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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

April 21, 2005: Some chem, HAARP. These 2 pics were taken from Leslie that day. Note both natural and fake clouds:

April 22: 0.7" of rain previous night. No chem spotted. April 23 also no chem. April 24 no chem until mid-afternoon, then lots. April 25 loads of chem clouds, some HAARP effects. April 26: 0.15" rain previous night; no chem. April 27: Perfectly clear until late afternoon, then some HAARPed chemclouds, abortive attempts at chemtrails.

April 28: 0.45" rain previous night. Severe spraying in afternoon, much of it sticking despite everything. Total white-out for some time in the afternoon. HAARP ripples. This pic from my place 4/28/5:

April 29: 0.2" early. April 30: bad chem haze in morning, clear by mid-afternoon.

May 1: Chemclouds all day, along with real clouds and blue sky. The next 4 pics are from my place taken 5/1/5:

Note dark shadow.

May 2: HAARP ripples, heavy chem.

May 3: Clear in early morning an dlate afternoon, but in between a moderate amount of chem, including at least 3 CTs of the "invincible" formula. Two of those are depicted in the next 2 pics, taken 5/3/5 from my place:

The first plane came in from the NW, veered more E by my property. Shortly thereafter, the 2nd plane came in from the SW, and also veered more E by my place. So their paths kind of merged east of me. About a mile east, they both turned off the chem, which must be more expensive than regular chem. The trails expanded and were rippled by HAARP.

May 4: We got a fair bit of chem this day.

They laid one of their "unbustable" trails over town.

This guy turned the super-chem on as he approached town. That is the beginning of the trail.

Note chem haze in background.

Despite the fact that my CB was pretty much frying the other trails over town, and despite the fact that I held a highly-charged crystal on the plane for a minute or so, the trail held:

May 5: HAARP and a fair bit of chem today, but early morning and from mid-afternoon on looked clean.

May 6 through May 9: Lots of chem and HAARP. I suspect they are starting to dry things up again. I may have to build another drought-buster soon. I only got 0.15" rain out of the system they seemed to be addressing.

It may be a coincidence, but after I moved my quartzite CB a few feet on May 10, I did not see any trails except very short ones until 2 minutes before sundown on the 11th, just as I was trying to get the agnihotra fire blazing. This was one of the tough ones, and I wasn't able to see results from the brief wanding I was able to give it before it disappeared behing trees. And this stuff stuck.

May 12: Diffuse, white-ish haze all day of spray origin. May 13 was overcast.

May 14: Slightly over 0.1" was all I got from a noisy pre-dawn thunderstorm. This day was marked by a lot of real clouds, as well as realistic-looking fake clouds. No haze. The fake ones were at a higher altitiude.
Take a good look at this fake cloud over my property on the 14th:

These were about as good as they get. Any better than this, and I'm not sure what they are. Note the fine, hazy parts floating around. These I can erase pretty easily with my new wand. Real clouds stay. Also, chem from the new, tougher spray is relatively impermeable.
(I am using a new, powerful wand that is still under construction. I can turn the planes spraying the toughest trails into chembusters with it. This take 2-4 minutes of focused work, as compared with a few seconds for ordinary sprayers. Sometimes, a spear-like blue "shadow" materializes in front of the plane while I'm working on it. When the energy finally does "bite," a chunk of chemtrail fades out, and the plane sprays only a short or very thin trail after that.)

Heavy spewing in afternoon. HAARP ripples. Only the tougher formula stuck locally. Here's a couple CTs over Leslie that afternoon:

May 16: Same thing going on this morning as yesterday. They tried a trail that was even tougher, right over me and my CB. That one took several minutes of hard work, but I nailed it in the end. It slunk away with only a real skinny trail coming out.
By 11:30am, There was only clear blue sky and beautiful fake clouds. These went away over the afternoon.

I discovered I don't need my wand to "disappear" those little fragmentary chemclouds. Just gazing at them casually is similarly effective. The difference is, with the wand, the cloudlets swirl and morph around as they fade, whereas with the visual ray, they just fade away.

A few days later, I had some swirling and morphing just from my gaze. However, it is only certain chemclouds that have a distinctive wispy cotton-candy look that seem so vulnerable to the gaze. These only occur at times. Other chemclouds are much less compliant.

May 16 through May 27, 2005: Virtually any time any sky was visible, I saw chemclouds, chem-haze, and/or chemtrails, usually with HAARP symptoms.
Here's a pic from my place, taken 5/18/5:

I got 0.4" rain on the 23rd.

I offered to some locals that I would break the drought again, if I got paid this time. I said they would owe me $300 only in the event we got at least 5" within 3 weeks after deployment. They wouldn't go for it. So I said I would also pay them $100 if I failed to get that much rain in that time period. They still wouldn't go for it. So the project is on a back burner somewhere.

May 28: Was a heavy spray day. Unfortunately, I left my camera's memory card at home. There were some striking scenes I could have captured.
On this day, I saw, for the first time since December, interrupted trails, where they would turn it on and off. One big CT went over Leslie in a solid line, then made a bizarre-looking sharp left turn, all in dashes.

I had varying amounts of chem, most of it blown-in, every day from 5/28 to 6/6. On the evening of June 6, 2005, our group believes we neutralized most of the spray vehicles (more on that in my Orgone News Bulletin). Subsequently, I have had much less chem than usual, with the occasional chem-free day. Similar tales of little chem abound, though a few places report heavy chem, especially surrounding the recent hurricane.
I measured 1.4" of rain from a thundershower the evening of June 10.
Today, the 13th, I made a makeshift drought-buster, only a small fraction of what I broke droughts with twice last year. But it's in a good location and might help loosen things up a bit.

Report of June 20, 2005: Well, it's dry and no rain in the forecast. Not much chem, either, lately, however. Photo ops are scarce these days. I did get this pic of some HAARPed chem on 6/18/5 at my place.

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