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more misc. local chem pics
Special Valentine's Day Issue

All pictures taken by myself at my place in North-Central Arkansas on Valentine's Day, 2005.

The sky was perfectly clear last night when I checked a couple times, and perfectly clear all morning. Could it last? Of course not!

They didn't send me any hearts and flowers, but I did get an eel and a scorpion! And a man with a mustache! See below.
Plus, they played their haarp for me!

Everything blown in from the south-west, which is the direction old spew usually drifts in from.
Is it just me, or is there a face bottom center? Tongue sticking out, mustache, nostrils, what do you call those old-style spectacles? Pince-nez? Two very distinct eyes and sockets, eyebrows, wild Mohawk hairdo.
Never mind me, I have an overly vivid imagination.
high-resolution close-up

Ducky and eel? These little things were tiny, thick "squirts," possibly from "flare" devices, when I spotted them, but by the time I got my camera out, they had expanded a good bit.

Smear-chem to the left, and bubble-HAARP clouds to the right.

Almost no spraying was spotted. In pic above, plane was traveling from left to right, leaving a big CT. The older part is still hanging around, while the newer part is fried by the CB. A few minutes later, only a short remnant remained.

Hawks tend to hang around where the orgone is high. Smeary chem.

Ah, yes, the classic scorpion-cloud.

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