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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

March 2 through March 6: been getting a lot less chem than usual. Almost none 3/3. Even so, at times there was a fair bit.
CB still working fine on fresh stuff.

Some pics from March 6, 2005, which was a HAARPy day with few fresh trails and not much stale stuff, either:

These first two were taken at my place early 3/6.

This is a genuine bonafide bogus cloud over downtown Leslie.
3/6/5. A puff of chem. Note striations:

I got another 0.55" of rain the next few days. Still only getting a fraction of what had, for the previous 5 months, been the normal allotment of spew. Plus my CB setup is working great on what few fresh trails are laid nearby.

March 12: They were serving up some spew for a while. I watched trails mostly thinning out and disappearing in segments over town. The following pic is of a trail about 3 miles from my CB:

It quickly faded away.

March 13: Overcast most of the day. Some clearing in the late afternoon to show natural clouds as well as big chem-clouds.

March 14:They are back to more heavy operations. My CB was preventing fresh CTs from sticking much for miles around, but the old stuff was much in evidence, as was HAARP.

The rest of the pictures on this page were also taken 3/14/5 at my place.

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