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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 28

November, 2007

Beyond Dial Boxes

This is where I think I'm headed. I may not make any more dial boxes, for reasons I'll explain.

I recently had the opportunity to open up 4 donated commercial radionics boxes. Three of these had no potentiometers (except to run the electronics). Did this make them better than dial boxes? No. But. Well. Hang on.

Backtracking to the early days of the Croft-fueled orgone revolution, there were a couple devices that were very popular around 2001 on. These were the Succor Punch (SP) and the Power Wand (PW). The first was just a mobius-wrapped crystal, and the second was a type of hefty wand using 3" copper pipe, that also had a mobiused crystal.
It would be years before I evolved personally to the point where I felt I could use such devices, but others were using them quite a bit, and still are.
Well guess what? These humble tools are no less radionically-capable than many commercial "radionics devices" selling for a fancy price.

Let me introduce a concept called Self-Tuning Quotient or STQ. This means the extent to which an orgone device or psychotronic tool optimally responds to intent without tuning. A dial box driven orgone device, presuming operator sensitivity, has an STQ of 100%, or rather, would have if it were self-tuning, which, of course, it ain't. But potentially, any skilled person can tune that orgone device up to 100% of its potential toward the intended result. So dial boxes are good; most non-dial radionics devices are inferior for a user who can set dials.
An average SP, from what I dowse, has an STQ of about 96%, though an exceptional one might approach 99%. An average PW, I get, is about 97%. Now again, if you were to plug either of these devices into a dial box, and properly adjust the knobs, you would have 100% of the potential effectiveness of the orgone working for you.

Of the 3 non-dial devices I inspected recently, one had an STQ of 97%. Another had an STQ of 96%, and that one I am disassembling for parts. A 3rd box, costing $600 new, had an STQ of almost 99% (100% after some minor mods by me).

So if you took an ordinary SP, and wrapped your piece of paper with your target and trend, face inward, around it and wadded it up in a ball with the SP inside, it would also be as effective (discounting differences in orgone power) as many commercial "radionics devices"!
And the STQ of an SP is not related to whether it is in a passive loop or run by a freq pulser. However, the power output of the SP may be affected favorably by the electronics.

So do you get the concept of STQ? It is not about how intense or powerful a device is, it is about the extent to which the device, without tuning, automatically approaches the effectiveness of being run by a properly-adjusted dial box. The SE-5, for example, has no orgone, but an STQ of 100%, which is why it works so well (when supplied with orgone) despite not having knobs that you have to tune. I tried to take it apart to see what they were using, but it is deliberately made to be impossible for the average user to open up without breaking anything, so all I could do was get a peek inside through a crack. Looked like a lot of electronics in there. I had wrongly assumed that there were scant electronics other than the little computer.
And I don't think it's the electronics that give it that STQ. [Update: actually, it probably is the electronic components. One could simply cast some old circuit board(s) into resin, and right there that would give you 100% STQ.]
But it is cheap and easy for someone with an imagination and dowsing ability to make orgone devices which obviate the need for potentiometers. (Again, I am not referring to the volume knob for electronics here. Also I am not talking about sophisticated tools like Ruth Drown devices. I am talking about potentiometers used for locking on to one's trend/target.)
That is, the device will automatically be just as effective (100% STQ) with no pots other than maybe one to adjust the electronics.

I am developing a very compact way to do this (while also producing ample orgone power) which I will not share, as I plan to make dialless devices for sale someday. However, I will share some ways others can achieve the same ends.

STQ seems to be the roughly same thing as the "receptiveness" I spoke of in OTB 24. For example, you could make an antenna as shown in that bulletin from a plastic film can, and run the wire into an orgone device, and mentally or in writing tell the antenna to send, for example, "white pepper 6X" to "all spider demons", and it should do that just as well as a good dial box.
So... the same factor that allows a device to enhance its receptiveness of the environment (e.g. in sensing astral attackers to address) also is the factor that allows one to bypass the need for dials. I don't quite fully understand this yet, but as I see it, certain design factors in an orgone device allow the device to both receive better information to act on, and to attain optimum effectiveness in acting on info, whether the info is received from the environment or the witness plate or the operator's purely mental intent. And intent is what commands the device to respond to certain things floating around the vast sea of information, and to ignore the others.

In a device like this, what keeps an undesired 3rd party from hijacking your device mentally? If someone else has enough psi-power and motivation, they could theoretically override anything. A couple years ago the dark side had almost limitless demonic power at their disposal, and were able to turn all our devices, in fact all matter, even agnihotra ash eventually, into transmitters of strong, toxic, demonic energy. But those days are long past, and will never return. And black magicians have very limited psi power without their demons.
A non black magician with great power who was motivated enough might be able to override your intent, so if you are not confident of your ability to program unapproved influences out of your devices, keep them secret. Note how I have been publishing prominent pics of my devices lately. This is because I have become sassy, my confidence bloated by numerous victories. Yet no darksiders are able to mess with my stuff anymore.
And now, deserving activists can avail themselves of Pitwexin's programming, which is the most powerful I know of. Nobody will influence your devices without your approval if you have him program them for you.

Although one can attain 100% STQ without copper, merely using copper raises the STQ quite a bit. This is much more true of shavings than powder. (Copper has a harshly fiery nature that is detrimental to vata-pitta types like me, so I always mitigate it with pearls, silver, or water bottles.)

Even just using fluffy copper-shaving orgonite (as is the case with the leftmost unit here, RoboCop 3a) might raise the STQ of a device and the receptivity to 98% maybe. These are actually not quite the same. My first RoboCop had 99+% STQ for witnesses placed on it, but only 84% reception of the surrounding environment. Oddly, it seemed that the copper devices I plugged into its input to get better reception did not work as well as the same antenna devices would for RoboCop 3, which has much better intrinsic reception (98%+). The shape and position of the quartzite in RoboCop 3 is far superior to the flat-laying quartzite in RoboCop 1 for the purpose of receptivity, so it doesn't take much to boost it to 100%. Yes, a vertical, shaftlike crystal will receive desired info better. This is not STQ, but useful for some functions.
Incidentally, both parts of RoboCop 3 have 100% STQ, due in small part to my unparalleled proprietary advanced technology.

Think also in terms of geometry with copper. Copper screen is a component of my top secret method that I'm keeping so close to my chest (there are other factors involved, too). And the perpendicular copper pipe units (OTB 26) are at about 98% STQ, regardless of whether xenon is used. That's the intrinsic STQ of the units not counting the end caps, which alone have 100% STQ due to having aluminum honeycomb embedded in clearcast in them.
And in these 2 units, the last section is not even copper. It may not matter on the last section.

Aluminum honeycomb could be your entire approach to the STQ issue, except that it seems almost impossible to get. Clyde gave me some years ago, which he got from a manufacturer, but normally to buy any you have to order enough to reinforce the walls of a bunch of airplanes, and they produce the stuff to your specs (thickness) and they don't make any extra to sell to orgone freaks. Let me know if you get a supply. Just a piece slightly over a square inch in size is all you need to bring something up to 100% STQ, and it makes it more potent, too.

A few weeks ago, before I realized this stuff about STQ, I souped up a donated dial box as a gift to Anita. She needed something powerful, and I wanted to give her that without investing too much money or time. So I wrapped 2 bottles with a lotus wrap, half-filled them with water, etc., and cast them into the mostly empty dial box (it already had a bit of orgonite in it). I had Lula and then Pitwexin program the curing resin, etc. The result was a very powerful and intense weapon, and she's been putting it to good use. A lot of the time I suspect she doesn't even use the dials.
In retrospect, I realized that what I did was take a unit that had 94% STQ and make it into one that has 98% STQ as well as being many times as powerful. So by messing with the dials, she only gets a marginal improvement. But now I realize I could easily have made it to have a 100% STQ, rendering the dials irrelevant.
I think lotus coils and variations thereof generally have about 98% STQ. Likewise with Aikido coils.

Now for something completely different:

About 2.5 years ago, in my early quasi-radionic days, ago I made up a bunch of sandwichers with big coils. I would write down the target and sandwich it between these things. They faded in effectiveness if I didn't refresh them by moving them around every 20 minutes or so. This problem is avoided by programming (see last OTB), I later found out.

But more recently I also realized that although these don't have terrific STQ the way I made them back then, by merely rotating them, one can still easily attain a 100% tuning. This, unlike !00% STQ items, requires operator sensitivity.
It does not require that you make sandwichers like these. You can probably get similar effects with any discoid orgone items.

First you intuitively place your target and trend paper on one disc. Then place the 2nd one on top, rotating by feel or intuition until it's in the ideal spot. I rotate clockwise, but am not sure if that makes a difference. I get around 100% tuning with just 2 of these sandwichers. But for more power and precision, I can add more odds and ends in the same fashion.

I am finding that this much technology is all I need to send precise healing energies effectively.

Jan. 11, '08: Because I'm a swell guy, I'll lay some more dope on you about this STQ business.
For one thing, the mere use of an electronic amp or pre-amp gives you about 99% STQ. Some commercial units are just an amp with a trend plate and an antenna. Yet they work. But for me, only 100.000000% STQ is acceptable, because it's so easily attained.

Quartz: Your average quartz crystal has about 95-97% STQ. But if you get a cluster with many fine, clear points on it, you can easily get 100% or so. The finer the crystals, the smaller the cluster can be.

Want 100% receptivity, too? (A la robocop antenna, that is.) Merely place a screen of any metal under the cluster.
Want to convert most any orgone device with a flat, level top into an advanced radionics device? Merely set your piece of screen on top of it, then your witness paper, then your cluster.

March 3, '08: I did something different in my last unit. Instead of embedding copper screen, I used a big square of hardware cloth with 1/4" spacing.In the past I have relied largely on hard-to-get ingredients to get 100% STQ, but I am getting that it might be easier with hardware cloth. Merely imbedding it in orgonite or clearcast might give you 100% STQ, just as is the case with aluminum honeycomb. I'm pretty sure it will; I will test this.
"Hardware cloth" is a type of heavy galvanized steel mesh commonly sold in hardware stores by the square yard. It comes in different sized mesh, with 1/4" probably being the best for our purposes.

Wire(s) can be attached to the screen for input/output.To get 100% receptivity (meaning max lock-on to stationary as well as dynamic targets), one good way is merely to attach a "dynamic microphone element" anywhere to the screen. Some are a lot better than others. Alternatively, there are some piezo beepers, ultrasound transducers, etc. that work well.
The best value I have found so far is these little guys. Just kink the electrodes around the mesh and maybe tape in place with a piece of duct tape.

Aside from what the foregoing hardware will do for STQ and receptivity, this stuff will also intensify your device. It is cheap enough to put in everything you make.

March 6, '08: I know I said earlier that I would not share my way of making compact, 100% STQ devices. But at that time I was also working with hard-to-get ingredients for this, in addition to the copper screen and the electronic element. Stuff most people would have trouble implementing, thus leaving it to a few entrepreneurs to capitalize on the idea with little benefit to the public.

Then I realized it was just as good using hardware cloth instead, skipping some other stuff.

April 7, '08: This is how difficult it is to make a radionics device better than many costing hundreds of $$$. It has total STQ and "100% reception", whatever that means.
And with programming during the curing stage, it has pretty good orgone output.

I did not imbed a wire or jack. But one could easily drill a hole for a screw, or drill it to accommodate a plug.

Sep. 2013: Things have advanced in the last 5 years. These days, if The Committee programs your stuff, they automatically stick in about 99.2% STQ and 98% receptivity even in plain resin, making even plain TBs usable radionically. And if you add a few stones or a pinch of metal shavings or a few electronic components, it usually goes up to 100% on both accounts.
I seldom bother with hardware cloth anymore, and use maybe 1 mic a year on projects.
However, if you are not using The Committee for programming, the info in this bulletin is still relevant.


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