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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

Dec 10: no spew spotted. Overcast most of day.

Dec.11: no spew until ~3pm; old spew and fresh trails to the west.

Dec.12: big chemtrials in the morning:

So realistic-looking, eh?
They are getting real good at faking clouds, on occasion. The camera doesn't quite capture the quality, but these are definitely fake clouds.
Clap-clap! Excellent job, flyboys, except that you have to lay real hokey short pieces of CTs upwind to get a realistic look downwind. If there should be someone with a brain and eyes in their head upwind that happens to look up at the mess, well, doesn't that counteract the benefits of having them look realistic downwind?

Dec. 13 &14: perfectly clear days.

Dec. 15: they got into it a little.

Here's an odd little tidbit:

Absolutely no natural clouds again today.

Dec. 16 & 17: real clouds and many fake clouds, too. No fresh CTs spotted.

Note how these 2 CTs appear to be of different formulae.

Dec. 18:

Sky was largely trashed with fake, streaky, haze in AM. Around noon (after the above pics were taken,) a lot of heavy real cover rolled in with it.

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