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League of Ozark Orgonizers (LOO) fundraising items:

All proceeds go to defray the cost (past and ongoing) of spreading orgone devices around the Ozarks and beyond.

All items on these pages programmed by The Committee (see glossary).

CAST EPOXY ITEMS are on this page, THIS PAGE, and on THIS PAGE. All cast items made of tough epoxy.


If you are insufficiently impressed with any of my products, you may return them undamaged within 1 month for a full refund of item price.

SHUNGITE directly from the main Russian supplier, If you enter the store from this link, supposedly their software will that recognize you came from my site, and I get a 10% commission. And the same goes for re-orders from the same person.
We have free programming available especially for some objects. There is a special Rolling Force Program for the spheres, which can only go into shungite. Rorg loves it. As soon as my sphere was programmed, he would not stop hanging around it in the astral. So I keep it in his box. There is also a special program for the pyramids.
Personally I am not as wild about shungite as some people, given that I make a lot of different stuff more cheaply that does the same sort of thing. I do use some of the powder in a few resin devices, but don't find it terribly important. However, some people do not pour resin and/or are very attracted to shungite. It is good stuff.

Also my close associate Joe has a site where he sells stuff programmed by our Committee.

a word about my products and prices

Remote Defense Bricks: see OTB 45 for further info and DIY instructions.

Just the very thing for Targeted Individuals.

Price $20 each.

Resin Wands with the Jan2014C Program: These are for "frying" all manner of evil physical vertebrates. They have an effective range of 70 feet linearly out one end (I can draw an arrow to indicate directionality).

Actually the effective range is infinite, as this is a great program for remote work. However, it should be about 4X as effective if you linearly blast someone within 70', as compared with hitting them "radionically" at any distance. It tapers off after 70'. E.g. at 200' it is at around 50% potency. Much beyond that, there is no point in aiming at the bad guys.

Length 5.5".

Price: $7 each.

Dual Resin Wands with the Jan2014C and Demon-Disintegrating programs:

Awesome. Read about these on OTB 44.

Way more effective than the large, cumbersome, expensive "Power Wands" of yore.

Length 5.5".

Price: $20.

"Tower Busters":
These are 5oz paper cups filled with epoxy that has been programmed during curing with various of the best anti-evil programs, as decribed here. Also may sometimes include a couple programs of similar "intent" that have not been released to the public because they require complex powder formulas with unusual ingredients. Basically, when I work on my own projects, I often mix up some extra resin mix, and pour a layer into some paper cups I have going on the side. These are TBs I make mainly for my own gifting use, and they vary in contents. All programs used are top-notch for frying evil ETs, demons, and reptilian shapeshifters.

Price: 5oz TBs $5 each. Actual weight is around 6.5 oz.

Discontinued. At times I may have available 10 oz TBs similar to above but twice as big and including a bit of brass with the new Brass Program plus a bionized quartzite or two, for $12 each.

Unusual Healing Device: I was guided to make these in June, 2010.
Apply the larger dome surface (not the star side) to any part of your body, esp. any with aches. When I do this, I feel a distinct icky sticky sensation of bad energy being flushed up and cleared up. Or I did until I erased most of it after some weeks.
This is a narrow-spectrum device. It does not remove all kinds of bad energy!
I do not know exactly what this bad energy is that this unit works on. It is a type of energy people accumulate from living in this evil world. Children don't have it, but people over 50 usually have a bunch of it. Other tools and modalities that I am aware of don't seem effective against this. This unit strips it away over time. It will take weeks or months. Then continue to use it occasionally for maintenance.
It took me a few weeks to get down to 1-2% of what I had, but I was using 2 and kept them under the soles of my feet at night (using socks to secure them).
If you have one, it is probably best under the left foot. You can put it under the back of your head, etc. and lie on it. You can put it in a pouch or sock so you don't roll over onto a hard object in your sleep. Having it close to you when you sleep or carrying it in your pocket is effective. You can keep it under your mattress, chair cushion, or car seat for maintenance. Try to keep the dome side toward you.

Probably all mammals in our world get this bad energy accumulation as they get older. You can drill a hole in one of these (or I can do it for you) and put it on your dog's collar, such that the dome side is toward the dog's body.

Price $30 each. Note that my usual money-back guarantee does NOT apply to this item. This is because the effect is subtle. You might strip away all of this level of bad energy and notice nothing different.

Jumbo Energy Rectifier: This is a large block of epoxy with a small amount of powder mixed in. There is only 1 program: the proprietary Energy-Rectification Program. It is primarily intended to be kept under the front seat of a vehicle, where it will (so my ET friends tell me; I make no scientific claims) mitigate harmful emanations from the vehicle's entire electrical system, catalytic converter, etc. And pervade all the metal in the vehicle, creating a partial cocoon out of the body...
19 X 13 X 2.5 cm+
My handlers would not let me add mesh, coils, metal shavings, etc. and insisted that I just pour the mix in this size mold to this depth. For some reason it just functions amazingly well and has intense orgone.

Other possible applications:
  • Adroit placement by dowser for geopathic stress situations
  • Take it in to work with you if you work in a high-EMF setting.
  • Place on computer towers, TV's, etc.

    Price $92

    Update about the Energy-Rectification products: I will not be making more of these if stock runs out. I have become more aware of a type of harmful energy known to dowsers as vertical negative green. If you have electronic stuff around, you have vertical negative green, and the Energy-Rectifiers on this page do not address this! We do, however, have free programs that do address this.
    DIYers can read more about this subject here and here. The relevant programs are the March2015B pgm, PRG pgm, and Strontium-Barium pgm. The March2015B pgm even goes into quartzite and some other stones.

    MarBies: So-called because they consist of epoxy with the March2015B Program. Shungite powder added. This program neutralizes undesirable vertical negative green and other undesirable energies. Get several and put on appliances, etc. The small ones can be glued onto cell phones. Incidentally, the middle front ashtray of a car is often a great place for this stuff. Also these items are good to carry in your pockets.
    This program is free to the public, and I encourage people to make their own stuff with it. The shungite is not crucial.
    The larger rings are 2&7/16" diameter.   Price $5.
    The smaller rings are 1&7/16" (36mm)   Price $2.
    The torus shape is very well-suited for this program, but these little disks are good too, if you need something slightly smaller. They are 1.25" diameter (32mm)   Price $2.

    Rolling Force spheroids: These have the Roller Program described here. This is a free program that used to require a stone sphere, but now goes into resin. For info on making your own with resin, see my Dec. 13, '12 blog entry.
    The emanations are toxic to evil shapeshifting reptilians especially.

    These blue ones are programmed to a specific individual, but can be re-attuned to a different owner if the legitimate owner wishes.
    Only one per person. You can order as many as you like, but they need to be attuned to as many different individuals. Whereas the brown ones below are not attuned to a specific person, and one person can have as many as desired.

    Price $8 each

    Rolling Vicarah spheroids. Another type of Rolling Force item. Same size as the blue ones above, but this program is a bit different. It is especially good for creating a proximal area of protection. It makes it harder for evil energy to get to the vicinity of the sphere. Very potent. I think of it as a slippery lubricant that makes the area hard for evil to "grab a hold of".
    Again, this is something I encourage others to make to their hearts' content. The program is free. For more info, see the March, 2013 entry down the page here.

    Price $8 each

    April2014B Spheres: This new program is a must-have for psychics, "Indigos", etc. who get attacked a lot by ETs and demons. This Rolling Force program is very psychotronic in terms of boosting one's ability to deflect attacks. With even just one of these, a person with mental power can redirect evil energies with unprecedented effectiveness.
    Again, I encourage people to make their own, as per the April 2014 instructions in OTB 27. Read that entry anyway, for more info about this program.

    Price $8 each

    Also available in the same size for the same price: any of the other April 2014 Rolling Force Programs.

    Orgone Brick: I'm at a loss what else to call this. This is mostly Energy-Rectification but with 1 small RF Ball and a small Protective Program triangle (painted with programmed metallic paint) inside. These are shown in pic, but item contains them. Other than that, the brick contains only the Energy-Rectification stuff.

    How does this compare to the Jumbo Energy Rectifier above? These are about 8mm thicker, and have the Rolling Force and Protective Programs added. To me this feels real powerful and dynamic, and it should have more protective value against demonic energies.
    The Jumbo Energy Rectifier above is very nice, as the purity of the one program, cast in a specific size and shape, seems to "strike a note" that I really like. A bit of that purity is overridden in the Orgone Brick, but it is great in its own dynamic way.
    These are very powerful.

    Price $114
    Update: Orgone Bricks have been embellished and are now $125. They now have a layer of Energy Rectification with gold-colored mica pigment, then another layer of Energy Rectification which includes bionized sand, shungite, and turmeric, then a layer of the PRG Program, then a layer of Demon-Disintegration Program (the latter has other desirable orgone qualities in addition to frying demons).
    There is still the RF sphere inside. The little triangle is replaced by a slightly larger square. Check out the pic.
    The original version is no longer available.
    2nd Update: that was Phase 2. Phase 3 is like Phase 2 except:
    • The sphere is smaller and has different programs than before.
    • More bionized sand in the 2nd layer.
    • The sequence of the 3rd and 4th layers is switched.
    • The PRG Program no longer requires titanium, so the last layer now gets SILICON (the metal) powder, some activated charcoal just for looks, and some BRASS SHAVINGS which get a custom program.
    These have more of a "bite"; they dig harder into toxic energy.

    ZPE Products
    Variability Products



    I offer the most cutting edge stuff I am able to. I do have an agenda. It is not to be a commercial vendor who takes orders from people who want to pay a lot of money for inferior products. Please do not email me with requests to make you "real orgonite" with metal shavings just like you read about in some directions on how to make Croft-style orgonite like I was making in '02 and '03. Sorry. If you can't handle
    the truth, shop elsewhere.

    People sometimes write me asking which products of mine I recommend for them. Well, if you are having problems with gang stalkers, gov't agents, black magicians, ETs, demons, etc. get the Remote Defense Bricks, April2014B Spheres, Resin Wands, and TBs. They are cheap not because they are of little value. They are cheap because they are easy to make, and I want to get them out there more where they benefit all of us.
    Better yet, make your own. We provide the free programming.
    You can also make your own Rolling Vicarah spheres even with just epoxy putty from the hardware store.

    Even silicone glue or acrylic glue/paint will take our programs and work as well as resin with them. See also OTB 48 for getting lots of anti-evil power cheap.

    Note that I have a 30-day money back guarantee on most of my products (how many vendors do?) yet have never had a refund request.