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Orgone Technical Bulletin #14

February, 2005

Free Orgone Devices
cleverly camouflaged as ordinary rocks

How the universe is like a bellows!
Empty, yet it gives a supply that never fails;
The more it is worked, the more it brings forth.
  --- Tao Te Ching

In early February, 2005, Chris Gozdzik (his site) charged a crystal for me long-distance. I have used it to charge up other crystals, stones, copper, etc.

The charge seems permanent, and apparently does not diminish over generations. By which I mean, if you charge a rock, and use that to charge another rock, etc., and eventually charge another rock (all of the same type) with the umpteenth generation, it should still have the same potency.
Crystalline structures take the charge better. Someone who dowses told me for instance that a glass beer bottle will only take about 2/3 of the charge that quartz crystal will, and that the charge that the bottle passes on to another crystal is also the same 2/3.

The frequency seems quite benign, and really improves the power of quartz and other stones.

I would like to spread this around, especially to other energy-sensitives who will share their impressions. But really, anyone who sends me a SASE will be sent a small piece of quartz that has been charged.
[Update: read this first for an alternative that may be even easier.]

At work I charged the coins in the cash register. Any other coins they touch, any rings, vending machines, whatever, will catch the charge, and spread it further. I put charged rocks on the breaker box, water pipes, you name it.

I have been promiscuously tossing the rocks out the window while driving. The best supply method I've found is to buy granite driveway gravel by the bucketful. First I put a charged rock or two of the same or higher quality in the bucket, then occasionally shake it a bit as I fill it.

In part as a test, I have strewn these on roads otherwise ungifted or hardly gifted; throwing out a pebble every few seconds, especially into ditches, puddles, creeks, etc. but even right in the road. Naturally, graveyards, towers, cop shops, etc. get a heavier dose.

Then I feel out those roads on a map (I can feel energies from a map,) and they have very good energy!

I suspect these rocks work similarly to orgonite. When I lay one on my laptop, it feels similar; feels like it's neutralizing the bad EMF effects. No science here, but subjectively, I'm pretty sure.

Any rocks work fine. Of course a higher-quality rock (e.g. quartz) will take more of a charge. I tried some of the local blue granite, and those rocks feel better than the limestone driveway rocks when treated. In fact, the hardware store lets me scoop up 5-gallon buckets of granite gravel for $1 each.
Quartz crystals really are improved a lot by the charge. I now have a new appreciation for crystals and their value in orgonite.

Just think, you can gift everything you see for free. I recommend it highly.

I have not yet done this, but if one left a pebble on a metal tower, or the guy wire to the tower... It seems any hard solid object will permanently(?) become like an orgone device. CB pipes, coils, vehicles, plumbing, metal fences, whatever. Leave (small, soft) stones on the railroad track.

Also very rewarding is to charge boulders. I only have large rocks or small boulders on my place. I am going around with a bag of pebbles and just laying one apiece on the big rocks. Very powerful, to have all those boulders turn on like that. Bigger boulders are nearby, too.

Clyde in Texarkana is accomplishing phenomenal planet-wide energy improvements by adding the rocks to big truckloads of rocks headed for bridge and road building projects. He tosses in a bit of fancy orgonite, too, for synergy.

When casting resin, I pre-treat the stones, coils, and powder mix, and set a treated crystal in the charged-water bath I set the molds in.
I added a crystal to my water-charging jug that I use to treat distilled water for making lake-busters with.

Here is what Chris says about it:
Basically what I do is connect to what I call the crystalline grid of Earth. I guess it's the positive energy around the Earth that is dormant till we tap into it. It seems to convert negative (harmful) energy into positive. At first I thought it was only distributed through crystalline structures, but now I think that anything can be "charged"with it. It all started with an experiment with axion spin generator and transferring energy between crystals. The rest is history :o)

Anyway - give it a try if you like, it won't cost you a penny. If you like it - spread it around. (Yes, you can multiplicate it with ease).

I think this could make gifting trips much easier - instead of dragging truckloads of orgonite devices you could have a couple buckets of river stones charged and just drop them wherever you need to. I also believe (although haven't tried that yet) that it could be used for remote map work - energizing areas from a distance without physically going there) - perfect for those guarded bases.

Chris also said it is good to mentally link any treated stones, etc. with any local water, as well as the earth grid. I keep forgetting to do this, myself, but it can be done retroactively.

Update April, 2005:
I finally got around to trying a charged crystal for map work. In fact, a bunch of us on the yahoo cloudbuster forum teamed up and nailed a bunch of institutions (Pentagon, HAARP, UN, White House, Vatican, Buckingham Palace, etc.) and it does seem to work quite well. In some cases, one runs into the resistance of dark entities, and this requires more work.
One can also charge lakes with this, to some extent. I did several lakes in Iraq. Even doing a city as a dot on a map, e.g. Baghdad, seems to make a positive difference in how the city then feels on the map.
If I had a TV, I would be watching news of events in Iraq, and taking still pics of the footage. Every building, tank, etc. charged with this energy will make a difference. Imagine that you are stirring the sand with your crystal, transferring the charge to the tiny particles, which will over time be blown around infecting others.
Of course this sort of activity is much more fun for people who are able to discern any difference they make.

Why would working on a picture of an object affect the object itself? For those unfamiliar with the concept, I will attempt to offer an explanation.
"Primitive" people the world over tend to be very leery of having their picture taken, claiming that they fear their soul being stolen. In voodoo, a doll is used to represent the recipient of good or bad intention. In radionics, a "witness" is used to represent the target.
In the world of subtle energy, a likeness or symbol of an object in a sense is the object, and one can interact with the object via the likeness as if it was the object. Of course, one should apply the same ethics to working remotely via the likeness as one would in person.
A crisp photo is what I prefer, but I can easily charge up a geographic area from a crudely-outlined map with no detail. Or if I read something on the web, talking about an energy device, for example, I can feel its energy somewhat by mousing over the noun or pronoun used to refer to it. I have often dowsed such things as flower remedies, homeopathics, orgonite ingredients, etc. from lists, comparing the feel as I scroll down the list. Similarly, one can send information to the represented objects. And if one has a nice hefty crystal in hand, charged with this energy Chris has succeeded in harnessing, it requires no great magical powers to let the crystal transfer its charge to the object. And, lest one fear that perhaps only the image itself has become charged, one can take a different picture of the same target, and see that its energy has also come up, as that energy is from the object now. If one can tell energy, that is.

For an exellent site chock-full of relevant target pics, check out the "eyeball series".

Update May 3, 2005: I found a way to concentrate the essence of this crystal charge into a graphic that can be used to transfer the charge to a crystal!
this pic.

You can run it through the printer more than once, for extra power if desired. You can also modify the size and color as desired. Take the printed pic, roll it into a tube with the printed face inwards. Slip a crystal in there for a while. I don't know how long; I tried it for 1/2 hour, and that seemed fine. No harm in leaving it overnight.
You will have not only Chris' freqs, but also my friend Archie's, as well as the freq of my chem-busting quartzite, and the influence of the energy beads I got from Dragon Al.
No need to send away for a crystal anymore.

Incidentally, it appears that Chris' charge somehow enables crystals to easily hold other positive frequencies. Chris has added the vibe of agnihotra ash to it, for example. You can personalize the energy by charging it with other good freqs. In fact, the graphic probably also contains earth-battery energy, as well as other goodies the quartzite had been exposed to.

I made this graphic by cropping and shrinking a photo of a piece of the quartzite I use to bust chem with. Then I tiled my desktop with these tiny pics. When you shrink a pic, you reduce the size while the energy coming through remains the same. So by tiling these, I concentrated many times as much power in each square inch of screen. I then took a screen capture, cropped and shrunk that, etc. repeated this a few times. Then I tried turning it white, but it turned only pink. Then I put a frame around it, so one could more easily see the edge.
No magic secrets; you too can do this.

Update May 6, 2005: Lately some of us have been using this energy to charge up spewplanes. Visible results are variable. Chris said an approximate right angle with the target is desirable. Also, they are often using a real tough formula lately, that nothing seems to phase. But apparently it is expensive, because they still use mostly the old stuff that's easy to bust.
As I write this, I just "did" 5 planes successfully with a crystal. A couple of these had relatively short trails (this is near my CB) which got shorter and stayed shorter after a few seconds of aiming at the plane. But at least 2 had real long trails, that I at first thought were the new formula, as my CB didn't seem to make a difference right off. But after about a minute each, those long trails broke up and faded away, and the planes continued on their paths with much shorter trails after that, even after I stopped pointing.
This latter is a most remarkable thing to do, to and quite satisfying when it works well.
I don't know what they do with the charged-up planes after that. Maybe they have some machinery to remove much of the charge. But that must be somewhat prohibitive, judging by the fact that most of our ground targets hold the charge well, though a few, e.g. MI6 HQ and Australian Defense, repeatedly backslide.


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