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Orgone Technical Bulletin #6

Apr 6, 2003

Plotting Becker-Hagens Grid for Your State

NOTE: The accuracy of this grid has been called into question by the same guy who provided info on it. See this thread. He is now promoting the Blue Grid on the forums.
I did feel the energy at a couple Becker-Hagens lines last I went on a road trip, but apparently some lines may be off.

Update late Nov/04: Bill has posted more on the B-H grid.

Bill's old site on the Blue Grid is now toast. The new one is here. His Blue-Grid map for the US is here, and it now has the coordinates of the points available by clicking on them. You can look them up at TopoZone.
This is more accurate than mapquest. Once you get the map at topozone, you will find you can't save it. No problem: read the fine print to the left where it says "print this map" and click that. It will give you a better, larger version that is saveable or printable. OK, so there is a problem: the red symbol that marks the point on the map does not show up when you save the pic. I haven't got all the wrinkles ironed out yet.
One could also look up the coordinates on TerraServer. This will give you an aerial photo. It won't show the point marked, but the point will be in the exact center of the map. There may be a landmark to remember the point by, so you can mark the map.
Bill's small-scale state maps are here.

If you live in the lower 48 of the USA, you can use this Becker-Hagens gridmap as your guide:

(Optional) Take a graphics program and crop out your area and enlarge it a bit. It will get more blurry the bigger you make it.

Then, as closely as you can, draw the lines on a paper map of your state.

If you want a digital version, go to mapquest.com or the like, and get a map of your area. At mapquest, there is an option to get a larger version than is first shown by default. Save it to your hard drive. Note: If you plan to mark lines on it using Paint, you should save it as a .bmp file, as Paint won't open .gifs. Then use Paint (if you have Windows, you probably have this installed, or can install it from your CD) or some other program to draw the lines. Paint is super easy for this.

But isn't that pretty crude, just kind of eyeballing it? Maybe, but it works a lot better for me than drawing dots according to the text lists available at www.megspace.com/science/earthgrid/extra/usamap.htm as is suggested by EarthGrid (bless his heart) at Rumor Mill. He says "You just mark your cities on your own state map and get a ruler out and connect the dots as line patterns form." Well, I spent 40 minutes making dots before I recognized the futility of it. They are bunched in clusters around areas. They do not form nearly as precise a line as does the big map above. And most of the places listed are not indexed on the standard-issue Arkansas map.

There may, however, be some distortion, due to the fact that the Earth is spherical, and a map is flat. A real long line between 2 faraway points may be off by several miles in the middle.

So, what do you do with this information? Judging by the info on the text lists, the lines are a lot fatter than drawn. Start gifting anything near a line with orgonite. Hit any bodies of water, especially, and look for all the usual suspects: towers, Masonic lodges, government offices, cemeteries, nuke plants, etc.

It is rumored that hitting targets along this grid will have a disproportionately beneficial effect on things.

By the way, you may note that my town of Leslie is right on the line. Right now, it is one of the better-gifted points on this grid.


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