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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

January 20, 2006: I have been too busy fighting the war against demons, hobgoblins, and DOR these last months to work much on my site. But now, we seem to be gaining the upper hand. So here are some more pics I've taken the last few months:

Sylphic action: I used to be somewhat sceptical when people said that this feathery stuff was due to the activities of air elementals. However, I have become more adept at feeling energy from pics since. The pic above and the one below show this activity, in my opinion, which is based on the sweet energy of the chem. In the above pic, only the center of the cloud has DOR. In the pic below, most of the chem feels sweet.

Nov. 3, '06:

As you can see above, my quartzite was efficiently curtailing the cheap formula trails they sprayed this day. To the right is a close-up of this spray-craft.

For comparison, here is what the expensive stuff looks like despite orgone. Here's the expensive formula; 3 pics of the same trail:

More of the pricey stuff:

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