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Glossary for this site

#1 Draco, #2 repts, etc.: This refers to strains of evil reptoids as depicted here. (If site is down, copy of pic here.)

96, 48, 24, 12, 7: These numbers usually refer to the number of vertical chakras a person has. Most people have 7 or 12. Some have 24. Others have 48. Maybe 2% have 96. [Update: make that past tense. Most people now have 0. See here for explanation.]
The more chakras, the more psi potential and responsibility/altruism potential. All other factors being equal. But 96s can be self-important jerks, too. And people with fewer chakras can be very valuable.
The number of chakras is not a particularly useful indication of quality of character. Yet it so happens that a disproportionate number of sincere and effective activists who are self-motivated to improve the world are 48s, 24s, and 96s.
The number of chakras seems immutable, as far as I have been able to tell so far. It seems to be a factor of luck(?), not justice or karma. One cannot change the number of chakras no matter how good one is, adept at yoga, meditation, etc. The number remains the same no matter how many reincarnations. As far as I know at this time.
I first noticed this in late April, '08. Thanks to the evil ones for drawing my attention to this. From my blog entry that day:
Something else i discovered lately, which is worth knowing for people under attack, is that many of us have a lot of centers above the crown that are subject to attack. Actually, i think there are centers below the sacrum as well, but i am not able to dowse them, and they do not seem to be receiving DOR attacks. So i will just refer to centers from the sacrum on up here.
My impressions: most people have 7 or 12 centers on a vertical axis. Many have 24. A fair number have 48, and some have 96. All my wives and all advanced humanoid types, e.g. Arcturans, have 96.
At this time, these (Kyopwuigly-sojujj) spiders seem extinct, and the (Codok) octopi are being finished off, and I haven't found higher centers being attacked in some time.
96s have versions of themselves in other time-lines and universes. I have 44 in this universe, and 900-some in others. I don't think people with less chakras do. Also, the positive time-lines (unlike ours) don't appear to have anything but 96s.
48s and 24s can for all intents and purposes be just as awesome as a 96 in this world, and are much more stable. Some 48s are incredibly "solid" in the astral, very "all there".
Animals can have 96. I knew of a cat that was inhabited by a 96 that is actually an intense 6D human that incarnated as this cat. Also unicorns, which are real on the 5D, are 96s.

All 96s have infinite numbers of 4D wings ever since summer of '08. These wings have a vibe, and are how I confirm someone is a 96.
Angels, Draco, and other winged entities have a set of 5D wings. If they are positively-oriented, they also have the infinite 4D wings.

Update 2015: it has been years since I have been able to dowse how many chakras a person has, because their chakras are no longer all floating in demonic energy. Without this discordancy I am unable to detect chakras. I can tell if a person is a 0 (soulless) or a 96 (because I can feel the wings) and by process of elimination, I can infer that if they are neither of these, they must be in the 7 to 48 range. So don't expect greater precision if you ask me how many chakras you have.

Abell 2218: is the name of a galaxy cluster (pic), which seems to be the main domain of a certain race of physical reptilians that comprises the main occult power base of the Vatican. They are in all the galaxies in this pic, as well as more beyond the edges of the pic.
"Insider" Jesuits seem to be hybrids between this species and Earth humans, and are also the source of Naziism, Zionism, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and indeed most of the institutionalized evils of our world. Queen Elizabeth (deceased) was one of these hybrids, and was subordinate to the Jesuit order, which has nothing to do with Jesus.
This same race of reptilians is also present to some extent in many, if not all, of the other universes.
They are strong at remote energy attacks, and also like to back up Jesuit sorcerors with their energy.
Additionally there is an evil race of humans on Abell 2218 that is also in league with the Vatican and those repts. These also associate with these repts on other universes. However, they seem to be much less powerful than the repts.
[Update: in Feb/2011 this race of reptilians was exterminated, but then the Jesuits used other rept races, many of which we also exterminated. The humans from Abell 2218 are still a problem.]
[Update: The shapeshifter strain above the Jesuit priesthood is the Elite Jesuits, who are hybrids of yet another race of now-extinct reptilians. Their stronghold is in Abell 2218, and in 2012 they seemed to be the main source of all that's wrong, including chemtrails. However, since then, they seem to have been adequately suppressed.]

AB, Agenda Buster: A series of good frequencies originated by a 23D being that can be programmed into crystals or resin, or simply placed into metal, crystals, etc. with the mind.
As of 5/09, only 4 out of the 10 freqs have been released. One can get "attunements" so that one becomes a channel for these freqs from anyone who has had them, e.g. my (astral) wife Cora.
More info on my Jan. 18, '08 blog entry.

Alah-kur: Are fierce ET warriors who, for some reason, were fighting the Ta'l, but in early March, 2012, whatever their differences they had seem to have been overcome, and they are now great allies. Sketch

Annunaki/Anunnaki: (Seems both spellings are very common. Note: here described is the species I am referring to when I use the word Anunnaki. However, I doubt that is the name they go by. Also, the word Anunnaki supposedly means something like “those who came down" and can refer to various ET races.) These are fish-humans. I picture them as 7' tall bipedal beings with their mouths at the top of their heads. This is emulated in the Catholic Church with hats (pic) but the joke is on them, because now there are no longer any evil Annunaki. The present ones are mortal enemies of the Vatican.
I never was able to detect Annunaki until Christmas Day, 2010, as reported in my blog.
Turns out these are good ones that broke away long ago from the main body of Annunaki.
But in January I located the hive of the evil ones (Zwicky 18). Fortunately they were very interested in accepting therapy and reforming. The Annunaki were originally all good. The open mouths at the top of the their heads make for some interesting crown chakra activity. I think they "swallow" huge volumes of "heaven chi" which is what the pope hats are also supposed to do.
The Annunaki are very powerful and are all now fighting on our side. They are also the traditional movers and rearrangers (using machinery on big ships) of planets and moons, and are moving our moon slowly away from Earth to wean Earth from it before removal.

Antuvozy: AKA Vozy. A Red Nordic wife of mine who is a top programmer, as well as the top expert on coils. Also adept at removing black magic stuff like spells, jinxes, attachments, cords.

Archon: These are the archons mentioned in the Gnostic Mythos. They are also called insectile demons. Not to be confused with mantises. They reportedly look like dark shadowy crosses between a cockroach and a grasshopper, and are like 4' tall.
These used to be exceedingly common and dangerous. Very cunning, highly intelligent occultists with extremely toxic energy. They now seem to be extinct in this time-line, and rare in most others. Some famous archons that I have trapped and killed include Satan, Lucifer, Ahriman, Mephistopheles, Azazel, Lilith, Kali, Thoth, Maat, Set, Isis, Horus (indeed almost the entire Egyptian pantheon), the "archangels" of the Bible...
Formerly, all high-level illuminati types were run by archons, but the archons have been yanked out.
Astonishingly, there are actually a relatively few good archons. There are some 50 quintillion or so working on our side, and they are powerful fighters.
Update May/09: It turns out that many of the famous archons I took care of actually were good guys that had been taken over by archons. Now they are back on our side after I got rid of the archons. This includes Satan, Lucifer, Ahriman, the Egyptian dieties, the Archangels of the Bible (excluding Ariel who was actually Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge) and probably others.
If you want to connect with the Archangels, do not use the slave pronunciations of their names. The modern English pronunciation of Michael, for example, will not evoke Michael. They have an aversion to the pronunciations that were used only after they were taken over. Try Mee-ka-ael instead. One of my readers pointed this out to me.
Update July/09: Apparently all remaining archons in all timelines and universes have recently been flipped to the good side by Jessica Schab and are now fighting on our side. Only about 8% of the evil ones were still around when this happened.

BigHead demons: In 2014, these seem to be about the only cunning non-physical demons left. They look like greys except their foreheads are at least as tall as the rest of them. Extinct as of late March, 2016.


BM: black magician or black magic.

Categories of Scumbags (Dated info; I think almost all these on Earth at least have been culled now.)
In the last couple years I (and others) have "culled" all blood-ritual black magicians on Earth and loads of other scumbags. That is, jailed and destroyed their demonic (in the case of illluminati) or human souls. As far as I know, these people no longer have astral bodies. They no longer have chakras I can feel. Eventually this will describe 73% of the people now living on Earth! (Update: this process seems to be nearly complete now, though I'm still finding a few.)
Culling them has no discernable effect on 3D reality. One could probably do it on a tightrope walker without causing an accident. Afterward the victims are just as bright-eyed, vivacious, and talented (if applicable) as they seemed before. But no dowsable chakras, and nothing left to reincarnate (I believe). I presume that some types of psychic powers would vanish, yet I have been psychically attacked (not astrally) remotely by satanist agents who were empty culls. And I read that (satanist) Uri Geller is still bending spoons madly, though he was culled in '08.

CB: Chem-buster, AKA Croft-style cloudbuster. An orgone device designed to dimish chemtrails.

ChemmerBuster: a certain powerful, multifaceted, sentient orgone individual.

Chungoids: First noticed by me in 2016 in this thread. Initially I could get no vibe off of them, and assumed they were dead MTFs. But actually these samples were Triad females (pic, pic) with some Egyptoid DNA (more obvious in the first pic).
These are nasty and widespread ETs, part Plejaran. They have U bases from which they can attack.

Committee, The: see OTB 37 for more info. This is a group of good beings of various "ethnic" backgrounds who have pooled their different crystal programming and "orgone device" traditions and evolved probably the most advanced programming that has ever been.
They are: Pitwexin, Oborijo, Yo-ke, Antuvozy, Novz, Loohan('s higher selves), Ey, Tory, Vox, 4 Yejkusti men, Eenia, Pier Luigi Ighina, and a few others.
Also there are a few great non-members acting as part-time consultants.
Over time The Committee has also grown to be the best body to draw on for guidance in building orgone devices. The Committee is not per se, a political or military entity. They are about programming and design of orgone devices.
Update March 2012: lately we have been making some highly intelligent and sentient orgone devices. Some of these have joined The Committee, and do most of the programming for me these days, as well as much of the design.

Culling of Souls

ConeHead Demons: are a very common type of demon. This pic is captured from this video.   ------->
Extinct as of late March, 2016.

DA, Double Agent: A great energy that is originated by a 24D being named Oniwaiudu that can be programmed into water, crystals or resin, or simply placed into metal, crystals, etc. with the mind. For more info see my June 17, '08 and Jan 11, '09 blog entries.

Darpa: (no longer a current issue) The reptilian name for a hive that was the location of probably the largest reptilian hive in this universe. Most common non-physical reptilians that made trouble for people were from Darpa. The US agency DARPA (their site) was a remote outpost of Darpa.
I haven't figured out how this hive was larger, in terms of rept population, than their other hives which took up entire galaxies, e.g. Dia, which appeared to be the 2nd most populous and troublesome, and of which the US Defense Intelligence Agency was an outpost, this one which was the one running the CIA. There were also ones for NSA, Mossad, and Interpol, for a total of 6 reptilian hives I know of that were each running an evil Earth agency. Of these, only the agencies DARPA and DIA had hives for which they are named.
The Dia and Darpa hives each existed on 3 different timelines, so Darpa2 and Dia2 were on one time-line, and Darpa3 and Dia3 were on another. They used to have the ability to work together with each other, and smite us from these other time-lines which exist concurrently with ours. All 9 hives had big stashes of cloned humans kept on life-support, which were mind-controlled and evil. Their purpose was to attack targets astrally. They expended incredible quantities of these human astrals against myself and others.
For some reason, the Dia, Darpa, and the NSA hive repts all wear goggles.
As of May/09: this class of reptilians has been neutralized. They all had implants from greys, who were running them.

Dia: see Darpa above (no longer a current issue).

DOR, adj. DORy: Wilhelm Reich coined the terms Dead Orgone and Deadly Orgone. I'm not necessarily sure what these terms mean, but loosely use DOR to refer to the toxic energy characteristic of demons, evil ETs, and black magicians.

Earthshaker: A 4-gallon, strontium-orgonite device (completed on the winter solstice, 2009) so advanced that it permanently(?) busts the ground wherever it is. Even driving at highway speeds this leaves an energy swath that feels as though strontium-barium orgonite was being implanted at a 30' depth everywhere I go. And if I slow down or pause...

Egyptoid: (AKA Etoid for short) Evil gender-bent mutant humans stemming from the Pharaohs. (more info)

EHETs: See Evil Human ETs.

Ensouled: having a soul; not culled.

ES2: Earthshaker2

Evil Human ETs: Extinct as of late March, 2016. In Fall of 2013 I became aware of some widespread ETs that seem to be human-like but probably not reptilian. I tentatively called them "Evil Human ETs" for lack of anything better. (There are other races I referred to in the same way priorly, but these turned out to be reptilian/human hybrids.)
However, they have an etheric phase, that is, like some other species, they can go from solid to etheric and back again. Also they often remotely monitor my thoughts and actions, and send demons or their etheric selves, which look like ordinary humans, often female. The etheric versions are jailable.
Many of them are in underground CIA bases, etc. and some live on the surface as humans. (Examples; these were EHETs when photographed but have been replaced with SSer clones.)

False Higher Self, FHS

Fo: name of one Sakuda who specializes in removing black magic spells.

Fred & Angie: are special friends of mine. 7' black snakes. Fred (depicted) is the most powerful anti-demon weapon we have. Also he is the sharpest at finding obscure demons, except for his wife Angie. More info and pics here.

FTM: Female-to-Male transgender.

Higher Self


Grid-Blaster: An orgone device designed to mitigate the electric grid, as well as hijack it as an orgone/radionics antenna. Not only the electric grid, but even wireless networks, the internet, phone lines, plumbing... More info in OTB 32.

Havoc: Name of a large sentient orgone pig (pic).

HHG: Holy Hand-Grenade: a term used by Don Croft and others to refer to an orgone device of resin and metal shavings, with crystals. Usually conical in shape.

Human Clones

Iargan: a type of ET we were working with, but who turned out to be covertly evil. This race no longer exists as of 7/2016.

Ighina, Pier Luigi: deceased Italian genius whose 41D and 42D selves are on The Committee.

Lt. Veo: Probably the very first sentient epoxy-based pumpkin-headed life-form ever birthed. A Vermin Eradication Officer. He can be seen decked out here.

M32er: a type of shapeshifting reptilian that came here from Galaxy M32 about 1812 AD. Examples: Francois Hollande and his GF, Satanist Father Gary Thomas.

MI: British Military Intelligence.

MIB: "Men in Black" are actually another type of very nasty shapeshifting reptilian from some other galaxy. Normally, when not clowning around, they appear as normal humans. One hotbed of them is Santa Clarita, CA. Pics of some MIBs. Also Jack Lord was one.
I am almost positive that the "Black Eyed Kids" one reads about are also MIBs. They seem to have the same subtle, creepy vibe.

MPD, MPDed: Multiple Personality Disorder. See Paranoia Bulletin #5.

MTF: Male-to-Female transgender. I also use the term drag queen.

NGC4414ers: one of several common types of shapeshifting human-reptilian hybrids. Examples: Carlos Santana, Joe Biden, George Kavassilas.

Nordics (a type of ET)

Orgonite: a mixture of resin (usually polyester or epoxy) and metal and often other ingredients such as powdered minerals and herbs. For some reason, this tends to process bad energy into good. Also it is used to empower radionics devices.
The term was coined and, I believe, later trademarked by a Satanist full-blood NGC4414er named Karl Welz who was a mentor of Don Croft. He claimed to have invented the concept, but actually these people have been making and selling it (at way too high a price) since 1964, well before Welz allegedly invented it. The Croft crowd popularized the term orgonite as a generic term. I have been using this term less in recent years since realizing Welz was a Satanist.
It happens that some people also make orgonite using ritual blood, demonic programming, etc. to broadcast toxic trends. Welz, Ernie Vega, and other Satanists use orgonite in radionic machines to send evil energy to people. A sensitive person can sense these units, although I occasionally reprogram them as best I can so that they emit scant evil energy.

Pa-Paw Shantul: (puh-PAW) The name of one of God's 4 entity recyclers. Beings unworthy of redemption can be fed to the recyclers. They will be deleted as individuals and their energy returned to Source for better uses. Sort of like clearing the recycle bin on your computer.

Program (in stones, metals, water, orgone devices): can be a simple frequency (e.g. Artemisia Tridentata 2.4X) or a function (e.g. draws demons into jail) or both.
Certain types of matter, including congealing resin, can have programs locked into them such that they continue to perform the pgm indefinitely with no attention (but may perform it much better with attention/intention). Any orgone-type energy in the material substance will help "enforce" the program.
Just because a program can be felt to exert "force" on reality, e.g. in the direction of winning a lottery, does not mean any real change will manifest. Like if a strong man tries with all his might for weeks to push down a wall, that wall may not move.
However, orgone/radionics type stuff can have impressive immediate results on subtle matter, e.g. demons, feelings, as well as chemtrails and chem-clouds. Examples of programs.

PW, Power Wand: Usually refers to a fat wand made with 3" diameter copper pipe and containing a large crystal, mobius coil, etc.

Recyclers, God's Recyclers: Beings unworthy of redemption can be fed to the recyclers. They will be deleted as individuals and their energy returned to Source for better uses. Sort of like clearing the recycle bin on your computer.

Repticlones: In 2015 I started using this term to refer to the clones of reptilian shapeshifters. More precisely, they are usually not even clones of the specific individuals they replace, but rather mass-produced test-tube babies which are somehow morphed and programmed to duplicate the individual they replace. The clones almost never have any ability to "benefit" from blood-ritual magic practices, nor emit nasty energy that glues into the environment/objects, nor implant, nor energy-attack. They do, however, have a bit of a nasty intrinsic vibe when blasted with orgone. And they do channel the toxic energies of demons/ETs for stalking purposes and to counter positive energy in the environment. They may be used to replace any human-looking creature, including regular humans. Most often they are merely replacements for shapeshifting reptilians who have been killed by our allies underground.
There are also human clones and werewolf clones. All these types of agency clones are traditionally grown in underground hatcheries. As are various other kinds of doubles and faux humans.

Reptilian Shapeshifters: Are human-reptilian hybrids who are capable of changing appearance (especially noticeable on camera). Most are negatively-oriented pedophile black magicians. Except that most on Earth have been killed and replaced by less-potent clones. more info

Reptiloids or Reptoids: In more recent years, I have come to use the following terminology: Reptiloids is the umbrella term for species having reptilian traits. This term has the following categories:
  • Reptilians: human-like wingless beings with reptilian traits. There are also plenty of human-reptilian hybrids on Earth and elsewhere. These ordinarily pass as humans. In fact most of us here are this type of life-form.
  • Draco: roughly humanoid bipedal reptilians, but with wings. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Like the reptilians some varieties seem to have a solid physical aspect whereas many seem purely "astral". And like the reptilians, many varieties are good and many are evil.
  • Dragons: These are not Draco. They are larger, and have huge haunches and tails as well as wings. There are several types and sizes of good dragons who seem to be purely astral. The good dragons have rich personalities and culture, and incredible depth of character and are very pure of heart.
    We have also exterminated several races of evil dragons.
  • Saurians: the way I have used this term, it refers to large 4-footed "astral" beings, some over 500' long. The species I am familiar with was formerly evil due to outside interference but in recent years have been on our side.
  • Other: There are of course countless morphologies, especially of evil astral reptiloid demons. But also good ones. Most of the evil ones are now extinct.
    Some are/were snakes, lizards, turtles, etc.

    Rorg: My shamanic tortoise

    "Sandy Hookers": AKA SHers. Yet another type of artificial human which I became aware of after the Sandy Hook event. Manufactured in underground CIA bases. Advantages: have no reptilian vibe. Hard to detect unless blasted with the April2014A pgm, and they do CIA/NSA work. Examples: most of the Sandy Hook actors, like Adam Lanza and his new wife.

    Satanist: By this I mean people who have engaged in blood-rituals to Satan, and had their energy tainted by it. I do not mean people who think they are Satanists due to some belief system and invocations, geometry, etc. I think it takes actual torture or sacrifice of vertebrates to really mess someone up, whether the offering is to Satan or to another demon. For example, even the Eagles of Death Freemasons, who probably self-identify as Satanists, and overtly flaunt satanist and Nazi symbolism, do not meet my narrow definition of satanist. And there are also loads of ignorant humans who may consider themselves Satanists, and do blood sacrifice, but are so ineffectual at attracting demons or generating toxic energy these days, that they do not vibe as satanists.
    This is complicated by the fact that Satan (and Lucifer) never was a demon, but was demonically possessed (by an archon), which is no longer the case. Also, the few remaining Archons are now on our side as well. So in contemporary times, only 3rd-rate demons usually respond, though they may pretend to be someone else. I am not even sure if these demons are strong enough to taint the field of new converts.
    If someone who is not a black magician in their front persona engages in black magic while in an evil alter, only the alter is tainted. Such a person I do not define as a black magician, as their real self has no conscious involvment.
    Although traditionally evil Africans and Native Americans worshipped other Archons instead, Satan has been heavily worshipped in Europe, Japan, India, China, Arab nations, Russia, etc. for a long time. And by tainted "Jews" everywhere.
    Albert Pike correctly stated that Satan is not Lucifer. Both were very evil when Archon-possessed. Satan seemed about 10X as powerful to me. Black magicians sometimes seem a bit confused about these two; e.g. it is my impression that for some reason Satan never had anything to do with the "Church of Satan". Only Lucifer responded to its parishoners.

    Sakuda: Sakudas are a specialized variety of unicorns which were created centuries ago by the goddess Venus. They look a bit like this but with shorter and thicker horns, and infinite numbers of wings. The spiral horns are scalar weapons/tools. There are only 4,000 of them. I get an 8D and 5D vibe both, all are female, and these days are usually in human form when not in combat, but they kind of shape-shift back and forth a bit. They are total sweethearts, and have tremendous expertise at removing etheric implants, etheric parasites, and suchlike garbage from people. Also they are great fighters when in their unicorn shape.
    Venus made them to be companions and protectors for the goddess Sakood, whom she also made at the time. However, the cosmos has recently become a much safer place, so Sakood no longer requires much protection.

    SBB: Saint Busters Button: specialized HHG promoted by Don Croft as a healing device. It contains a copper double-helix coil (see coil info page) that came to be called "SBB coil" and sometimes just "SBB", though the latter usage is a bit of a misnomer.

    Shapeshifting reptilians: are hybrids of humans and certain types of reptilians. They are able to appear with pysical reptilian characteristics such as having pupils shaped like vertical slits.

    Shed-loving ETs: one of several common types of shapeshifting human-reptilian hybrids. Examples: Equity Management, Keith Haring.
    So called because Bal had a job in SLC building sheds for people. The company salesman is an ET who is closing bunches of his ET friends in order to catapult his prestige with his employer. So Bal got to interact with a lot of these nasty ETs who came here from the area depicted as the woman's left breast here.

    SHer: Sandy Hooker (see above)

    Skyfish: A common type of large demon that comes to our skies from remote space via portals. Sometimes they display their fishy form in chem, as seen in this pic.
    Extinct as of March 2017.

    SP, Succor Punch: Effective energy weapon and term popularized by Don Croft, consisting of a crystal wrapped with a mobius coil that is driven with a frequency "zapper". Many variations are possible.

    SSer: Shapeshifter. I specifically use this to refer to shapeshifting reptilians, although there are other shapeshifters, notably werewolves.

    Strontium-Barium formula for resin. This is a great program for plain resin or orgonite. It used to require strontium or barium, but now goes into plain resin just as well. See OTB.
    It also goes into strontium or barium metals, or stones containing these. This is how we can discern whether chemspray contains these metals; if it does it will take the pgm. If it has aluminum, it will take other pgms. Most chem these days seems non-metallic, as do the unmanned sprayers.


    Sylph: Air elemental. They feather out chemtrails and turn their vibes positive. (pic, video)

    Ta'l: These are celibate warrior-monks of many races and species, from Universe P. And good Christians too. Universe P seems to have an analog of our Galaxy M82 which is the Ta'l stronghold. Our own M82 has a smaller outpost of Ta'l composed of individuals that originated in Universe P.
    In January 2011, half a million Ta'l from P landed on Mars to help with our situation on Earth of fake Christians ruining everything. 6% of these newcomers are celibate female non-combatants, and the rest are macho killing machines.
    My friend Thorp is a Universe P Ta'l soul who incarnated in an Earth body and thus does not have his full powers at this time.
    (Back in '09, Thorp brought to my attention another timeline in which he and I are friends. In that timeline I am a Ta'l myself, and know Cora2. Cora2 is the other timeline version of my astral wife Cora. In that timeline, the Loohan is not interested in romance, but tries to help Cora2. So I (in this timeline) married Cora2 (and more recently also a Cora3 and Cora4 from other timelines). Cora2 was severely wracked by demons back when I first became aware of her, but we have done much to clean up that timeline and help the Cora, Loohan and Thorp there.)
    There is a Ta'l guy on Mars called Uxa (UCKsuh) who is the contact person for people in need of protection against physical threats on Earth. This means for example assassins, abductors, or MPD handlers. Maybe soldiers. YMMV! Or evil physical beings on Earth who are attacking or vamping with psi or magick. Or if you suspect evil ETs or Earthlings underground.
    But if you just want to connect with the Ta'l telepathically and check them out, their ambassador to Earth is the mighty monk Hoz.

    TB: Tower Buster: term coined by Don Croft, referring to a variant of the HHG intended for cell phone towers, that is usually smallish and shaped as a truncated cone or muffin (pic).

    TI: Targeted Individual; victim of organized harrassment by ET hybrids and/or ETs.

    TW, Trinity Wand: Powerful energy weapon invented by Al Gray that incorporates 3 pipes together, wrapped in a mobius coil. There are many variations. (PDF download for picture tutorial).
    TW is also an abbreviation I sometimes use for Tall White ETs.

    U: short for underground

    Vicarah: See Dec. 30, '11 blog. Fierce ET allies. There is a free program to lock their no-nonsense vibes into curing resin or quartz.

    VEO: Vermin Eradication Officer; a type of sentient orgone device

    Watchers, The: The Watchers. ETs from the Coma Cluster. See first post here.
    These are the guys that discreetly send demons and implant attacks that seem to come from nobody but the demons. I only realized this Oct. '11. One of the things they do is monitor energy fields, and if they notice too much love energy between people or between people and their pets, they implant/attack (but never directly) the heart chakras and more.
    What they hate even worse than love energy is spiritual insight. Anytime anyone is on the verge of grokking the nature of reality, e.g. by consumption of mind-expanding substances, that's when they can attack (indirectly via demons) most intensely.
    Also routinely they get demons to telepathically derail one's thought processes into irrelevant, useless chatter.
    [Update: As of Dec. 5, '11, the Watchers have switched sides and have been attacking only evil beings!]
    [Update 2017: It has become evident that any number of evil species, whether etheric or physical, can and do act as watchers.]


    WW, WWs: werewolf, werewolves (see above)

    Yiz girls: Short for Yisxy. African-looking 5-D girls who physically lived in another timeline, but by disciplined effort, ascended to a hyperdimensional realm. For more info see March 13 entry in March 2008 blog.

    Yurtle: a sentient epoxy turtle who is here to optimize the "end times". A contraction of Yuga + Turtle. pic of original Yurtle plus Yurtle2.
    Now referred to as Xando and Guan, after realizing that Dr Seuss was a shapeshifting reptilian.

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION; if you have a term you want defined, email me, and maybe I'll add it.
    Also you can try a site search.