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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in Arkansas.

I got 0.9" of rain on and around the 18th.

Some spew on the 19th, not as bad as usual lately. I did notice a couple odd formations like this one, in which one type of questionable-looking cloud was framed within some other type of cloud. This surrounding type of cloud is one I've never noticed until recently (not that I've spent my whole life intently gazing at clouds) and I've seen it a lot in the past few HAARPY weeks, which makes me wonder. Unfortunately, the camera does not really capture its odd quality. It looks stranger than this.

The 2 types of cloud moved together at the same speed. This pic was taken several minutes later.

On the morning of Nov. 20, Leslie was socked in by heavy fog. However, I live at a higher elevation, and this is what I could see above that fog over Leslie. I wish I had a telephoto lens to better capture the weirdness. It looked like one trail cut through the chemclouds, again leaving a blue space between the 2 entities.

After a bit, the fog lifted to reveal a classic HAARPed chemcloud.

Thereafter we had a mostly natural sky most of the day, with just a few little HAARP-clouds noticeable amongst the natural clouds and blue sky.

Then, towards evening, more big chem rolled in.

I wondered, do they intend to leave HAARP on here in perpetuity?

Apparently they turned it off the 25th, Thanksgiving day. I had gotten over 2.5" more rain between 11/22 and 11/24/04, and the sun came out Thanksgiving morning. Most of the clouds drifting in seemed a bit dubious; apparently old chem that was sprayed sprayed into natural cover. A few fresh CTs. But no HAARP ripples, and I also felt that the oppressive frequency had been lifted.

I got another 0.55" 11/27/04, then the skies cleared around 2pm, revealing beautiful natural clouds and blue sky! But by morning of the 28th, they were spraying again. And banks of stale spew rolled in, HAARP ripples and all, though it no longer felt like that gnarly frequency they had been using.

More rain began the evening of the 28th, and continued for 2 days. I measured another 1.9".

It was pristine here Dec. 1 and 2.

Drove down to Little Rock Dec. 3 (about 90 miles south) . When I left here in the morning, there were a few CTs around. As I drove south, I ran into more and more.
By early afternoon, Little Rock was almost completely whited out with baroque, obviously fake, sky scum. The only blue sky visible was through the fibrous filaments of these cottony smears. This pic, taken from the north edge of the city, doesn't do it justice. Slight HAARP rippling in spots. Anyway, I left a little orgone toy in the Arkansas River downtown.
As I headed back north, the skies grew gradually less nasty, until by the time I was near home, it was clear again.

Dec. 4 was gorgeous here until mid-afternoon, when large banks of not-too-stale spew wafted in from the west, in advance of a natural front that's fixin' to bring us another installment of rain. A few fresh trails being laid around dusk, to protect us from global warming, no doubt.

I got another 1.5" of rain between 12/5 and dawn 12/7. 12/8 started out heavily plastered with spew, then real cover rolled in with it.

Early morning of 12/9 was perfectly clear, aside from some surface fog, but soon loads of old spew rolled in. Mostly whited-out most of the day, with mostly fake clouds.
The interesting thing is, I watched the sky a lot that day, but did not see a single fresh chemtrail; it was all blown-in from upwind.

Some chemclouds these days are quite dense.

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