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Loohan's blog for March, 2011
March 1, '11: (8:15am) Me 'n some friends got godlike shortly before dawn. We may have terminated all the following, hopefully:
  • Big stashes of special demons and mighty "gods" used in Nigerian sorcery
  • Stash of particular demons Nigerian BMs like to implant in people
  • All the cheesy little created "physical" repts species that have been feeding power to the Jesuits lately, and who have those abduction machines
  • All the crummy repts species capable of sending those non-metallic spray drones that sprout holographic wings.

    Time will tell. But since then i have only been hit by (aside from a few Jesuits who did not seem backed up) some kind of repts (only 1 at a time so far) which are of a type we can't get rid of easily.
    These hit me from Rome, but their home is the Coma Cluster.

    That cluster was familiar, so i searched my site and found 2 previous entries referring to these same reptilians:
    April 17, '09: (8:20am) More nasty chem today.

    A couple other tidbits from Esterian:
    In talking about especially dangerous beings that use groups of 5 instead of the usual darkside numerology, she says
    I think they're called The Watchers and live mostly in the 6th dimension, but they're invading every dimension from there. I'm working on destroying their One -- a major multidimensional hive. They're using techniques to copy spirit that were outlawed over 26,000 years ago, and for which others have been banished from Earth. They're somewhat humanoid looking, but still another form of a grey, trying not to look like greys.
    They're most responsible for breeding hivers, though they're not the only ones doing it. I think they're the ones who keep feeding the mantises life force energy...
    That hive is in Coma Galaxy Cluster / NGC 4921.
    Esterian says they are a form of grey. I do sense some truth in this. But i feel they have significant reptilian genetics, which is how they escaped the fate of the greys.
    Incidentally i found that a lot of those "gods" i was bagging last night (before we figured out how to collapse their entire realm) were in groups of 5.
    Aug. 11, '09: (3:05pm) Some more weather transmitters courtesy of Mordok:
    One here in Northern Maine at 140' depth. Base at 111-214' depth, 171 satanists of the mystery agency.
    One here in the NW corner of AR at 31' depth (shallow!). No people. But 204 physical reptilians at 232' depth!
    One here in Dallas-Ft.Worth area at 122' depth, no people. But 202 phys-repts at 124' depth.

    (3:20pm) The home galaxy of these physical repts is NGC 4921 in the Coma Cluster.)
    So right now that might be the major ET species we have to worry about, other than the Abell 2218 humans (which latter, incidentally, frequently launch attacks on the Moon base in large armadas that pop out of hyperspace near the Moon).

    The sky is clear here this morning, except for some wisps of fog at lower elevations.

    (11am) Thorp just wrote me of a dream he had which i think is of a possible future scenario of those Coma-toes obliterating our Mars base. So we need to be extra alert for military attacks.

    (12:15pm) Found 3 motherships in Coma that were being loaded up.

    Chem blew in. Now it's from that same "nameless" US gov't agency that was doing it for a while last year. They are, duh, using U bases. This can't be real. Nobody could possibly be that stupid. But the only way to march forward is to pretend it's really happening.
    First such base i found is at 560-800' depth here near Des Moines. Offhand i feel 17 more we'll also hit.
    Then, invariably, the planes that are aloft will land in other U bases and we'll blow them away, too. Like happened in Europe recently. I just know they'll do it again.

    (2pm) It turned warm this afternoon. No natural cover, just a bit of chem.
    I did a bit of pruning on some fruit trees. I saw
  • one trail being laid by "nothing"; actually a drone from Coma,
  • a plane pass over leaving only a normal contrail, and containing only 1 person: an NSAtanist,
  • another such plane passed slightly to the north of my property later with 3 NSAtanists in it.

    Naturally, these guys were from a U base, here, with 341 NSAtanists and 30-ish jets down there. Honest. That's the way things work in real life.

    (4:50pm) So then a buncha NSA planes from here come and spray up my area.
    I think they are doing this stuff to destroy my negligible credibility. Yeah, that's it.

    March 2, '11: (6:40am) More NSA chem this morning, tracing to a base north of Bald Knob, AR. I drive thru Bald Knob every time i go to VA. In fact i suspect they named the town after my head.

    Good news: Antuvozy was able to overcome some technical difficulties and do in that bunch from the Coma Cluster! Whew.
    Still plenty of demons there, though.

    (6:20pm) Lots of chem today. Some from NSA (we got 9 of their U bases today, at least on some plane of reality).
    And some was from 5' green (chlorophyll-based?) humanoids in NGC 1427A. But Antuvozy took care of those.

    Just found another evil bunch of Lagos sorcerors that are a threat to friends there.
    The one of them that has offended lives here, but she is tight with like 80 other BMs, and probably about 60 of those live close by. A lot of the houses on this map have BMs.

    (8:30pm) And another Nigerian BM, male, has been messing with Mordok from here.

    March 3, 11: (2:35pm) Warm, windy, very chemmy day.
    There are 2 types of chem being sprayed around here lately:
  • NSA chem by real planes from U bases (somehow), spraying real DORy chem with barium and aluminum.
  • ET spray drones with no vibe spraying chem with no vibe. No metal detected in drone or spew.

    We keep apparently knocking out the NSA bases, and Antuvozy keeps knocking off the ET species sending the drones, which now seem to be only non-reptilian humanoids. Nonetheless, the sky is pretty messed up.
    The Committee automatically programs any sprayed metals and metal craft.

    (5:20pm) Skies still messed up bad.
    And for hours there have been 66 Jesuits here attacking me and giving me neck pains. They are backed up by demons now instead of physical repts.
    Must be nice not to have a life.

    (5:40pm) They are scattered throughout that bldg which is on a power spot.

    (7:05pm) They were so tough because they were also covertly backed up by 999 Abell 2218 humans 61 miles below that bldg.
    Plus, i was also getting covertly hit from a NV base, by evil cat-humans from Starburst Galaxy NGC 1569.
    Antuvozy should be able to take out this species. 'Cause she's freakin' awesome.

    March 4, 2011: (10:10am) Overcast today; rain likely.

    Heavy warfare last night against Abell 2218 human U bases, esp. around Vietnam and Thailand. These guys as well as demons were hammering an activist out there named Gare and his wife, hard. Not to mention me. Funny thing is, as soon as i gave those 2 some cover, the attacks on me relented considerably. The opposite of what i normally expect.
    I suspect it was largely the ETs under Thailand that had been hitting me, maybe because The Committee has been programming Gare's orgonite lately. Maybe those 2 were on a gifting run.

    Can't believe CBS didn't stifle this report: Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico. And not just small guns, either!

    Typical chaos-mongering. For example, it has always mainly been CIA-controlled mafia who truck guns into the black ghettos in the US, to accompany the coke.

    I could only watch the 1st 1/2 of this vid because reception crapped out.

    (1:45pm) Right now there are 3 satanists here gang-raping a small boy.

    (1:50pm) In 1995 i had a run-in with a real jerk of a satanist by his house on the water somewhere west of town. Maybe i'll find it when he goes home.
    This is one of the guys behind that door. He's significantly older than i am, and i'm 57.

    (4:55pm) And now there are 3 guys raping a boy here, in an area i busted last month.

    (5:20pm) One of those 3 Austin pederasts fancies himself a psychic and tried to RV me. He lives here. I feel him in the right end of the house now.

    (6:35pm) It was grey all day here, but only faint occasional drizzle.

    A couple weeks ago i picked up another awesome astral wife, Lara, a gorgeous buxom brunette with green eyes and dark, very curly hair. Right away she programmed a piece of quartzite which i used to defeat the Black Pope (OK so i had some help from Thor & Odin). I sent a similar stone to Mordok.

    Now she has come up with a free program similar to that, the Evil-Collapsing Program, which is very powerful.

    It takes real well in common quartzite, milky quartz, clear or smokey quartz. At this time i know of no other suitable substance for this program. Even quartz sand will take it. Glass takes a bit of it. Over time the pgm may be adapted to other minerals, but it's still pretty new now.

    Unless the stone is small, she may not "fill it up" with that pgm, but may add other free pgms to go with it.

    She has already displaced a lot of the programming in my creations with this one, as this is even more potent, and very synergistic with the others.
    Great for remote warfare.

    March 6, '11: (7:30am) Yeah baby, that pgm is taking things by storm.

    Night before last i got a bunch of lightning, thunder, 0.8" rain. Yesterday was totally overcast. Cold last night.

    I just discovered a USAF cocaine ring. The powder is picked up here among other places in Colombia. I think there are 2 other collection spots, but this is the main one.
    USAF flies it to Los Alamitos Army Airfield - California Army National Guard - Joint Forces Training Base. I think there is now a bldg here.
    There is no mention online of USAF being in that base, but it seem to feel them. 26 USAF satanists who work there.

    Maybe 30% of the coke goes a bit west to this truck warehouse which is owned by USAF, and which is right by the railroad tracks... This is Freezer Preferred Services, a USAF proprietary. Unfortunately, their site is still under construction, and doesn't list their many locations, where perishable botanical extracts can be professionally moved to.

    A few blocks away is this house, where the main honcho might live.

    Gotta get ready for work. I'll try to trace the other connections later.

    (5:25pm) Here in the center, one finds 3 USAF satanists who move a lot of this coke. This is the Sea Bright Motel. I think they have only used this place maybe a month, and i suspect that now they will depart soon.
    One block west is the Sea Breeze, and here i feel 1 more of them.
    And the next bldg south from that hosts West Coast Valve Services, another USAF proprietary, which is in part a cover for more dope dealing.
    And just south of the Sea Bright is Long Beach Japanese Language School which also has that vibe, but i'm not sure how it fits in. 3 USAF satanists are involved somehow. I think 1 is a teacher, and 2 may be staff.
    And just to the east we have C.W. Industries, another USAF proprietary that seems involved in moving drugs.
    A bit to the south we see "Bay Breeze Care" but the link takes us to TruCare Community for oldsters, also USAF proprietary, with branches. Ostensibly run by the Bolong family. A google search of Mike Bolong yields more California rest homes by different names.
    Also this nearby bldg has that vibe all over it.
    As does the nearby Crosby and Overton haz waste disposal (right; those Navy ships are good for dumping, i guess).
    They seem to own this whole area, pretty much.
    Caldrayage Transportation transports coke.
    There are more dirty bldgs around here. Suffice it to say it's a good area to bust. In more than 1 sense of the word.

    Extreme chem today. Whiteout. No more NSA, just ETs.

    This is getting ridiculous. Several times a day i scan for the ETs doing this, and Antuvozy destroys their entire species.
    And several times a day i scan for the ETs doing woo-woo abductions on James Rink, and Antuvozy destroys their entire species.
    And now several times a day i scan for the ETs doing seemingly useless overflights of my friend in Utah always using holographic light propellor planes, and Antuvozy destroys their entire species.
    I admit this is nuts.

    (8:35pm) I was looking at a map of Richmond, VA, and was drawn to a DORy spot which is another one of those truck warehouses. CIA proprietary: Johnstone Supply. Yes, they are into the supply business.
    Wherever the job takes you, there's a Johnstone Supply nearby. With over 350 locations worldwide let us help you find the closest location where you can experience the quality and service of Johnstone Supply.
    Kinda makes one's nostrils twitch. Blast these guys a while and it'll be easier to pick up more connections later.

    March 7, '11: (8:25am) Overcast, cold.

    Another CIAtanist church involved in MPD stuff: Wellspring Anglican Church of Englewood, CO (map).
    Smiling faces, smiling faces, sometimes, well they don't tell the truth.

    (10:15am) And not far away live 2 very DORy rept shapeshifters here. Seem to have ~43% rept DNA. I couldn't even ID what was so DORy at that spot, and Mordok had trouble at first. That's how freaky their energy is.
    I feel they have a strong connection with that CIA church.
    I found 3 more under a wind generator (one of those of the satanist boondoggle oversubsidized pork Earth-rattling pseudo-green type) out Livermore way. And i'm finding more elsewhere undergound.

    (4:10pm) Another UFO CIAtanist: Peter Davenport of NUFORC.

    March 8, '11: (11:10am) Light rain this morning.

    More about our friend in Utah:
    Last night he wrote:
    So today I was suspicious of an older Cadillac that was red with a white top that stopped and drove by real slow to examine me when I was on the corner getting wifi. I've been around the surrounding blocks and am sure that that car does park anywhere near here so it's reasonable to say they weren't just "passing" by.. Maybe. An over middle aged man wearing sunglasses on a very cloudy and overcast day.
    These clowns trace to McJunkin Red Man Corporation (website with management pics) which has 35 gov't satanists working there. Locations. Supposedly
    McJunkin Red Man (MRC) is the largest global distributor of pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) and related products and services to the energy industry based on sales. MRC is the leading PVF distributor serving this industry across each of the upstream, midstream and downstream markets.
    Looking at Industries Served i see that one of them is pharmaceutical. Getting a vibe on that, i found that this vibe seemed to be related to their Denver location, which is given as here. But that is another of their companies, WESCO, with 380 locations.

    I looked around for a pharma factory around there, but was drawn to a nearby bldg for Brakes Plus, which is also a satanic gov't proprietary (same agency) with locations. Not sure what the connection is to pharmaceuticals, if any.
    I don't think it's about street drugs. More like chemical weapons.

    Looking more, i was drawn to this DORy bldg which hosts a very DORy Feldhakes & Associates CPA firm. This is another proprietary of this agency.
    Then a U base was here with 121 of these satanist people. Chem lab?
    Then this bldg, City Glass and Construction, 37 more of them.
    Also nearby, another U base with 11 of them.

    This Utah guy also wrote
    Then about 10 minutes ago I felt an extremely quick rush of nausea and everything seemed to zoom out visually then flush back to normal and the lights fluctuated then I saw a blue light sphere type thing outside flying away in a north direction. Sitting on the couch facing north looking out the window watching tv. I feel nervous about it and almost very concerned. What the heck was it?! I couldn't see what it was outside as I can hardly see outside across the street due to the heavy snowfall. I did see the light outside though.
    This was ETs from a small Mars base of 30 (now wiped) whose homeland is M109.

    (1:50pm) Allies have found 5 U bases of Wesco's. Chem labs making warfare poisons.
    Then they found a guy here in NJ. Incredible energy kickback when they smacked him. Shapeshifter, i'd wager.

    March 9, '11: (7:30am) Got 1.1" and it's still faintly drizzly.

    About the nerve gas or whatever Wesco was making, i think there was an intended destination of Kandahar, Afghanistan. Pashtuns were the intended target.
    Of course they were making more than enough for that.

    Meanwhile, found a couple interesting businesses. MCI-Verizon: CIA is in their bldgs keeping tabs on us. And O'Charley's Restaurants is NSA. Not sure what all the NSA is up to there, but mind control is definitely part of it.

    (4:15pm) Still overcast and cold.

    Two CIAtanists just moved here next to someone i'm helping. Their boss lives here, and his boss lives here.

    (5:45pm) Another little CIA proprietary: Palmetto Associates.

    (6:25pm) OK, i might not be posting or emailing for a couple days. Heading back to DC tomorrow.
    My dad's in the hospital and my mom can't drive, broke her toe, etc.

    March 14, '11: (9:30am) I spent an hour or so extra in Memphis, especially around SE Memphis. Also spent an hour or more extra in the ORNL area.

    Here in VA i've seen quite a bit of chem. Some of it was from NSA, but most from ET drones.

    Please do not use my Hushmail acct now. I may not have the password again until i get back home. Use my gmail acct.

    Lately CIA satanists have audaciously popped up as "helpful and friendly" neighbors to friends of mine.
    One who professes an interest in orgone devices lives here in Richmond with his CIAtanist wife.
    And right here in SC, we have a similar man and woman, new arrivals, who helpfully offer to provide an illicit medicinal herb to a person. with health problems.

    () About the Japan quakes: it was DIA working with ETs from M94. The ETs had numerous deep devices and still may have more. Mordok has been finding such devices as well as DIA U bases that have been taken care of.

    (11:20am) I have been notified that the Venusian Donn, whom i believe is the guy on the right here, has sustained an injury and could use healing. He is on the Moon base presently. I think his left forearm has been injured in some way.

    March 15, '11: (9:30am) There is a powerful evil sorceror here in Nigeria. My RVish impressions are that his name is Mutambo, and he has plumpish, protruding cheeks, mustache, very short hair, 45-ish. He also has 4 acolytes or something in his area.
    He is what Nigerians call a babalowa [correction: spelled Babalawo], a type of sorceror. A conduit to seemingly endless demons and "gods", many of which seem extremely powerful, but are somehow generated. Where the energy comes from i haven't figured out. But we may have mopped up most of those already. Plus now Antuvozy and my 5D self learned how to generate our own "gods" by the same means (whatever those are) to throw at enemies.

    Another ugly thing babalowas [correction: spelled Babalawo] can do is mock up etheric meat and get victims to "eat" some when they are not fully conscious. This is to poison the person to turn them evil. The energy takes them over. If caught early, Antuvozy can remove it.

    (10:20am) Yesterday Mordok found a mind-control transmitter here focused on a friend.
    It has been pretty much neutralized, but there is still a male NSAtanist living there.

    (11:20am) Wooo! YouTube Psychic Predicted Japan Earthquake Tsunami. Only one thing: 9Nania was CIAtanist! Intense evil vibe. She was here under Langley, with 5 more CIAtanists plus a gnarly ET-tech transmitter.
    BTW yesterday the Venusians were directing the demolition of quite a few little CIA U bases that seemed connected to the Japan op.

    (11:50am) Another Jesuit proprietary business: Mizzica L'Altro Locale restaurants (website). A Jesuit was messing with Mordok from this one.

    (8:40pm) Video of a couple M94 craft in Sakurajima, Japan, March 13th.

    (8:45pm) And here's a video of a Ta'l ship "dropping something". My best guess is that this was a "beaming down" of 1 fighter Ta'l into a U base.

    March 16, '11: (3:55pm) I've been getting hit all day by mantises of a type Ray recently posted about on the forum. A different type than the formerly-evil-turned-good ones, and different from the physical mantids as well.
    These are jailable, but i am unable to get the entire species at once. Their primary homeland seems to be the Orion Nebula.

    (8:40pm) I was just reading Kerry Cassidy's blog:
    According to a reliable source this is what happened: (developing...)

    A guy (who is in touch with my source) in Pennsylvania bought a new iDroid phone with Verizon and when he asked to be activated he got way more than he bargained for. The phone downloaded 9,000+ applications along with detailed records going back decades on several people unknown to the user, all the websites he ever visited including info on Project Camelot!!

    And to top it off, an intelligence dossier on the user downloaded onto his phone along with his very first paycheck he ever cashed back in 1989. The cheque showed on the screen both front and back including his endorsement on the back. You can imagine this guys utter amazement. Big Brother is not only real it's connected. And then he found himself being followed by a brand new black Challenger with blacked-out windows. Even when he tried stopping his car and turning around they continued to follow.

    Then, if this wasn't enough... he got the following message texted to his cell phone "we're watching you". And when he tried using his phone to text his girlfriend he was given an error message saying something like 'unauthorized access'. A few days later, realizing their mistake they somehow deleted the apps and dossiers from his phone and cleaned it of most everything except a few of his own contacts.

    As far as we know... he's still being watched.
    I went looking for these bozoes and found this complex on a dead-end street in CO. 42 DARPA satanists are associated with that location.

    And what else are these fine people associated with? Well, for one, this odd rectangle to the east. At 321-352' depth was a U base with 40 other DARPAtanists. And computers connected to telephone and internet traffic.
    And another U base here with 22 more DARPAtanists and puters.
    And 9 more such bases in the area.
    I do not know why DARPA is doing stuff more usually performed by other agencies.
    They appear to be equally adept.

    March 17, '11: (7:50am) In Ireland they have this thing called a Taoiseach. I don't know where the word comes from, but i'm pretty sure it does not derive from Taoism. More like the Irish term for Lousy Leach, perhaps.
    Anyway, these tend to be some of the slimiest pedophile nazi Jesuit agents around, and right now we have one visiting with Obama (article).

    (8:45pm) For several hours, Ta'l warriors Neca'o and Natan have been on the 4th floor of the main NSA bldg, feels like.

    (10pm) Those M94 guys are still at it. BTW, there seems to be both a race of shapeshifting repts as well as a less-noticeable race of physical humanoids involved from M94.
    I just had the allies take out a base here with 60 of the shapeshifters and more earthquakeware. And 2 more such bases in Japan. And am looking for more.
    I think these have been there a while and we missed them earlier.

    March 18, '11: (9am) Heavy chem as usual. Yesterday i saw some sylphic action. I still feel 44,444 sylphs in the DC area, but this is the first sylphic feathering i've seen here in some time.

    We got some new allies that look like Anubis. Jackal-headed humanoids. Their homeland is in the center of this pic of the Abell 1689 cluster of galaxies. They are 9-10' tall. There are several of their ships around Earth now.
    They are called Wibdu and live about 2,000 years [more like 2,300 actually] in our terms. I got issued a very sweet and lovable Wibdu maiden, only 1600 years old. She is now residing on the same ship with my other girls. Her name is Kolyife Delzaja. Kolyife is her family name and Delzaja is her personal name.

    (11:45am) More M94ers in the news:
  • Quake machine base with 22 shapeshifters being wiped now.
  • M94 humanoids crashed in Russia (article).

    March 19, '11: (7:30pm) Chem much less bad today. In fact sky was clear for some time.

    If you live in the Salt Lake City area, and desire a deal on an "expendable" animal for ritual purposes, the place the cognoscenti frequent is Pet Village & Bird World, where there are 9 seasoned experts to serve you with discretion.

    (9:05pm) Whew, gasp! I managed to hammer out another OTB, OTB 38, Getting Rid of Demons.

    March 20, '11: (8:15am) Toronto: had 2 powerful mind-control transmitters under York University, along with a bunch of satanists down there working for some mysterious Canadian agency.
    There is also extensive tunneling under much of the city, especially west of campus. Also some just west of the airport. More of those DORy guys were down there radiating nasty energy.

    And on the surface, there are 52 more who work in this bldg, and 21 in this bldg, which is the location of a proprietary business of this same agency, FGL Molds. Contact them for all your orgonite mold needs.

    Searching for their upline and/or connections, i was first led to this spot in rural Michigan, which looks like a landing strip. I sense a lot of traffic comes thru here from that Canadian agency. U base slightly south here had 41 of them plus electronic stuff that seems mind-control oriented.
    2 more such bases nearby also taken out.

    A higher-up base here west of Quebec city had 73 more, plus more ET tech MK jive.

    Also of course there is chemical-biological interest involved. Next place i got led to is a bldg here in Quebec city, Laboratoire Chi-Mic et Biologique du Quebec, another proprietary of this gov't agency.

    Upline further is a freakin' Post Office in London. There's a pic of the bldg here. The upper right side as you face it is where 2 honchos work that oversee this agency.
    Then i found a U base here with 21 SISsies and more electronic ET-style crap.

    March 21, '11: (9:30pm) Had some rain last night and a spatter this evening. And heavy chem anytime the real clouds part.

    Back to Toronto: i checked in this evening and the first thing to grab me is Evergreen Brick Works. Where have we heard that name Evergreen before? Hmmm. CIA airline and shipping line. But this is Canada, surely the CIA doesn't have brick works there?
    Well it's late and i'm not too confident, but there does seem to be a CIA-like vibe issuing forth.
    Very intriguing stuff. They have a groovy website. Evergreen is a "national charity".

    March 22, '11: (7:45pm) Horrendous chem-clouds today here. Also, on TV news, a fair bit over Libya and Afghanistan.
    Saw some spray-drones this morning leaving short trails that looked like contrails.

    I still haven't figured out what that Evergreen bunch is up to. I think all the people listed here (with the exception of Nancy McFadyen) are satanists with a CIAish vibe. Most are execs of various companies which do not (yet?) seem to be CIA-owned.

    March 24, '11: (9:45am) Getting more of a vibe off Russell Reynolds Associates, which Shawn Cooper at that last link is part of. This does not seem like a CIA proprietary, but it is an all-satanist outfit that seems to have tendrils all over the place.

    Been getting some more rain here in VA. Things are greening up.

    Back home in AR, there are now 2,222 syplhs over my area; up from the 888 that have been there for years. Russelville area now has 5,555, up from 3,535 reported Feb. 26.
    Knoxville/ORNL area of TN now has 7,777!
    Richmond, VA now has 555. A guy there has been making strontium orgonite. Plus we have been nailing those Richmond targets remotely.
    Atlanta still has zero as far as i can tell. Ditto London, which has also been well-gifted.

    I may have found the explanation for those "real + fake clouds" (pic) that i have been noticing for a long time (forum thread).
    A guy named Zen Gardner says "Chemtrails do attract water vapor under certain conditions and sometimes morph into more natural looking formations, almost like a disguise."
    Maybe that explains it.

    March 25, '11: (7:55am) Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy.
    Hmmm. On April 8, there will be a big Soros shindig at Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. As you can see, this is an Omni hotel (NSA proprietary chain). A real DORy kind of place (map). Presently i feel 22 satanists on staff there.

    (9:35am) Video of UFO burning out in OK. My impression is it was Made in USA and shot down by our M82 allies.

    (6:50pm) And here is where it was berthed, along with many others.

    March 26, '11: (7:25am) Last night i was finally able to break whatever spell was preventing me from having The Recyclers delete that mantis species that has been bothering us a lot lately. Whew.

    March 27, '11: (5:20pm) I had wanted to head back to AR this morning, but postponed due to likelihood of ice and sleet accumulations on my path. There was a small snowstorm last night. Here nothing stuck on the roads, but maybe 3/4" on fences, etc.
    It has all melted off now.
    I plan to head out in the morning, going via Richmond, the capitol of VA, which is saturated with intel proprietary businesses, and home to the satanic nazi Virginia State Police. They have a zero tolerance policy on drugs. Well, except we did take care of 6 underground meth labs running under the auspices of Governorís Initiative Against Narcotics Trafficking (G.I.A.N.T.). Governor's a satanist, too, of course.

    March 29, '11: (3:45pm) Survived the trip. Spent a couple hours or more driving around the Richmond area, busting it. Including this mongo tower.
    Also did a bit more work in the ORNL area.

    Raining and cold here.

    March 31, '11: (10:25am) It was dark grey all day yesterday, but today the sun has come out (though there are allegedly 40% rain chances) as well as some clouds that appear to be chem-based with accumulated moisture.

    Snopes Another Soros Enterprise? Probably so (though is another NSA enterprise).
    Recently i started to suspect something was up with Snopes. Check out their page on Obama's momma. It says these pics are actually of another woman, who does not resemble Momma Obama. Well, i see the links to the pics of this other woman now are domain blocked.
    And now the www seems to be expunged of pics of Marci Moore! This was not the case last December or whenever i last checked. But Moore only superficially resembled Momma, and had much larger breasts, photos of which were not hard to find a few months ago. Bizarre.

    BTW, like Obama, Biden, Sotomayor and Merkel, Kagan is another person who acts like a satanist politically. but does not seem to have the black magic vibe.
    I did however sense that during the last Bohemian Grove event, she and Obama arrived together.
    Anyway if anyone does find pics of Moore, please send a link.

    (2:30pm) Never mind. Apparently that site is now blocked by OpenDNS, a service my ISP goes through. And her name is Marcy, not Marci.
    I found a page that has the complete pics that had been edited by Snopes. I had seen this thread months ago, and at that time it also had several pics of Moore. The difference was obvious.
    However now those pics are gone. They were in post #9 before.
    Now i can only find this pic of Moore, which is not quite as satisfactory because her breasts are in a position in which their size may seem enhanced by gravity. And her face is in the dark.
    Evenso, i believe the difference is fairly obvious.

    That sunshine didn't last long. It is raining again.

    (3:45pm) Then some crazies cast doubt on whether Stanley Ann was even Obama's momma [or rather question the circumstances behind his siring] (article). I don't have time to delve, but this page feels like it has some nuggets in it.