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$8 shipping per order, regardless of size, within the USA and APO/FPO. Large items sent UPS ground.

For foreign orders, unless you only want a small item or two, I recommend getting enough stuff to fill a Flat Rate Priority Box. The small size costs around $20 to Canada, and usually about $25 to other countries. Larger boxes are also available. This comes with tracking, but the tracking only goes as far as your country's border.
If you are in Europe, I can recommend a friend in Romania. Also, in Slovenia, ORGONITI BLINX makes some nice stuff; it doesn't have the anti-evil programming but is nice orgonite. There are few crafters that I know of that I consider in my league, in terms of intensity per cc. Most other resin-based orgone devices on the market are wimpy in comparison, no matter how beautiful or complex-looking.
Also my close associate Joe has a site where he sells stuff programmed by our Committee.

Payment methods: I accept PayPal, but they charge me ~4% on most donations, so I will give you a 5% discount if you pay by US Postal Service money orders (not just any old money orders) or cash (better insure it or be willing to take the risk if you send cash). If this is a problem, or if you are overseas, email me, and we might be able to work something out. Barters considered. Note: not all items are in stock at any time. Please let me know what you want, and I'll get back with you to arrange matters.