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Orgone Technical Bulletin #42
May 2013

Chem-busting with Wood

A friend in Italy sent me a link to this German orgone site. They must be onto something, as there were gobs of underground shapeshifters messing with the energy of their website.

The guy who told me about this site suggested an idea he got from it -- maybe a wrinkle of his own -- which he just tried recently. I feel the orgone therefrom very powerfully in the South Tyrol area. He says "Use a 1-Pipe CB and put a tree branch in (1 Meter or more, made wet with water). Give this type of CB some time (1-2 Hours), then the show begins..."

Well, the first thing I tried was sticking freshly-cut saplings into a couple 1-pipe CBs I have.
The energy felt great.

Note, on that German site, the pictures of log spirals.

This is the first log spiral I made. It has 9 logs, the number recommended on that site. However, the next spiral I made has only 7, as that was my guidance for that particular structure. Each one is different.

My impression is that the stick-within-a-CB method is many times as powerful as the log spiral. However, my guidance was to put resin CBs like this within each spiral. On the German site they show a copper spiral in the center, but my feeling is that on my place, this would do nothing much.

Also I felt that a pipe serves no purpose in a CB used for this.

I then made these 3 orgone rings under the guidance of Signor Ighina's ghost.

For molds I used cheap, flexible, party trays from the grocery store, similar to these.

Then I placed one ring in each of the log spirals. Actually I had to use a mattock to bust up the clay-and-sandstone "soil" I have, so I could stick in the sticks.
The 3rd ring has a stick, but no logs so far.

The orgone rings have a lot of crystals and some shavings, etc., which are being programmed as I type this. It feels impressive.

A few tips:
  • The guy in Italy uses dry branches found on the ground, and wets them occasionally. So far (since I live in the woods and have plenty of expendable little saplings) I have only cut live saplings. I have only been prompted to moisten them (the ones in the CBs) once in the last several days. We did have some rain, too. I suspect that fresh wood needs less wetting.
  • With most types of wood, it is probably good to leave some branches or parts of branches on the stick you put in the center.
  • Use intuition on location, selection and placement of materials, quantity of logs, etc. Don't worry about having things perfectly centered or symmetrical. Go with whatever feels right for that location.
  • It is beneficial if the surrounding land has been gifted with Strontium-Barium orgonite.
  • Do make the spirals going in the same direction as depicted. If you can't use logs, try smaller pieces of wood. On the German site they even show some strips of plywood. If you are in the city, maybe you can scrounge scraps from construction sites.
    It may not be necessary to wet the spirals.
  • One might assume that placing orgonite and/or logs around the base of a living, rooted tree would be at least as powerful, but I get that it is necessary to stab unrooted wood into the ground or CB to get much effect. I don't know why.
    Over a decade ago I placed orgonite at the bases of many trees. This is somewhat good to do, but didn't seem remarkable long-term.
  • A log spiral alone is somewhat effective.
  • It probably is of no value to put a stick in the center of a log spiral, unless you also place orgonite around the stick; even a few TBs should help.
My next project will probably be a bucket-mold but pipeless CB with a central hole.

(Later) Here it is.

I used a tall, thin soda can (no, I don't drink such things) in the center.

This unit does not have Ighina stuff.

Here it is set up. Later I will stack some rocks around it to support the base when the wind blows.

I don't think I will be putting logs around it here, nor around that 3rd ring mentioned earlier. Because they would not do anything in these locations.

I do expect to be making more log spirals with orgone rings in the future, for other locations on my property.

By the way, CBs with wooden sticks seem to be exceptionally strong to use radionically, e.g. tell it to blast a particular remote target. You can write the target on a piece of paper and place it in contact, or just tell the CB with your mind.

Update July 2013: I have not added to this stuff yet. I fact, I get that it would be of no value to put any more log spirals within 2 miles of my place (where I already have 2). Apparently I have acheived log-energy saturation here.

This only applies to the log spirals. I suspect another pipeless CB is in the works soon.

Also I have not watered the sticks anymore since that one time. I don't sense it is necessary, at least not yet with the green sticks and logs that I used. We have had a few rains.

Update May 2014: A year later, I still have not watered the sticks nor added more such devices.
The sticks no longer do anything on those spots because they apparently have permanently etched the ethers. Some of the standing sticks I have removed, with no change in the energy.
Furthermore, I get that the log spirals are now only doing 40% of the work they were, because they, too, have permanently changed things so that their physical presence has less to do. By the time they naturally rot away, the logs will have completed their mission. In other words, the wood items do not lose effectiveness; it's just that they make permanent changes which make their physical presence in a particular spot obsolete after some time.

However, I am guided to continue to leave the orgonite units in place for the time being.


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