the repelling poles forced together, as in a Bedini coil. (One of the meanings of "buck" is "to oppose directly and stubbornly; go against".) This pushing-against generates some energy phenomena. I think something similar happens when you buck any type of good energy at itself. Coils and crystals in orgonite are the main ways I accomplish this. This can be done within one cast item, or by glueing 2 units together.

If you glue 2 similar units together, you will, not surprisingly, end up with a unit that is twice as large. Yet, one doesn't want to make environmental gifts too large, as then they are easier to locate, especially on land. For this reason, a diffuse field caused by many items scattered about an area is preferable to one monster-field at one point, usually. Unless maybe you're right in the center of a vortex or something. So I often make my "double terminated" TB components in ice-cube trays, and stick them together with silicone seal.

Then I let the glue dry several days. Otherwise, it would remain uncured in the center after I do the next step. Next I cut some aluminum tape in half lengthwise to make it only 1" wide, then wrap a layer of it around some of the glued units in the middle, as if to tape the 2 cubes together. The energy goes up quite a bit from that.

But that looks pretty shiny and flashy like that; plus further energetic improvement is easily feasible.
Reich alternated layers of metal ("inorganic") and plastic ("organic") in his orgone accumulators. So I wrap a layer of electrical tape over the aluminum tape. (Note: brands of electrical tape can vary considerably in their energy quality!)
When one does this, the energy should go up quite a bit more. Though it has more of an implosive quality now, as orgone will tend to enter into the organic matter surface (and would radiate from any metal surfaces). So not only are the ice cubes pushing against each other, but the tape wrap is drawing in energy around the equator. Feels good, though.

Plus, the item looks kind of cool, something you could carry in your pockets and show off to people. The ugly junction between the cubes is all covered over. Looks like a cigarette lighter from another planet or something.
This shape is also convenient if you wish to stuff the pockets of your baggy jeans with these items prior to strolling around.

The last item in the above picture is made from 2 cubes I had built with a tipward energy direction. I had wondered if I could emulate one of Lorae's YoYo things (discussed on CB forum). I held them face-to-face, experimenting with distances. It seemed that almost, but not quite touching felt best. I put a single layer of electrical tape on the face of one of the cubes (to get a slight separation) then securely taped the cubes together face-to-face with black tape only. I like the energy of this even slightly better, but it is not a sturdy structure, nor as pleasant to handle, nor as aesthetic.

The larger item depicted at the top of the page is made from 2 oversize 8oz TBs glued together, and a 2" wide strip of aluminum tape, and wrapped with the black tape over that. Very impressive improvement.
One could do this with muffin TBs, too, cones, whatever.

Of course, in the environment, the tape will gradually deteriorate over time, but that should take years and meanwhile it has made the TB less shiny and more powerful.

The items you glue together need not be similar if you are not set on taping them. By adding an ice cube to this TB, I dramatically increased its energy. Both components do have cat coils driving energy at each other.


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