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What's Hot: contemporary advice about making resin-based orgone devices

Reason for this page: my site has gotten very sprawling over the years, and much of the data is no longer that valid, yet I leave it up anyway. I keep getting emails from newbies asking what kind of orgonite they should make. This page is to make it simpler to understand. I started it Oct. 1, 2013.

These are not instructions for sophisticated, complex devices. I have few instructions for such that are still cutting edge, as my sophisticated stuff lately is wildly intuitive, channeled from hyperdimensional ETs, and seldom follows any discernable logic. If you are capable of working with The Committee (see glossary) on advanced devices, you should check out the (archival) advanced "tech" forum and the continuation thereof here.

In any case, even the simplest items made with the following programs will be far better than the great majority of orgonite that is made or sold. There are people out there who make excellent orgone devices in their own ways, but they are a small minority. Most of the common stuff is wimpy, IMHO.

First, read On the "Need" for Shavings and Crystals in Resin. If you crave to put in shavings or crystals as the "experts" maintain is necessary, you can, but most of the time it accomplishes nothing with programmed resin used for gifting.

My strategy for tossable gifts is, use only those programs that require resin (and won't go into just stone or just metal). We have available many great programs that require resin or metal or quartz. Those programs are already out there. That tower you'll be gifting already has many copies of the Grid Program, and is stuffed with anti-evil pgms. That lake you'll be tossing a TB into has metal trash, rocks, etc. that are already programmed by The Committee. That Masonic temple already has all the metal, marble, and sand in it programmed. So rather than putting those same pgms into your resin, use the resin for those pgms that require it.

To get your resin programmed, you need to have The Committee program the resin as it cures. These people do not have phone numbers or email addresses, if you know what I mean. You will have to call on them mentally. But before you even try pouring real resin, as a test ask The Committee to pgm a crystal or stone or piece of metal for you with some free pgms. Let them choose the pgms unless you have a particular thing in mind. If you are unsure whether the programming happened, email me. Or skip the test and just email me in advance to line up any resin programming. Sometimes negative entities have been known to block people trying to connect to The Committee. Let's make sure you are connected before you pour resin.
[Update: usually these days all of these programs are done by ChemmerBuster. He's a lot brighter than he looks. He has done most of the Matrix Key programming for people, and often guides me and makes custom programs for me. He can do any of the free stone programs (the ones that are still relevant) as well as the free resin programs. So you only need to connect to him.]

It can be VERY SIMPLE. Just pour some resin into any shape mold and ask ChemmerBuster to program it with something suited to your needs, and have faith. Different layers can get different programs (except with the Rolling Force programs).

If you want to be more analytical, we have a great many excellent programs that are described here, down the page, and on the following page. You can do page searches (Ctrl+F) to find the specific pgms if you know their names. Except the Strontium-Barium pgm is decribed here. Also there are an infinite number of custom programs possible, so in many cases it is desirable to simply ask for appropriate programming.

I usually put layers of different pgms in TBs, etc. Some programs require that the resin be doped with certain powders, however, most do not.
Here are some programs that don't require any additives. Even the ones that are not in the list above are still very decent:
  • The Strontium-Barium pgm
  • The Nov2014 Program
  • The Demon-Disintegrating Program
  • Jan2014A, B & C
  • The June2014 Program
  • The April2014 Rolling Force pgms
  • Water-Charging pgm. This is still really good, and also see Oct. 1, '12 entry here.
  • The PRG Program is terrific, and no longer requires an additive.
  • Vicarah and Rolling Vicarah. I mainly use the rolling version anymore, which requires a spherical mold, or no mold: hardware stores sell epoxy putty. One can easily roll this into balls, and get the free Rolling Vicarah pgm. Be sure you are connected to The Committee before you roll. Use suitable gloves, as epoxy is largely BPA.
    The spheres harden up in 1/2 hour. Any size at least 1/4" in diameter will take the program. This is a nice way to make small spheres that can be incorporated in wands, coils, etc.
    Don't drill holes to make necklace beads, as that will ruin this pgm.
  • Violet Flame pgm is still good, and now no longer requires any additives. If you crave more info, it is here.
  • Sep2013 goes into plain resin. It is more orgonaceous if you also add some iron oxide, but if you don't have that, it is still good to put in a layer with this pgm.
  • Many more awesome pgms that came subsequently.
The beauty of epoxy putty is that even people who are unable to pour resin can easily make great devices. Also see the Sep. 2014 entry here for how to make blasting wands with the putty.

I use Kleer-Kote epoxy, which I like, but it has the disadvantage that one has to wait hours between each poured layer.

Something else that is relevant to many people, that you can easily make: a demon jailer. You can read about it here. One way is just to take a quartz cluster, even a cheap quality one, and get it programmed. If you can pour resin, maybe make a disk with the above programs to set the cluster on. If not, get some epoxy putty and make Rolling Vicarah balls to put in contact with the jailer. Another way is to just cast some of the resin programs in a container, and also add some quartzite/quartz, nuts/bolts, nails/screws and maybe other objects intuitively. If you can get some of that glitter stuff I specified, add a glob or 2 of that. Certain other glitters may also work, but these are rare.
After you are done, it will take a while (if the unit has much in the way of stones or metal) for The Committee to optimize the programming.
Jailers work by themselves to some degree, but if things get rough, use your mind to jail, too. You don't need a jailer to jail demons. I jailed seemingly most of the demons in the multiverse before we invented jailers.

You can make as many demon jailers as you want. I have lots.

Also, for many devices such as TBs etc. I now recommend including a bionized stone or other bionized ingredients. Quartzite works real well.
Do not add stones to any of the standard Rolling Force programs.

Also, now The Committee is putting demon jailer programs into TBs. For this, some metal, metallic tape, or stones are necessary. Bionized quartzite works fine; many jailer pgms are compatible with bionized ingredients. Jailer pgms require very little space, so the rest of the stone gets other pgms. Jailer pgms can even go into sand or very fine shavings.
They have gone and tucked jailer pgms retroactively into all the gifts I have put out there that did have stones/metal.
I do not know why this has not been done much before. I had looked into it a few times over the years but The Committee didn't think it worth doing in most cases, for reasons unknown.
Lately I have been adding a bionized quartzite to each TB I make, and often to ice cubes as well.

Note of Dec., 2014: Dang, I started this page to give easily-digestible instructions for those new to our brand of "orgonite", but since then, so many new pgms have come out that it has become quite sprawling.

Right now what I am making for gifting, and what I most recommend is
  • Bionize some quartzite or other suitable common stones
  • Add 1 or 2 of these to each TB
  • Use a lot of the Nov2014A pgm and maybe some Demon-Disintegrating pgm [update: also the Dec2014pgms, Jan2015A Program, Teffa Pgm, etc. etc. I can't keep up anymore; see OTB 27 for updates... ;-)]
  • A thinner layer of the good old S-B pgm is very synergistic with these 2 pgms, and gives them a broader range of activity.
This is for "tossing" items. Often I will still add layers of some of the other pgms on this page, but I mainly use the aforementioned these days. Of course, in a couple months, I will probably be doing something different again, and update.
Also I do use some spheres with various RF pgms for gifting.

Update May, 2015: I now put brass shavings in TBs. Not much, just a fraction of the TB has brass in it. This is because of the Brass Program. This in not officially a public program for everyone (mainly because inevitably some people will misapply it by wanting it where it is not advantageous) but actually, if you are putting some in TBs that ChemmerBuster is programming for you, he will definitely put the pgm into any brass that is used properly. What I mean is, it is compatible with some resin pgms but does not improve others. So in the layers that have brass in them, pour clear resin or resin doped with a bit of cocoa, so the most compatible pgms can be put in (note that a modest amount of cocoa does not interfere with any of the pgms that do not require cocoa - that is, you can still pgm it with any of the pgms that go into plain resin). The best pgms with brass include Strontium-Barium (requires cocoa), Teffa, Earthy, and Demon-Disintegrating. Only the layers of the TB that contain brass must have these pgms; it is fine for the other layers to have other pgms. I also put one or more bionized quartzites on top of the brass in TBs.
The Strontium-Barium and Teffa pgms definitely can tolerate other metals mixed in, too; so don't worry if your shavings have other metals mixed in. And I think all alloys of brass will work except I am unsure of marine brass. I doubt bronze would work.
I doubt the brass will help the linear wand function of the Teffa pgm, though.

July, 2016: The hottest thing going right now (against etheric but not solid parasites) is plasterite/concretite.
The Plasterite Program is extraordinary against demons, and has strong effects on Earth energies and sky chem.
It goes into plaster or concrete e.g. Sakrete, Quikrete.

Oct, 2016: Bizarre, powerful new "tech" using steel hardware cloth here.

Feb, 2017: Sizzling: the Channel Program.