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Orgone Technical Bulletin #1

Feb. 21, 2003

Cobalt Blue Bottles in Orgonite

[Newbies, please skip this one for the time being; you'll just get confused. In fact, it is pretty non-essential, anyway, but I'm leaving it for historical value or something. The essential point is that a container of water inside orgonite is a good thing, and seems to produce a greater resonance with water outside the orgonite, e.g. within your body or in a lake, etc. In other words, more orgone energy will transfer, I think. Later in time, there were various other applications of the concept of water bottles. See especially OTBs 7, 8, 11 and 12].

A couple months or so ago, Marc Melton posted an idea that had come to him: to put a one ounce cobalt blue bottle with distilled water in it inside orgonite, maybe with a tachyon bead or something in the water. The idea resonated with me, so I ordered some bottles right away, from specialtybottle.com.

Well there was some snafu on the order, so I only got it a few days ago.

Cobalt blue glass has a nice vibe to it. Guess they put real cobalt in it. (Aside: that reminds me: vitamin B12 tablets, A.K.A. cyanoCOBALamin also have a nice vibe to them, I've noticed in the past.)

An idea had been forming in my mind for a while: a bottle with a Big Secret coil (the hourglass-shaped thing) around it within a tetrahedron within a cone. The tet-within-cone configuration is very excellent, I have found.

But first I wanted to test a more crude, funky prototype; hastily throw together a crude unit that would likely end up dumped in a nearby river. So I made the coil from 2 clockwise-twisted strands of 14 gauge magnet wire. About 26.65" of this cable. This could have been longer; I only had enough to wrap twice around the one ounce bottle, and make less than one and a half turns of horn on each end. No problem: these coils are very effective at magnifying energy even when truncated down considerably from the regulation five turns.

I had noticed in the past that if you drive energy into the waist of this type of coil, it gets pretty strong. So I made six catmagnet coils of 6.66" (ewww!) of 15 gauge magnet wire. Single strand because this was a funky version. Jerrified, steeply catted, and with the energy directed toward the tips with the clockwise twist and ends turned upwards. I put small ST quartz crystals in three of these, and Apache tears (obsidian) in the other three.

I added distilled water, a tiny quartz crystal, and a tiny citrine to the bottle. (A fancier unit would get topaz.) I put the bottle with its coil standing on top of a layer of metal in the bottom of a plastic quart yoghurt container, added more metals and a few minerals to bring the level up near the middle of the coil. Laid the six coils horizontally aiming inward toward the waist of the hourglass coil (I had taped the stones inside the coils with little strips of aluminum tape so they wouldn't fall out) in a rough hexagonal pattern, alternating the two types of stone, then continued filling in with metals and a bit of minerals. Added some activated charcoal near the top. Poured resin.

When I tore off the mold, I was amazed. Very powerful, nice field. Very different. There is something unusual going on with its boundaries: when I touch other orgonite, there is a certain interplay of energies; the radiation changes. But when I touch this one, it's like a synergy; it seems noticeably more powerful from the contact, AND, what's more interesting, it seems like my bod becomes an extension of it; there is no boundary between my body and it. It's like I can't tell where the energy is originating.

I surmise that perhaps the water in the bottle establishes a resonance with the water in my bod, but that's just a guess.

I hope others will try this and offer their insights.

I suspect this may have significant healing applications for living things that have water in their tissues, but actual contact with the unit is crucial.

This is BIG. Thanks, Marc! Now I'm scheming on ways to combine this with the noble gas power pack AND a frequency driver all in one extreme unit.

Till next time,


Note 2/22/3:  There are other ways than cat coils to drive energy into the waist of the hourglass coil. I'm presently working on a unit that uses a mobius coil similar to the ones on Succor Punches to do this. Even not hooked up to electricity, there is a remarkable synergy when this coil encircles the dainty midriff of the Big Secret coil. Wait'll I fire it up!

Needn't fit snugly, either. Mine's loose, with crystals stuffed between it and the coil.

Note 4/2/3:  Unfortunately, I've only had time to make two of these so far. In cool weather with epoxy. But resin in the quantity of a CB base or large HHG might cause problems with boiling. Of course, there are ways to control the heat, especially by pouring in small stages, waiting an hour or more between them.

I have also wondered about freeze expansion, and whether that would cause cracking. It seems improbable, as the bottle would be firmly held in place by orgonite. Nevertheless, I leave an air space in them.

Someone suggested using a muck of pascalite clay inside; that would probably lower the freezing point.

Note 5/21/3: Pascalite seems to strongly boost the water's energy, even if only a modest amount is used.

I have been experimenting with sections of copper pipe, the end sealed with silicone glue and end caps. I think such containers are at least as good, and probably better than the blue bottles.

See also OTB 7.

This one is a 4oz bottle with 8 gauge wire. For CB?

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