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Orgone Technical Bulletin #18

August, 2006

Keep it Simple

In the past year and a half, my abilities to dowse have improved dramatically. I can now create a virtual orgone device in my mind, dowse its energy, then make mental modifications to the design, and dowse the difference in energy.

What I'm finding is that a lot of things other people have been preaching all along are true. More is not always better. So much of what I'm saying here is far from original.

One example is with mobius coils, and I have just revised my page on that subject.

The last item I cast was the best ever. For stones it had only quartzite, selenite, peridot, and pearls. The powder mix contained maybe 8 or so ingredients, carefully dowsed for compatibility. It had no water, agnihotra ash, magnets, activated charcoal, noble gases, eclectic layering, apophyllite, bismuth, coils other than 2 mobes, nor any number of other "must-have synergists".
I did cast it in several stages, with different sections being clear-cast without metal shavings, clear resin with shavings, powder-mix resin with shavings, and powder-mix resin without shavings. But compared to the amount of time-consuming labor I'm accustomed to putting into my better devices, it was still very simple and easy.

Now, if you are not able to dowse ingredients and other parameters, you are at a disadvantage, but you are probably still generally better off keeping it simple.

But with dowsing, I can tweak various parameters in virtual mode until it gets maxed out, energetically, then build it in the physical universe to end up with the best item I can build.

Here are the key factors, in my opinion:

  • Clean ingredients. Though I have neutralized almost all corruption in most ingredients (OTB 17) a few things still have a fair bit of nasty energy, and quite a lot of stuff is not fully clean. I have many slightly tainted ingredients in stock, but I would not advise using them to make new orgonite.

  • Not too many ingredients. Though metal shavings are probably usually best as a mix of metals. My last device has magnesium with a little brass.
    Use only small amounts of herbs in any powder mix.

  • Especially if clear-casting, be sure to bombard the curing resin with the best energies only. If the item has active coils, have them hooked up to your frequency generator while curing. One can also pipe in sounds with a headset or speakers. On my last item, I did not, but did run the internal 2 mobes.

  • Don't get locked in to believing you must have this or that awesome mineral or whatever in order to make an optimized device. You do not. It is possible to make great orgone devices without metal or crystals (though it is not orgonite). It is possible to make great orgonite without resin. A friend of mine had made some "TBs" by pouring molten beeswax into pill-bottles full of BBs. Although the plastic bottles cause energy to radiate only out of the lidless top, it is of a very high quality, and these units were the only ones he could not corrupt with his touch when he had the corrupting ailment.

  • The hottest things I'm onto lately are described in the recent revision on my mobius page. One is to have two or more electrical freqs running concurrently thru different mobius coils. The other is very quick, easy, and cheap, and that is the mobius strip. One could, for example, cast a small cylinder, wrap a strip around it (you might have to cut aluminum tape to a narrow width) and re-cast over it. Should come out pretty great.


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