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Orgone Technical Bulletin #44
started February 2014

Resin Wands

Note: This OTB is for people who use The Committee for programming. The info in this bulletin is of no value without the special programming.

The Jan2014C Program (which requires 2-4 tsp of fine iron oxide powder per 8 fl oz of resin, as described in OTB 27e) seems to be a variant of the excellent Jan2014A pgm, but more suited for remote work, whereas the A pgm is more suited to proximal busting. Both pgms are for use against all sorts of soulless negative but physical vertebrates. The C pgm requires between 2 and 4 level teaspoons of fine iron oxide powder (as sold by pottery suppliers) per 8 fluid oz of resin. No other additives. This iron oxide comes in red or black and possibly other colors. Any will work fine.
This pgm goes into black tourmaline (AKA schorl) as well.
This pgm was authored by my 100D self, Antuvozy, and Vox.

Another cool thing about this program is you can make resin wands with it. The sticks depicted here have a direction toward one end. The Committee can program resin while it cures to make it directional in any direction. I asked them to make it toward one end in the longer ones. It should have an effective range of about 70 feet. (The reason for such range has to do with peculiarities of this pgm. Other pgms won't do this nearly as well: more like 4-6 feet. Also it has to do with the shape! Other shapes of the Jan2014C pgm may only get 4'.)

Actually the effective range is infinite, as this is a great program for remote work. However, it should be about 4X as effective if you linearly blast someone within 70', as compared with hitting them "radionically" at any distance.
Also the 70' linear range can be greatly increased with inspired wand construction.

The mold I used is an "Ikea Plastis Synthetic Rubber Ice Cube Tray" like this.

I said this program is not good for gifting, but if you get directionality in it, of course it becomes useful for gifting. Especially if you bury it facing in the direction of a nearby place where evil critters congregate. Or straight down.

Be sure to ask for directionality during programming -- and if you are not sensitive, mark the mold edge that you want the direction toward.
Note that the 70' range mentioned above applies to this particular shape and size of mold. A friend made some wands like this which turned out fine but only have a 4' linear range. I recommend the type of mold mentioned above, or any other brand of similar thin molds as long as the cavities are between 5 and 6" in length.
So far I have not been guided to pour this into metal pipes; it might not be very worthwhile. I have, however, inserted a few of the brown wands into some of my copper pipe wands. This is sometimes worth doing.

If you make a wand in the same manner but with the Demon-Disintegrating Program instead, the range is only about 5 feet. But if you put it face-to-face with a Jan2014C wand, aligned with the same polarity, the range of the Demon-Disintegrating part will be more like 20'. That's in terms of linear blasting. Of course, it also works radionically at any distance, and is snugly tied in to what the brown wand is doing at greater distances.

The Jan2014C program is for solid, physical, vertebrates of a negative bent. The DD pgm is for astral or etheric negative entities of all sorts. It is a good idea to address both types simultaneously because:
  • They usually work together, unless you are dealing with mice or something. If you blast evil physical ETs or hybrids, they will likely throw demons at you. Or you may just have several species, some physical and some not, attacking simultaneously. Or you might not know which it is.
  • Some species, such as the hairless reptilians and evil human ETs we have been dealing with lately, have an etheric phase. If you put the squeeze on them hard enough, they are liable to shift into an etheric attack phase where the DD pgm and/or jailer pgms can take care of them.
  • This is getting to be rare, but sometimes we still find evil ET species that are physical but still have souls/astral bodies that missed getting culled before. They are likely to swarm one in the astral when messed with.
You can use the brown wands by themselves, but it is advised to also have some DD stuff and/or jailers on you.

So if you want to make a dual wand, here is how you proceed:

Pour some resin/silica mix (per instructions in OTB27e) into the same molds and ask for the Demon-Disintegrating Program. Do not pour to top of mold; you want to end up with a wand that is a bit narrower. They can be thinner than the depicted ones and still work well.

When they are hard, rub off any excess wire edge of resin (I rub them against a cinder block, but a file or sandpaper would work).

Then take some ordinary aluminum tape from the hardware store, and cut strips 4.5" long (actually any length from 4" to 5.25" works just as well) and 1/4" to 3/8" wide (115mm X 7-10mm). Stick one strip on each DD wand as shown.
If aluminum tape is hard to get in your country, omit this step or use copper tape. Copper tape is equally good for this purpose.
The tape takes an additional program which makes the wand more sensitive and responsive. You could even cut thick aluminum foil and lightly glue it in place.

[Update: this is no longer advantageous, due to advances in programming. Omit this step]

Then, pour your brown wands with the Jan2014C pgm. Again, not all the way to the top of the mold. These sticks should be at least as wide as the DD ones, yet leave enough room in the mold for a shallow pour to glue them together with.

After this has firmed up well, pour on a small amount more of the Jan2104C mix, and place your DD wands face down on top. (Make sure both types of wands have the same polarity.)
This will displace some of the fresh resin, possibly overflowing the mold cavities if you miscalculate.

This is a pic of my first attempt.
The DD wands could have been much thinner than these.

Turned out OK, and very potent.

What about just pouring a layer of DD on top of a layer of Jan2014C in one of these molds? I have not tried this, but I doubt it would be as potent per cc as the face-to-face mode. (I am only referring to wand construction, not other applications.)

Is it possible to greatly boost the power and range?

Yes, but only a small minority of people have the ability.
Thread. Thread continued in April, 2014 entry here.
This is my first prototype of facing the 2 wands together. They are not even glued. It has a 230-mile linear range.

May, 2014:

Now for some different "wands". These use the April2014A Program. It turns out this program goes not only into spheres but also cylinders. And like the Jan2104C program, it can be programmed (while curing) to extend orgone in a particular direction. And also like that other pgm, the shape and size of the cast determines the range.

I have all sorts of plastic bottle/jar cylinder molds, but so far the only ones I've been guided to use for a long-distance wand, is these particular jars that certain protein powders and possibly other products come in.

If you are able to get one of these specific jars, and are able to pour resin and connect with The Committee, this is a no-brainer guide on how to make something very powerful. If you vary from these instructions (except under good intuitive guidance) you will probably end up with something which has much shorter linear range.

On the first pour, I added a bit of titanium powder and got the PRG Program. I poured this up to the height of the first little line demarcation inside the jars. You can pour April2014A into this space instead, but it will not gain you any distance, so you may as well pour this first layer with something synergistic like PRG, Demon-Disintegration, Strontium-Barium, or Jan2014C [or June2014!].

The rest of the layers were plain resin and all got the April2014A pgm. I was guided to pour only to the height (see black marker lines) where the jar just begins to constrict again.

These things are very powerful against a wide variety of evil ETs, and have a strong 50 mile(!) linear range which fans out in about an 80 degree swath, creating a zone where it is very difficult for evil ETs to maintain a comfortable energy-invisibility.
If you are a targeted individual, there is a good chance you are stalked by ETs which throw toxic energies at you. If you light them up with some of these tools, the allies will pulverize them.
That will undoubtedly entail turning the wands upside down and at angles. Really one should have several of these in different directions. Keep a few in the trunk of the car, aiming down. This should cause quite a stir. You're not afraid of a little kickback, are you?

Also of course these can be used radionically for more distant targets.

These specimens here are not very good-looking. I was in a hurry and poured enough epoxy at a time to cause some mild overheating which warped the layers but not the mold. This is important, because some similar-looking but clear plastic jars will warp horribly if they get too warm.
One could add some pigment for looks. Not that the shape is very elegant.

There is also a taller size of the same jar. For example, this chlorella comes in such a jar (incidentally, Jarrow is a SSer brand).
The units I made originally have 3" of April2014A above the line that demarcates the PRG layer. With the taller jars, one could go as high as 3.25" above the line with impunity. But that won't increase the linear range.
Both jars have an inside diameter of 4.75".

June 2014:

The new June2014 Program lends itself to the same construction parameters as the Jan2014C pgm, with the same range and high orgone potency.

On these small wands, I am guided to use the new pgm in both halves.

July, 2014: There is a set of 6 July programs. These seem to be slightly different shades of one pgm. These are the July2014A thru F Programs. They are in the tradition of the Jan2014C and the June2014 pgms. Like these they
  • go into plain resin
  • are excellent for remote blasting of evil physical ETs and ET hybrids
  • make wands with the same impressive linear range.
Of course you can make these pgms in any shape if you don't care about linear range, but are just using them for remote combat.

If you are making wands, these new programs are compatible with the Jan2014C and the June2014 pgms as well as the Demon-Disintegrating program, as well as each other.
However, there is no advantage to sticking them face-to-face . With the June2014 pgm, my impression is, putting 2 of the small wands face-to-face makes it 2.7X as powerful as a single wand. However, with the July pgms, I don't think there is any advantage.

Also there is the fascist approach. I call these fasces (wikipedia). These bundles contain 1 each of the 6 new pgms, 1 Jan2104C, 1 June2014, and 2 Demon-Disintegrating sticks.

This ensures you get a broad spectrum of energies, and also potentiates the Demon-Disintegrating, Jan2014C, and June2014 sticks adequately.

Sep., 2014: Also, epoxy putty can be used to make Jan2014C and Demon-Disintegrating wands. For further info, see the Sep/2014 entry here.

Feb, 2015: The Nov2014A Program and the Teffa Program (see Feb 2015 entry here) are more great anti-demon programs that work in wands the same way as many others on this page.

June, 2015: Likewise, the March2015A and June2015 programs are equally suited for this type of wand.

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