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Loohan Communications Office

Orgone Technical Bulletin # 38

March, 2011

Getting Rid of Demons

This is an updated version of OTB 19. OTB 19 has a lot of not-so-relevant-anymore info. I wrote this one to make the important stuff more accessible. Also there is some new info.

In 2006 I realized that it was easy, at least for many of us, to move demons (by which I mean here, non-physical negative entities) around with our minds. And make mental jails for them.
This has gone through some evolutions since. You can make a jail yourself, which need not have any physical objects or location associated with it.

Note that no tools are necessary to jail demons. I jailed most of the aggressive demons in the multiverse by myself before jailers were invented.
But tools help a lot.

My present best recommendations are:

  • Have The Committee make you an etheric jail that is designed to cook down the bad guys, refine the energy and return it to you in purified form. (If this idea doesn't grab your fancy, I will give alternatives below.)
    There is a danger of jailbreaks. They used to occur sometimes. Thus it is a good idea to terminate the little darlings while one can.

  • Have The Committee program some stones for you with jailer programs. There are innumerable variations of these jailer programs. One individual can only have one copy of most of these, but it doesn't matter as there are so many variations.

    Not only evil entities can be jailed, but also etheric implants and machinery, etheric spacecraft and their contents, demon-generated portals, and other such bric-a-brac. Some jailer programs excel more at one or two of these targets. None of these programs are 100% effective, but they do catch a lot by themselves. And if you put your awareness on your weapon(s) it greatly boosts their activity.

    How best to go about getting a bunch of such programs working for you? If you are very talented The Committee might guide you to making orgone devices (see last OTB) for jailing. But most people aren't going to be able to do that anytime soon, so perhaps the best thing is to - -

    Get a quartz cluster. Big is better. Cheap quality is fine. It doesn't matter if a lot of the crystals are chipped, or if it has impurities or matrix.
    Ask The Committee (or email me) to have it programmed for jailing. Most of the programming will not be jailer stuff. They will put in a lot of other programs to weaken bad entities. But the larger and more complex the cluster, the more jailer pgms will go in. The Committee will arrange the programs within the object in such a way as to bring out maximum effectiveness for the piece.

    It doesn't have to be a cluster. I'm just suggesting that because it will for sure give The Committee something with the potential to be programmed into a complex and powerful jailing unit. Any quartz and many other stones and even metal can take such programs.

    (I have not used a cluster myself. The unit in this pic, for example, has over 7K jailer programs as well as other awesome programming. Most of my larger devices have at least a few jailer programs. For one thing, demons will attack powerful orgone weapons in the hopes of neutralizing or corrupting them.)

    What this cluster will do:
    When a negative entity approaches, the various programs will dig into it, making its presence more obvious, and weakening it to some extent. If you have enough jailer stuff around, the entities are largely zipped away before you even become aware of them. Sometimes you might notice some energy as pffft! demons wink out and are transferred to your jail. There is no need to have your jail be in a physical object, or for it to have any coordinates in the physical universe. Just intend your victims into jail.

    But sometimes a stronger entity comes along. Demons adapt, and try to resist the programs. Then the various anti-evil programs make the demons' presence obvious, as there is strong conflict energy. Then you use your mind to give them a little shove. Or maybe my allies or myself will detect them then and jail them.

    If you are well armed, fewer and fewer demons will actually approach in the astral, as they learn how risky that is. They will prefer to hit you from afar, often other galaxies, but also sometimes other universes. Now it really helps to have sophisticated jailers that are better able to detect and jail them from afar. Even with my best stuff, I only get fractional effectiveness against dedicated remote attacks.
    If they are still after you at this point, you probably should have emailed me for help. Some people they neglect pursuing if the cost exceeds the benefit, but other people (like me) will get attacked no matter what we do.

    It helps to dowse where their hive is and go after them, if you have the orgone power. If from another Universe, it will dowse as Universe B, C, etc. all the way to Z, then the labeling starts over at AA for the 27th universe. So far I have been hit from all the way up to Universe XX, the 50th.

    Portals: Demons often use portals to get their bad energy to you. They will place them in and around your house and car sometimes. They can even put one in your shielding if you make etheric shielding around yourself (something I personally don't find very useful, but others might).
    These portals need to be scanned for and jailed occasionally for best results.
    Portals are also used by evil non-physical as well as physical ETs to come in from other galaxies or universes. There will be a portal in their home area, another by the destination, and possibly intervening jump-gates.
    Only demon-created ones can be moved. Natural portals are also subverted and used, but need to be dealt with by other means.

    Environment: Often people have demons and/or black magicians in their geographic vicinity that may be exacerbating their problems just by being there, or may actually consciously be conspiring to persecute the individual. That is, demons (and often DORy satanic gov't agencies and/or physical ETs) may be underground nearby, living in a neighboring house, etc.
    If you email me for help, include your address or at least zip code, as then I can look it up on the map and dowse.

    Jailing doesn't seem to work? It might be one of the following reasons:
  • Remote attacker may be physical.
  • Attackers may be so many that no matter how many you jail, they never seem diminished.
  • Demon is too strong to budge.

    Occasionally I run into a demon too strong to move. In this case, I mentally connect it to the Recyclers.
    Recyclers, God's Recyclers: Beings unworthy of redemption can be fed to the recyclers. They will be deleted as individuals and their energy returned to Source for better uses. Sort of like clearing the recycle bin on your computer.
    Ghosts: From my own experience, the ghosts of good people who have been unjustly killed can hang around the site and behave like, and make poison energy very much like, demons! You won't be able to jail any good being, so don't worry.
    I ask my Yiz and Sakuda girls to help any good souls out of difficult situations like that. There are also ghosts that are "asleep" in the spot where normal death occurred, or in a grave.
    Also there are evil ghosts around. Occasionally, I read about some ghost online, and bust it.

    Astral Human attackers: These are pretty rare these days. Virtually all evil people on Earth have had their astral bodies culled by now, but there are exceptions. Especially in this part of Africa, a type of black magic is practiced wherein practitioners have hidden their souls. Sometimes one has to dig around to find these. Unless they attack astrally, which they normally do not do that much.
    Also there are still some distant evil physical ETs who have souls.
    The latter can be jailed en masse when discovered. They might attack en masse.

    Alternative Disposal Methods:
  • Sometimes one can connect The Recyclers to the morphogenic/DNA blueprint of a non-physical species, such that they can delete the entire species. The energy is cleaned up and returned to the Undifferentiated Godhead or whatever you want to call it. Except that the Recyclers might give you a kickback if appropriate. Often they give me back 20-50% of the psychotronic fuel from the demons. Because I am doing the Good Work and need it, I guess.
  • Stick 'em in my jail if you don't want a jail. Years ago I set up a huge "Mother Cluster" quartz chunk here (where it says "mother") as a jail for people to use. It no longer is a jail, but is set up to forward demons to my jail.
  • Therapy: One can initiate a therapy on entire species of beings to convert them to good. Many were once good species that later turned demonic.
    The problem is that most evil species still extant are ones that will not accept therapy.
    On the other hand, I have had demons approach me asking for therapy. Also this works on some physical ET species.
    To activate the therapy requires that you have a piece of quartzite or something programmed with free programs as described in the Sep. 11, '09 entry on this page.

    "HAARP" Ripples in Chem-Clouds: These allegedly HAARP ripples I have found are caused by demons (numerous species have been caught doing this) who remotely (wirelessly) hijack cell towers, etc. as transmitters. Bust the demons responsible, and the ripples fade out. If not:
  • their suicidal dedication exceeds your efforts. They keep replacing demons. Over the years, though, there are fewer and fewer demons to do such things with. Maybe for this reason, lately sometimes
  • physical (unjailable) ETs are doing this same work.

    Update April, '11: Here is an example of a very simple but powerful jailer unit that one can easily make. It is a chunk of quartzite cast in Strontium-Barium mix. I poured a layer of the resin mix, let it harden, then poured another layer and set the rock down in the wet layer. That's all to this one.
    The stone in this unit only has 7 jailer programs, but lots of other free anti-evil programming which works with the jailing and is protective.

    Update Oct. 8, '11: No Quartz?
    Some people live in countries where quartz is not available, and can't afford to order crystals from overseas. But iron also takes numerous jailer programs. Iron is the main component of ordinary steel and most stainless steel.
    Steel forks are good to use as jailers. If they have a silver coating, they might be about 2% better than plain stainless steel. Try to get substantial forks with long, strong tines if convenient. But any fork or other iron object will work.
    It is suggested that each individual should have 2 forks. More is fine too. Ask The Committee (or email me) to get them programmed as jailers. One person's fork will not work well for a different person without reprogramming. This is because 2-part pgms are included. So each individual should have their own forks.

    As with the crystals, most of the programming will be general anti-evil pgms to weaken the demons.
    You can use the forks to "comb" areas where you suspect demons are present.

    Update June 2017: This is a public-use jailer, designed for people to access who need some help jailing astral yuck. --->

    Sometimes even people who jail a lot will run into real tough demons they can't jail. This thing might help.
    Also sometimes a very large quantity of demons will attack a person.

    You can just mentally connect whatever negative astral stuff you observe to the frog. Or you can print out pix of it and pretend they are radionics target plates. That is, write "whatever's haunting this house" or "the demon I dreamt about last night" or the name of your cat who is being attacked, or whatever it is, on a piece of paper. Put the paper face down on the face of the pic.

    Note that this is for astral stuff. Most demons these days are sent by physical beings, and this guy will not address them. It will hopefully alert Lt Veo to physical beings.
    It also should jail a variety of negative astral machinery and constructs.

    Note also that for removing large quantities of crude etheric implants that people are often stuffed with by CIA etc., it helps to imagine the person or afflicted body parts as being submerged in the large jailer here. The frog may not work well for that.


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