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more misc. local chem pics
and a couple gratuitous garden pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

April 9, 2005 was also fairly chemmy, with HAARP clouds. The 10th was pristine with only natural clouds. On the 11th, it rained 1.35". On the 12th, natural clouds except for some I couldn't be quite sure of, drifting down from the NW.

We are having an unusually early growing season this year. At least the plants seem to be expecting it. Not only do I have the usual April dogwood flowers, but it isn't even mid-April, and the wild cherries have already flowered, and some of them have already dropped their flowers! My dwarf cherries have already dropped their flowers. My Asian pears have beeen flowering for some time.

Even my apple is already in flower! Here is a pic, taken 4/15. The red balls are unopened flowers.

And my Brown Turkey fig is already about to leaf out. This is way early. Pic taken 4/12/5.
Incidentally, this fig suffered scant damage last winter, despite some single-digit weather, and no protection except for a heap of mulch over the roots. I suspect because it is closer to heavy orgone than my Celeste fig, which seems to have most of the above-ground portions frozen back, which is usual for my figs. I will need to place some more goodies near the Celeste.
Announcing my new gardening page.

April 13 was overcast with faint drizzle. The 14th was pristine and totally clear. So would the 15th have been, had they refrained from chem warfare. They used mainly their new, sticky formula. I bet they named it "loohan17d" or something. But then I suffer from delusions of persecution.
There was also some of the old, easily-dissolved chem used.
The next several pics were taken at my place 4/15/5.

I have no idea what that "smudge" is (see arrow) but I can feel that it has a strong life-force...

There is also a smaller, invisible one centered around the white dot on the close-up. I put that dot there as a marker. After I posted about this on a forum, a friend did some remote energy work on the signature of these beings, as captured by the camera, using a charged crystal (see OTB 14). Hence the quality of their life-field has changed to a slightly less spooky one.

A side-by-side performance test.
CB is eroding sticky trail only a little bit.

April 16 had less spew, but still some sticking. The following pics were taken from my place that day:

My quartzite CB's signature.

April 17: near white-out until 11am, less chem after that. Some chem April 18 & 19. No chem spotted the 20th.

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