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Loohan Communications Office

Orgone Technical Bulletin #4

March 10, 2003

Souping Up Orgonite

There are several ways to give orgonite a boost that I am aware of:

  • the power pack

  • the container of water

  • the frequency driver (for mobius coils, etc.)

  • coils

  • stones and other minerals

  • herbs

  • copper foil with writing/drawings

  • pictures of labyrinths that you can print off from the web

  • layering of plastic and metal. I do an eclectic layering incorporating the last two items above, over bottles, mobius coils, whatever

  • clear-casting under high energy; the most potent gimmick I've found yet.

    Although I am occasionally guilty of spending a fair bit of time and resources making awesome and beautiful personal fetish devices, the real beauty of this technology is in cranking out a lot of funky, economical devices and making the improved energy of the landscape around you your main artistic creation. Then again, if you are orgonizing the environment, you are one of the most valuable people on this planet, and you need to take care of number one, too. Many of these ingredients are believed to have health benefits even without orgonite, and show great synergy with orgonite. You deserve some big, fancy units under the bed and around the house. You may come under various stresses because of the work you are doing. And, of course, one can soup up environmental gifts to various extents as may be appropriate.

    This page and site will be updated and revised on an ongoing basis. This page will have the pertinent links. You might want to bookmark it.

    I welcome input, ideas, evaluations, and opinions; .


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