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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures on this page taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

Feb. 21 we had another .5" of rain in the wee hours. Usual hefty amounts of spew, mostly blown-in. No obvious HAARP ripples.

February 22, very foggy early. Fog lifted to reveal chem a-plenty. But no HAARP evidence, except a tiny bit toward evening.

More chembusting sequences, taken Feb. 22:
2 faded remnants of mostly-munched trails near CB.
One fresh one. Plane traveling from left to right.

Same trail, a bit further to the right (over CB).
The short fat remnant is the same one as on the lower right in top pic.
Fresher trail starting to thin out a bit.

The next 5 taken a few seconds apart:
Remember, flight path was left to right.

Fresher part of trail virtually gone now.

Then, 2 or 3 more planes in rapid succession did the same thing,
coming from the left, laying parallel fading lines. Here's one:

Same trail a few seconds later:

I just love it when they die that way, being reduced to twin core strands first. I am not sure whether or not this is a signature of my special busting quartzite. I am not sure if I noticed it when my CB was working without it way back when. It was so long ago...

February 23 was a rainy and overcast day. The sun came out on the afternoon of the 24th, and soon the usual heavy chemclouds blew in. We had gotten another 1/2" of rain. Half an inch here, half an inch there, it adds up.

CB was working pretty well. Here it just cut an old trail in half. But note chemical haze in background:

More busting power was needed. Late afternoon I set up a newly-completed unit to drive my big chunk of quartzite. (graphics-intensive link)
Hooked it all into the earth-battery circuit. Looked up and saw this:

Chemtrail or ordinary contrail? Normally I would say the latter, but, this is also about what I would expect a fresh chemtrail to be reduced to, by the expected increase in busting power resulting from putting my biggest slab of special quartzite on a particularly powerful, large unit. Let us study the qualities of this trail, and see what I observe tomorrow.

Usually, regular contrails have a kind of flared quality, like the trails expand out a bit and then curve back in, a bit like a woman's hips. I'll try to get a pic sometime. See how the above spew blasts out real thick, and the 2 trails just keep getting farther away? Not exactly a smoking gun, but a strong indication it's not an ordinary contrail.

Here's a closer view of the plane.
Man, those harmless ice crystals are looking pretty sloppy there. What's the matter, wind?

On February 25 I saw a lot of short trails that looked like they could be contrails, and a lot of short and longer ones that did not.
Virtually none of the fresh, close stuff stuck. In fact, the sky was pretty blue overhead all day, with only faint traces of the stale chem-haze that was visible all around. Yes! I was kind of expecting my CB upgrade would help with that.

Above I consider a chemtrail, shortened by my CB array.

Definitely a bit thick for the size of the plane.

This one above came over my cabin. Let's watch:

Same trail.

February 26 was nasty:

HAARP in the morning from my place. I see at least 3 distinct directions of striations here.

Shortly thereafter, from in town: (right)

A bit later (not pictured), the whole sky was covered by a uniform haze light enough to permit most of the sun through, yet thick enough to obscure any trails.
This lasted until late afternoon, when the haze thinned just enough in town to allow some trails to be seen.

Back home, the haze was thinner. Vain attempts to lay down a CT late afternoon. Vain for the most part. They floated in some older ones: (below)

[The rest of the pics on this page were taken from my place, 2/26/5.]

This one came from the SW (it is getting increasingly obvious to me that I need to take a cruise through areas SW of me to raise the orgone levels a bit).

But not all the fresh trails were in vain:

This one was laid freshly just upwind of my CB.

It hardly eroded at all as it approached the focus of my pipes, expanding and dropping chemical dingleberries.

A bit downwind of my CB. All in all, it took several minutes to get this much wear on it. (See thinning in the middle.)

Feb. 27 was overcast all day. Got another 1/4"+ of rain in the afternoon and evening.

Feb. 28: Moderate chem cover, then snow flurries late afternoon. Light snow on ground the following morning.

March 1: Mostly clear until afternoon. Then moderate chem cover. Did see some stale trails, but nothing fresh was sticking; I only saw what appeared to be contrails. I could not be sure which were which, but I suspect a lot of them were chemtrails. I suspect that due to different conditions, my orgone stuff was working very well today, with such a long range that it completely wiped any fresh trails in view.

Took this pic of what I think is a regular contrail:

This is the flaring effect I referred to earlier. Note how the 2 trails are wide apart at one point, then converge again behind. Most of the trails I saw this day did not converge like that, and I am fairly sure these were chem trails.
I see the trail does start in roughly the same place on the plane as in the pic a few days ago I thought was a chemtrail. Here is that one again, for comparison:

Note trails do not converge.

I have read that, allegedly, a chem mix is now added to much commercial jet fuel, and that it's not just planes with special spray tanks: now any jet may be burning a chem mix. If true, this is probably in part to obfuscate differences between contrails and chemtrails, by confusing the issue with various shades of grey.

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