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Orgone Technical Bulletin #47
started August, 2016


Concretite is very powerful stuff, with our free program.

Last June I tried making some plasterite (explanatory R&D thread for Plasterite and Concretite).

At first we had no program for this stuff, except the old Water-Charging Program. So my first batch was Plaster of Paris with that pgm, with added sand and bionized quartzites.
<--------- Came out OK.

But then we got an awesome new program for it, the Plasterite Program from Oniwaiudu (the same being who wrote the Agenda Buster programs which are still extensively used). We made plasterite with this program a while. It makes the plaster feel pretty much like good orgonite.

Then I was made aware that this program would also go into concrete, which is much cheaper and more durable than plaster. Plaster will absorb water if wet, eventually disintegrating.

The top pic is of stuff made with a sack of Quikrete. These pre-mixed products come in different types, all of which work for our purposes. However, the stuff I used has an awful lot of gravel, so I ended up with less Plasterite Program and more programmed rocks in the products.
So subsequently I bought a sack of Portland cement, and have been mixing about 3 parts of sand (just dirty construction sand which the lumber yard sells by the bucketful). Some of this sand I bionize first.

Note: there are people online making this stuff called Cemenite which I am not very impressed with. Do not confuse this with our programmed Concretite.

The Plasterite Program originally did not tolerate metal or resin objects within it, however, the program has been upgraded since to permit such inclusions.

Gifting with Concretite:
So far I've been liking ice cubes and TBs. (I use a garden trowel to scoop the mix into ice cube trays. After removing the casts, the empty trays have a thin coat of grey stuff which can be scrubbed with effort, but I just re-use them as is.)

Some of the cubes get the Water Pgm. Why? Because then in the next batch, I can embed a cube inside every TB. And why is that desirable? Although the Water Pgm, by itself, is very inferior to the Plasterite Pgm in concrete, there is a synergy between the 2 types of casts which generates an energy that is very damaging to the Mystery Hum demons (who seem to be fading out now BTW) and some other demon types.

This batch was made with the Portland Cement+sand and a very small amount of bionized sand. The TBs have a Water-Pgm cube in each, and also a couple tiny rhodizites. Cheaper grade rhodizite is sold in bags of tiny stones, smaller than BBs. It is a crystal that takes the Laser Pgm and is very synergistic with some things like our Plasterite Pgm. I think it is worth adding to this stuff. I did not add any other stones.

When I hold one of these TBs in my hand, it feels great, like a strong resin-based unit. It feels very much like orgonite to me, although there are no organic ingredients.

So what does this Plasterite Programmed concrete do?
  • It is one of the best things against etheric negative entities (demons). Even if you have all our other anti-demon stuff, this will make a huge difference. Initially, some people were getting hit harder by resentful demons for making this stuff, but the backlash is gone now.
  • It really helps light up nasties underground. Even though the pgm is fairly useless for directly blasting physical perps, it still is a great tool against the ones underground. In fact if you stir up some stuff with this, email me so I can clear the U bases.
  • It often has a dramatic effect on chem.
  • On the map, areas gifted with this feel more harmonious and pleasant.
Committee members have also been scouring for construction pours and companies that make stuff out of concrete, such as bricks, blocks, Hardie Board, lawn ornaments, etc. Of course the programming has to occur as these mixes harden.
There are also many people making plasterite who do not use our programming, and most likely do not know about it. Out of respect for them, we are not programming their stuff without permission. But we invite them to partake.

Because there is so much construction concrete being poured and programmed daily, these programs are becoming widespread and making big changes in the energy. Also, now that the Plasterite Program tolerates metal (which is used in construction to reinforce concrete), I am less into gifting with this stuff. I use it only in areas not likely to get concrete construction. I do pepper my acreage with concrete ice cubes so that demons have trouble getting comfortable here.

(explanatory R&D thread for Plasterite and Concretite)

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