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Orgone Technical Bulletin #32

May, 2008

Grid Blasters Revisited

[Note: The original OTB on grid-blasters is OTB 21. That was started over a year ago, and this extremely important technology has gone through some evolutions and streamlining since. I have started OTB 32 here to make the key aspects more readily accessible. The original OTB contains some data of interest to hard-core orgone freaks, but also contains much in the way of graphics and verbiage is not immediately relevant.]

May 25, '08: One person recently wrote me not understanding which "grid" I was talking about. Well, in case it's not obvious, I am talking here mostly about the power grid, that mess of wires, transformers, nuke reactors, appliances, etc. that are all conveniently interconnected by orgone-carrying wire.
Why blast this grid? Because it was a major weapon of the evil entities. The metal can carry signals, energies, etc. that are deleterious. Grey aliens, etc. have been observed using it, or maybe the fields around the wires, as paths to enter people's homes, etc. People have also claimed to observe UFOs cruising along high-tension lines, apparently absorbing energy from them.
But the dark side has lost most of its occult energy in the last couple years, and the grid is now ours to take over. By hijacking their grid, one gains a premier antenna system to broadcast one's orgone/trends everywhere.

In addition, there are other grids worth blasting, like if you have a satellite dish or LAN radio. Or phone line. It is also worthwhile to run the energy into plumbing lines.

Most of the grid-blasters I have made incorporate an extension cord. You plug the cord into the wall, and plug something into the extension cord.
Do you need a grid-blaster to do this? Can't you just run a wire from an orgone device out to a power cord, wrapping it around the cord insulation, and get pretty good results? Yes, you can, and that now becomes in effect a grid-blaster. As time has gone on, I have realized more and more just how skimpy an interface is actually necessary. My first units were much too elaborate in interfacing the orgone and the grid.

My impression is that it is about 10% better to have the blaster on a line that has a trickle of juice going through it, than one that does not. Even a tiny adapter, or the "phantom load" of a TV is fine. Refrigerators have a slight load even when they're not humming.

Here we have a simple unit programmed with the highly-recommended grid program of OTB 27. The extension cord is simply doubled over and inserted in the mold before casting. A jack comes out the side to pump in additional inputs for greater power (also highly recommended).

And here to the right is a simple design based on the Trinity Wand concept. One could add a jack to one of the cylinders, or wrap a wire (mobius coil or just a simple wire) around the common midsection to pipe in more energy.

One can also make larger ones of this style, with numerous programs, each imbedded as the epoxy cured. The dark band is the "grid program". For grins, I put pieces of hardware cloth as dividers between programs. Adds zing.
It is extremely powerful.

These nice units to the right have the extension cords worked around ferrite cores that are programmed, and have auxiliary leads sticking out for orgone inputs.
Although I do not have instruments to measure EMFs, I suspect that this sort of design is superior for damping undesirable energies in the grid, at least as far as the immediate vicinity is concerned. Ferrite is used for this in electronics.

But is an even simpler interface than these just as effective? How about simply using a metal clip to attach to an existing line? And maybe still incorporating some ferrite inside the unit.

You see, I live off the grid, but take my toys to work with me and plug them in there. Including electronic amp(s) to pump into the grid. After a while, it gets old having to mess with numerous tangly wires, cords, and other odds and ends related to the setup. I wanted something much simpler to deal with.

Also, the grid-blaster is a great tool for people who travel. Grid blasting with these new programs makes a very strong lasting imprint in any region where one blasts even overnight. It will cleanse the motel room (which tends to be seething with succubi and incubi) and vicinity and leave a strong legacy for often hundreds of miles around.
For the person on the go, a one-piece unit with a cord and a clip seems best. Just hook to the TV cord. Maybe run a lead to the plumbing.

I have tested this, and my impression is that I get just as good an energy connection with just a clip around the insulation of a "live" cord as I do with the elaborate interface of my original grid-blasters.

I have recently become rather infatuated with these clips I got inexpensively at the hardware store.
These happen to be Gardner-Bender brand "Charging Clips". They come in several sizes. I favor the 20 amp size, item #14-520.

Note that they do not have teeth to chew up cords with. They fit gently. All you need is wire stripper/crimpers and a screwdriver to mount them on a wire.

Now when I get to work in the morning, I can simply clip onto a fridge wire or the exposed plumbing, and go about my business. When I get a couple minutes of slack time, I have the option of hooking up some electronics and what-have-you.

Can't resist showing off sometimes. That ingot-shaped thing is my new magnum grid-blaster. In this instance, the signal output line is simply clipped onto the line from the adapter itself. Right at the splice. Works great.
Incidentally, the adapter is powering a Neurophone with modifications: I inserted a couple decoupling capacitors (see OTB 25) into the battery compartment so that I could run it on grid juice instead. I also rigged a makeshift signal-input lead so here we have the Mantis Tombstone unit feeding into the NP, and the NP feeding into the GB in stereo.
Those little white wires is where I plug in, in this case, my anti-Titocuk set.

Aug. 12, '09: That "magnum" gridblaster hasn't been on the grid in a long time. It actually is a pretty good orgone device, but I've been using different ones for the electric grid. This is what I now consider my Magnum Grid-blaster. It is dozens of times as effective for the grid.

The blue thing is something I was guided to make after I built the main unit. It is bizarre. It seems to have no function except to act as an auxiliary scrubber when plugged into the big one. Really handles a lot of bad energy then. It has an old mobius coil that I normally would consider way too big and twisted in the wrong direction, but that is what was selected.

The main unit has a bunch of knobs that I have to twiddle often to get the best results.

A couple of the grid-blasters I've made require no hook-up to the grid other than plugging the adapter into the wall. (The adapter powers the 555 circuit which jazzes a mobius coil and an LED.) The adapter wire itself is the only connection to the grid here. I can't tell you how to do that, other than dowse the design. It must be 100% as effective as it would be if you used a clip on the wire.
I do have an output jack (a hole drilled in exactly the right place), which is where I plug in the blue unit. The other lead from the blue unit goes to the plumbing. I like busting the plumbing at the same time.

One of the first things The Committee had me do is dismantle my purty orange G-B and set its 2 halves in the bottom of the unit. Actually, I had to glue a bunch of rare earth magnets and stuff on each 1/2 first. A 555-timer circuit pulses through the mobius in one of these. This unit contains an awful lot of magnets (luckily a friend had sent me pounds of them he'd presumably gotten a deal on) and an awful lot of ferrite. It would be interesting to measure what this unit does to moderate dirty electricity, but I don't have such instrumentation.
The main unit has 2,142 programs in it. The blue unit has 82. All kinds of social agendas, anti-chemtrail, anti-evil, you-name-it. It even has a Yejkusti program to help Christians connect with the real Jesus.
Its range pretty much includes the continental US when plugged in.

April 6, '10: Just finished a real freaky grid-blaster here. No wires, nothing to hook up. Induction.
It has the usual 35 copies of the Grid Program. It has Violet Flame layers, Barium-Strontium layers, Arcturan Protective Program, etc. but also some unique internal stuff. It excels at tearing into energy parasites, be they human or hyperdimensional.

Merely placing it next to a plugged-in appliance interfaces it completely with the electric grid. Likewise with internet or phone "grids". Ideal would be to keep it by a PC tower that is always connected and next to a phone. Sometimes I wish I lived on the grid.

April 9, '10: One can also bust internet radio stations quite easily. Go to a master radio site like this one and choose which orgone-deprived country you wish to pick on.
[Note: I seriously doubt this will be effective unless you incorporate the grid program!]
Before I had my induction GB (above) I found that the most effective way to blast the internet was to clamp onto a particular screw on the back of a laptop. It will be one of the screws holding on one of the multi-prong jacks. You'll have to use your intuition in your case. Maybe the same applies to PC towers, I don't know.

May 6, '10: My favorite radio station lately is HOOAH!!! US military radio. It has a button for listening with WMP if you don't want to install Winamp. You aren't gonna actually listen to that subliminal-embedded crap, nohow. I always mute it.

I made myself another grid-blaster (pic). It is unusual. I call it my ground blaster. As you can see from the pic, the wire is just a cut-off piece of lamp cord. This plugs directly into the ground hole in a receptacle.
I do not recommend this generally, but this particular unit has unusual design. It really does a number on the ground rod area, and I don't know what else it does differently, or what it's doing with earth energies, but it feels very strong even when just plugged into my ground at home where I have no electricity other than a minimalistic solar setup.
When plugged into a ground on a building that is on the grid, since the ground wire runs parallel and closely to the electric wires, the grid also gets nailed quite well by induction.
It also has a witness well on top.

And speaking of induction, if I place my induction G-B next to it, it really blasts the grid well (pic).

Aug. 5, '10: Even wilder possibilities with induction grid-blasting here. (I have the impression that 2 readers already have made "inductionizer" devices after reading that post, with ranges of 20' and 30'.)

But if you have less crafting skill, yet some sensitivity, you may find that you already have something laying around which may serve well as a grid-blaster.
A couple days ago I realized that this old hourglass unit I made in '03, almost 7 years ago, would be excellent.

First I considered drilling a hole in it for a jack. This works very well in many items, if you find the exact best spot to drill.
Then I realized I could get a perfect connection merely by taking a piece of extension cord, securing the ends with plastic screw-on connectors, and loosely wrapping it around the unit.
Works great!

May 24, '11: These days adding a grid-blaster to the grid is not as dramatic in effect anymore. One reason for this is that The Committee has programmed the Grid Program and other pgms into all cell towers, radio stations, etc. Any cell tower you see should have at least 1 copy of the Grid Pgm. Radio and TV stations usually have about 3 in various parts of their hardware. Even many gov't and industry computers, etc. have some.
Even the radio on my vehicle has 2 copies. My antenna is broken off, but since my truck is so orgonized and the radio, etc. so programmed, I usually have the radio turned on because it actually busts stuff. I intuitively choose AM or FM and turn the dial occasionally to where the energy feels strongest. Keep the volume low.
I don't know that the radio actually transmits frequencies, but the way the Grid Pgm works is that it "flows upward" and busts the sources of even wireless transmissions. Also radios no doubt pick up other transmission sources than radio stations.

For that matter, due to inductivity in my devices, the vehicle's orgone will lock onto any scalar energy source for some distance around. As far as I know, this means anything out there: people's cell phones, UFOs, wires, police radar, etc.
And there are many copies of the Grid Pgm in the various items in my truck.

I no longer bother to take a grid-blaster inside with me when I go to work or check into a motel. No need.
In fact at work the coils in the powerline transformers nearby have receptive programming that interacts with the stuff in my truck, to make the connection even stronger.

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