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Loohan Communications Office

Orgone Technical Bulletin # 19

October, 2006

Toward an End to Demons

[Note: This OTB has been left here for historical interest, but has been superseded by OTB 38.]

Our intent is the most powerful force in controlling the locations of demons as well as that of most types of evil "ETs" that I am familiar with. In fact, it is remarkable that they can feebly navigate around at all without our help. This is the real Biggest Secret that they don't want us to know. I presume it is the main reason for all the anti-psi technology they have brought to bear, which has now pretty much collapsed (except for things like flouride and other medications, etc.).

My first inkling of this was last year when I found I could easily transfer internal werewolf demons to the person of my choice. Later I realized I could move other parasites, too, internal and external, such as spiders and octopi.

Then a few months ago I had the idea of making an energy bubble, like a big soap bubble, and jailing demons in it. I thought if I made it perfectly spherical, with a mirror surface on the inside, they would not be able to find a way out. (Actually even this is much more fancy than necessary, as I now make them in any shape to conform with the outer surface of rocks.) I found that I could incarcerate large numbers of nordics, greys, demons, reptilians, etc. and they were unable to escape. Apparently most problem ETs (as well as a great many good ones!) are not solidly physical as we seemingly are.

And merely imagining them caught in the jail will put them there. Be cool with this yanking around, as there are some very fine reptilians around now, as well as other good ETs. I'm fairly certain that there are no good greys, blue nordics, green nordics, or yellow nordics. But about 26.5% of the red nordics are very good. I only mess with DOR-oriented (evil energy) beings. They have that nasty, distinctive, energy signature, making this easy.
With the good beings, I have on occasion moved them out of traps the greys had them in.

Note that this also works on astral human attackers, such as those that various intel agencies, until recently, had vast amounts of. Also the astral-attacking renegades of the good ET humans such as Venusians, Pleiadians, Lyrans. I guess their physical bodies live on, but their astral selves remain in jail. This gets a little confusing, because I recently developed the ability to jail even the physical bodies of evil Pleiadians and Lyrans.

I have not and will not attempt to make a restraint for good ETs.
I deliberately program my prisons to only hold DOR beings.

Then I had the idea of placing the spheres inside big rocks, like a chunk of quartzite and some sandstone boulders around here. Borrowing ideas from a famous psychic, I programmed a small helper stone to go with each prison. This is not necessary. You can just conjure up a jail and stuff evildoers inside. Their bad energy will be sequestered. But if you properly program a companion item (more on that later), it will work in conjunction with the jail to slowly burn up the inmates, and purify their energy and feed it into you. That way also, in the unlikely event that something happens to your jail, the inmates will at least have been greatly weakened.
One can even make an etheric companion stone to accompany an etheric jail, and it will work fine, I recently discovered. So, you could be sitting in a cell in a government prison, Dubya having determined that you are an "enemy combatant", and still do this.

Can only Earth humans do this? I don't know. So far the otherwise more advanced races like the Venusians, Pleiadians, Lyrans haven't. Either they can't or they haven't yet realized they can.
My dragon friends (a completely different life-form from those I refer to as "good reptilians") are the only other types of beings I have noticed so far imprisoning demons. They have some 780 archons jailed, but no other baddies. I think they had to work hard to get and keep those.

Exceptions: Can anyone do this? So far I have made prisons for several people, and all quickly started stuffing evil critters into theirs.
Can anyone program their own? I don't know. One person surprised me. She had written me asking for a prison, not knowing that I would normally program them into stones. Erroneously believing I had sent her an etheric one (before I had even seen her email) she conjured one up, and started using it like a vacuum cleaner. It worked just fine. Then I sent her an etheric companion crystal for it, and that worked fine, too.
Can any evil entities ever escape? So far I have only had one being powerful enough to escape. Repeatedly at that. This was an extraordinary demon, Master Leonard. It took a lot of pounding, but after a while he became tractable, and has been very well-behaved for months now.

OK, more on programming the helper crystals. I got this idea from Tim Rifat. Unfortunately, he has lost the ability to differentiate between good and evil energies, so I can no longer recommend him, but he has done a lot of crucially important work in the past, for which I will continue to commend him. [Update: Rifat is a sleazy ripoff artist and vicious black magician, to be avoided.]
As I understand it, his mathematical rationale is that -1 X -1 = +1.
If you have 2 stones "quantum entangled" with each other, the one also programmed to feed you energy, and the other addressing a DORy target, both stones will get DORy together, cancelling each other's DOR out just because of this mathematical factor. Or something like that. Brilliant. Were it not for this little development, we would all be down the drain now.
The main stone takes in bad energy. It has an "attack hole". The 2nd stone has a "white hole" that puts out the purified energy. The 2 holes are interconnected.
Of course his programming is much more sophisticated than that, but unfortunately lately very corrupt. The 2nd stones he calls "bioparticles" AKA "BPCs" and honestly I do not begin to understand all the tech that goes into them. On some of his sets, his BPCs are also used to address the source of evil. But generally I get by pretty well doing it the way I do.
What is this "quantum entanglement" stuff? You can look it up on the web, but for practical purposes I just mentally merge the stones together. And intend that the pseudo-BPC always bring the purified energies to the user in a form best suited to nourish that person's deficiencies at all levels, help them fully actualise themselves, have greater health, vitality, good fortune, etc. All the positive-energy things I can think of to wish on the specific person.
Incidentally, these stones are probably not transferable to another party without a modification in the programming.
Tim is very proprietary about his tech, so I wouldn't hang out a shingle and go into business doing this. I don't do it for money.
He says he has mechanisms in place so that if anyone tries to copy his tech, dire energetic consequences will ensue. This may well be true if you try to carbon-copy his programming. But all I do is use the principles that he has freely explicated in my own way, so have noticed no problems.
One can make (non-jail) crystals like this to attack any evil targets like politicians, sorcerors, etc. that one cannot put in prison. I have found this very good for mobius-wrapped weapon crystals.
Making such a programmed stone into a prison only requires imagining a wall of energy on its periphery with the desired characteristics.
I doubt this will work on evil people who are not into black magic. The practice of demon-invoking torture rituals produces a strong evil radiance in practitioners. Their energy changes into a demon-like energy, which is very vulnerable to being torn up by this sort of programming. And virtually all people you are likely to have serious issues with are thus tainted.

Unfortunately the prison walls I have made do not keep out all forms of energy flow. So, someone can do ritual to feed a demon that is in my prison, feeding it and getting something back from it. However, as the demon becomes weaker over time from being in the programmed prison, this becomes less and less rewarding, so black magicians turn more to the plentiful types of demons outside.
Also, when removing demons connected to a spell, the spell may not break until you specifically break it. I send intent-filled spell-breaking darts at the jailed demons. One can also occasionally cut any energy links to the prison.

To the left is a pic of a complex of evil transmitters and lines I mapped last year. These things are usually pretty inactive of late, heh-heh.
The "mother cluster" (see arrow) was once the biggest, baddest crystal weapon the enemy had. A huge quartz crystal, fed with sacrificial blood pudding-like stuff, according to Archie. Kneweyes had a dream about it and posted about it last year, and later I realized that this spot I had already mapped was the one she had dreamt about. It was major trouble for some time, but has been working for me for a long time now, as one of my better weapons.

Recently I programmed it as a prison to accept demons, bad ETs and other etheric DORy crap like implants, whatever, from anyone, but not to let them out. And conversely, to restrain no neutral or benign beings that may end up there somehow. Only catch is, I get all the energy from this one.
People are successfully tossing huge quantities of nasties in there.

Here are some fundamental instructions:

Don't think you can't do this if you can't see or ID the malefactors. I can't see them, either. It is not even necessary to know what you are throwing in. Just intend any nasties into the jail.
some times i feel these little twinges of pain.. i pick them up with my mind cursor and drag them to the jail.. and... wahla.. its gone... being warden is fun!
So says the first other person I made a jail for. Nothing much to it. You don't need to know what it is or how many.

Feel a dizzy sensation? Probably your pons (center of head) or crown is being attacked. Many different kinds of entities now do the same things to me from afar, so I can't tell what it is unless I dowse. But it doesn't really matter. In fact, as soon as I take care of the Seraphim attacking my pons, the squid will take over. Then maybe astral humans. Then octopi. Then more squid. And it all feels pretty similar because they are attacking the same spot. You don't need to worry which is which, but be aware that if you don't seem to be getting relief, it's probably just that there are more bad guys taking over to make you think you aren't doing anything. But hopefully most of you will never be attacked like this. Shoot, their power is waning daily.

Clenching jaws? Probably being attacked in the throat center, or else the spine behind it. Maybe even the jaws themselves.
Often they go for private regions quite a bit, sometimes also the soles of the feet.
No matter how far away they are (I most often dowse they're in another universe lately) they have chosen to connect with you, energetically and karmically, so you got a direct link to reel them in instantly with your intent.

Pain in an ear? Most likely octopi, though other entities occasionally do this, too. It is worth knowing that octopi are always sent by nordics these days, so cast a dragnet over any nordics (you don't need to know where they are; they have chosen to link to you) and reel them in, too.

Most of you are not likely to run into this, but when I get attacked by vast multitudes, it does help to dowse the approximate number, or at least the order of magnitude. I.e. I can spend forever reeling in "all" of a vast unknown quantity, but once I dowse that it's 600 quintillion-and-something, or a googol to the googol power, it's easy to get them all in one swoop.

Update July 15, '08: As mentioned in OTB 27, I recommend that people simply ask Pitwexin to make them a purely etheric jail. This is what I've been using for a long time now.
Pitwexin reprogrammed the Mother Cluster some time ago, and it is no longer a jail, but automatically shunts any creepos anyone throws in there into my etheric jail.
These etheric jails have the etheric companion program, too, and munch on the bad guys. At times I have had reason to keep possibly salvageable beings imprisoned that I did not want to harm unduly, e.g. an evil other-timeline version of a good guy. In these cases I made a separate jail that does not munch on them.

At some point I developed the ability to yank darkside humans right out of their bodies and jail them. Also I have jailed loads of non-black-magician lowlifes and thrown them into the jail, which holds them, no problem. I don't think it munches on them, though, because they haven't damaged their energy with demonic rites. I can only jail non-BMs if it is in accord with Higher Intelligence. There are plenty of scum that are jailable that way.

When the spirit of a human is yanked out of its body, absolutely nothing happens that can be perceived with the ordinary senses. I've done this to people when they were mid-sentence and they never stumbled. But something is in my jail, and soon an ET takes over the body. Usually a Lyran, sometimes a Pleiadian, on rare occasions a reptilian or something. These ETs can be good or bad. If an evil one takes over, that person is still a DOR being. If a good one takes over, well that gets confusing. Chem is being sprayed these days mainly by humans taken over by good Lyrans, but they must be unconscious, to keep doing evil. Likewise, a year and a half ago, the good Lyrans eagerly took over the entire coven of 33 running Microsoft, including Bill Gates. Yet Microsoft still puts out horrible rip-off crap like Vista.
Yet in other cases, I seem to dowse that the person changes for the better. Some of the bastards that have been taken over by good Lyrans have a super-clean vibe, whereas they may have been DOR personified before.
I can also no longer detect evil alters in a human who has had their spirit jailed. But they're probably still there.

I still have only ever had that one demon escape (and only before I wrote this bulletin), but my friend John once pointed out that some of the innumerable off-world cloned human astral attackers sent by reptilians were getting out, and he had Pitwexin tighten up that scene.
These attackers are connected to intel agencies run by reptilians, and are still a problem to this day.

As far as dowsing numbers, I have had to invent terminology for myself to accomodate the inconceivably vast multitudes found in hives I'm trying to clear out.

Update May 15, '09: Recently I came to the realization that there are only 2 kinds of Lyrans:
1.) evil ones that are DOR oriented and friends of evil ETs and demons, and
2.) evil ones that are not DOR oriented, and fight demons and evil ETs.
Though the latter have been my allies in the past, and we accomplished much together, it turns out they have their own agenda which is not much better than the demons'. And they can be jailed just as easily.

So what is the difference if a black magician is taken over by a #2 instead of a #1?
I wish I had some confirmation, but they feel as if they no longer are into black magic, pedophilia, etc.
And what is the difference if a non black magician scumbag is taken over by a #2 instead of a #1? Well, I have a fair bit of contact with one such person. Maybe there are other factors as well, namely all my orgone stuff around here. But this person was always a notorious jerk to many people, but now no longer hardly ever is obnoxious anymore, that I know of.
Even while I make war on #2 Lyrans elsewhere, they don't adversely affect his behavior.

Update June 23, '09: As described in my blog on June 16, I now apparently have a way to prevent Lyrans or any evil entities from moving into the heads of evil people. So now most major illuminati types no longer host ETs.
It remains to be seen if this has the slightest effect on their behavior.

Also, see the June 1, '09 entry in
OTB 27c for a different way to get rid of gobs of demons without jailing.

Update Sep. 12, '09: See also my Species Status List for more information.
For example, the Lyrans have been converted to good, and have vacated evil humans.

Update Mar. 19, '10: There has been a recent shift, enabling us to "clear" almost 3 out of every 4 Earthlings. Only 27% will still have souls after the 73% are um, taken care of. See Categories of Scumbags definition for more info.
But that was written prior to the shift. On Feb. 12, '10 I wrote:
Wow, there has been a shift since yesterday. A few weeks ago i received the info that at total of 73% of this planet's human population would be culled (not physically but spiritually) leaving only the 27% least parasitic ones. Also that a lot of parasitic people i couldn't jail before, would become jailable as the planetary energies became more positive. These people would become so out-of-synch that they couldn't hang on. Well, just now i jailed a bunch of people i couldn't touch even yesterday when i tried! Overnight, they had become Category 2-4 Scum, and thus jailable.
However, I am surprised at some of the people I am busting. A minority of people I know that I have busted seemed like pretty decent people.

We live in a particularly perverted, evil time-line. This is not the natural way of things in positive time-lines. In ours, it has long been a matter of evil feeding on evil, of ripoff artists ripping each other off, and the minority of good beings also being ripped off.
Sorry, we are not all equal in the eyes of God. We are not all inexorably moving toward collective harmony together.

(6:55pm) Noticing lots of satanic rituals going on right now, underground. Dogs being sacrificed.


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