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more misc. local chem pics

All pictures taken by myself in North-Central Arkansas.

February 5, 2005: Mostly cloudy, the forecast said. Actually, real clouds did roll in from the south late afternoon, but first we were treated to the usual criminal activities. It seemed like my CB, almost 3 miles away, was sporadically helping a little bit.

To the left is a pic of a trail I busted with my finger. I just point my accusatory digit at the plane with an attitude of indignation, projecting my intent and life-force, and keep it on it for a couple minutes. It usually takes at least that long to see results. Flight path was from the bottom of the pic to the top. There's a little gap in the CT where I initially pointed, then I stopped for a few seconds (that little blip of trail) then I continued to point. Oddly, in this instance it seemed like erasure continued a bit further beyond the spot where I stopped pointing. My CB helping me a little?

Screwing around with frequencies, as usual.
Ever seen Mother Nature make ripples like that going in every direction?

I'm pretty sure it was my CB doing this over town, almost 3 miles away.

Ah, the beauty of civilization!

But modern technology doesn't have to be this way.

I did see another apparent sylph this day, but it was near the sun, and I couldn't photograph it. It consisted mainly of two angelic-looking wings, fairly symmetrical, and of a different quality than the surrounding chem.
A few minutes later I looked back, and it had distorted into a longer shape, but still keeping the "wings" relatively symmetrical.

We had some overcast weather for a few days, over 1/2" of rain.
Sun finally came out the afternoon of the 8th:

This is a somewhat stale trail on a chemmy background.

This is the trail beginning to show symptoms of orgone, as the wind blows it closer to the CB.
Older trails respond much less than fresh ones.
That last pic is a bit blurred due to my movement.

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