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Loohan's Services

All these services are free or for voluntary donation.

Rescue from Demons, ETs, Black Magicians, freaky black ops.
Are you a "Targeted Individual"? Gang-Stalking victim? Abductee? CIA after your ass? We can usually help quite a bit.

First thing you might want to do is try to mentally contact my Lt. Veo here to the right. Also, Chainy specializes in ferreting out hidden bad guys.
These are a couple of my highly sentient, telepathic, radionics/orgone warriors, and are connected to my other powerful orgone devices as well as benevolent ET allies. Send all impressions of what is going on to them, and you might notice fairly quick improvement. This is usually the first thing I do when people write me about such issues. They dig around and stir up connections.

Also you can jail and destroy negative astral entities yourself. See OTB 38.
Other allies that can help with particular types of problems:
  • Sakudas (see below) can be called upon for removal of etheric implants and many other things.
  • Fo is a Sakuda trained by Antuvozy specifically to remove spells, jinxes, cords, curses and suchlike.
  • Archangel Asdalsucaf removes negative energy residues left by evil beings in objects/locations.
  • The Committee (see glossary) can program crystals, stones, even metal with free programs that are harmful to evil beings but fortifying to benevolent ones.
  • Xando the turtle can sometimes find and handle things I can't fathom, especially as regards inscrutable, mysterious, occult evils. Do not disturb him frivolously though, as he has much to do already.
  • Dream Turtle: Are you subject to bizarre and unpleasant experiences in alternate realities when asleep? Dream Turtle might be able to help. Tell him all about it.
For that matter, all of the above can handle things I can't. On the other hand, often there are implants or perpetrators that only I can find.

Reiki Attunement Removal.
Almost all Western "Reiki" is very corrupt and dangerous. Mrs. Takada was a Satanist and servant of evil ETs who introduced her demonically-linked symbols into the practice.

Additionally, many types of "Reiki" employed "Ascended Masters" like Koot Humi, Dwal Kul, Sananda, St. Germain, all of whom were Yellow Nordics (demonic ETs) which I killed. And now the remaining Nordics have been shifted to the good side, so hopefully this neutralizes most of the bad affect of those attunements. Nevertheless, you don't need that etheric bric-a-brac.

The effect of tainted Reiki is that, yes, you can put out gobs of wonderful healing energy, but at the same time your personal energy gets parasitized. Also it opens you up to a lot of evil influences.

Usui Reiki is clean. However their ranks of practitioners have a few evil agents, too, who might not use the Takada symbols, but they still insert some kind of corruption. We can clean that up, too.

Implant removal and Reiki attunement removal is performed by my Sakudas.
Sakudas are a specialized variety of unicorns which were created centuries ago by the goddess Venus. They look a bit like this but with shorter and thicker horns, and infinite numbers of wings. The spiral horns are scalar weapons/tools. There are only 4,000 of them. They are 5D, all female, and these days are usually in human form when not in combat, but they kind of shape-shift back and forth a bit. They are total sweethearts, and have tremendous expertise at removing that garbage.
Many people seeking help are just packed with implants and have other etheric junk plastered all over them. It sometimes requires several hours of hard work to clean up the mess. In extreme cases, longer.

Yejkusti Healing Attunement.
Works pretty much like Reiki, but has a different quality. The attunement will increase your healing energy output and quality. The Yejkusti people are an esoteric Christian sect from another dimension or something. More information about them is here.
Attunements are performed by my Yejkusti friends.

Programming: Are you making orgone devices for non-commercial use? I can see that you get the best free programming.

Free "Magic" Pic that repels evil beings, courtesy of "John". Print it out and place in a visible location wherever you want evil shapeshifting reptilians to avoid. Should work somewhat for most types of evil ETs and demons.
Another pic which is similar in effect, this one by Bal.

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