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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

Same old spew and HAARP February 15.
Nothing very photogenic except this over Marshall, the county seat:

A different kind of blue line.

Click here for a high-resolution pic of the line.

February 16 was overcast.
February 17: Plenty of the usual chem from upwind, and HAARP ripples. Few fresh trails.

Smear-chem looks funny when the wind shifts direction.

Sticking over town today.

To someone who doesn't pay much attention, this looks almost realistic at a glance, but...

If you look more closely, you see it's composed of old CTs.

A big long trail, all like this, apparently blew in to near my property approximately from the west (to the left). Obviously, the prevailing winds were perpendicular to the trail. At some point.
Only later did it occur to me to wonder how this trail was moving roughly west-east, while the smearing was perpendicular to that. A lot of fresh trails that day were also moving west to east at a good clip. I am curious how a trail with perpendicular smearing gets caught in a current going in its original direction.

Moving east also, this trail fragment is apparently from a plane that came over my CB, unable to leave a trail. But when I looked back, I saw this old section blowing in.
Note how the big trail is rounding out from air friction on its west-east path. I will pay more attention to similar phenomena in the future. Maybe there was a sharp shift in wind direction just prior to my noticing the trail, as with the angled smears depicted further above.

Think I'm faking this stuff? I can email you the originals.

February 18 was an unusually heavy spray day, though I wasn't able to get much in the way of pics. Went into town briefly, saw a lot of trails, especially to the east. Saw a fresh one getting beautifully munched almost 3 miles from my CB. Would have made a great shot, but the sun was behind it. Also saw a blue beam just NW of town, but it was too blurry, due to chem haze, to photograph well. The beam ran closely parallel to the craft, and extended far ahead of it.

My CB was working reliably well on the fresher trails near my place. At one point I witnessed something I believe was a test: I saw two spray-planes going very close to each other, almost abreast, leaving parallel CTs right over my CB. One line was fading quite rapidly, while the other was very resistant!

As you can see, one trail is fading.
Unfortunately, I had inadvertently turned off auto-focus, hence the blurriness.

This is all the damage my CB could do to the tougher trail, after several minutes overhead.
I presume this is the formula of the future.

Feb. 19 was overcast all day, after light rain the previous night.

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