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Orgone Technical Bulletin # 27

Fall, 2007


Note: almost all of the stones on the next 3 pages have been STRIPPED of their programming and later reprogrammed for different uses. One reason for this is radical new programming techniques as explained in OTB 27c, which allow one to pack vast numbers of programs into a crystal. And this also changes other requirements such as type of crystal required for some programs.
Another reason is that most of the evil entities many of these pgms were designed to address are now extinct or converted to the good side.

This page and the 2 that follow are largely of HISTORICAL value, though a few of the pgms are still relevant.
One could skip them and go directly to the fourth page.

This OTB begins with a bunch of edited excerpts from my blog:

Oct. 7, '07: ... Meanwhile, i was forging a new power alliance. My Santa Rosa friend Jim, who has been in contact with some other Loohans, had bought a bunch of stuff from Tim Rifat after reading about him on my site. He knew some of it was corrupt, but persevered anyway. But then he also contacted counterparts of Tim from other timelines, including one that is an advanced psi warrior and master crystal programmer, who doesn't think too highly of Tim Rifat in this timeline. I've known about him for months, but just this morning it occurred to me to ask him if he would program some crystals for me. And he was very helpful. He re-programmed the crystals in my new units, and made me an anti-octopus set that is pretty powerful, and a set against evil Lyrans & Pleiadians, and he's going to do some more for me. He programmed Anita's main weapon, a powerful PW-dorje with a crystal in each end that a friend of mine gave her. Doesn't take him long.

He has a very different personality than Tim. Businesslike, but warm and likable. I think his name is Pitwexin...

Here are the anti evil Lyran/Pleiadian (danburite & hematite) and the anti octopus sets (amethyst & citrine).

Similar to Rifat's work, Pitwexin makes a set of 2 for everything.

For spider demons of the long-legged variety, i dowsed that spodumene is the best stone. But i only have spodumene powder, and plenty of it. I get that a spodumene-rich orgonite with titanium shavings and a few other embellishments, in a tetrahedron shape, is even better than a spodumene crystal. I will ask him to program it when the epoxy is setting up.

Oct. 8, '07: I had Pitwexin do a few more anti-demon rocks for me. from the left: tall whites (howlite and hematite), tall greys (qtz and malachite), reptilians (qtz and malachite), little green farts (danburite and selenite), and tall brunets (amethyst and citrine).
Note that unlike Rifat's stuff, these are not copyrighted, and there is no kickback should you try to copy the programming to your own rocks (modified so as to attune them to you instead of me). In fact, if you're nice, i might transfer them to your crystals for you, as i can use a little help frying these crudballs. No charge.

Although most any crystalline rocks will probably work, i tried to dowse out the best choices of minerals from the selection i have.
The programming for the tall greys and the reptilians is almost identical, as they are energetically very similar, but i chose to make a separate set for each.

Unlike the crude programming i do, his stuff takes a little while to power up. The ones he made yesterday seem better today...

I poured the tetrahedal spider-squisher. The epoxy takes several hours to harden, so i asked Pitwexin to slow the programming down so that it continuously bombards the unit as it sets up. I also am sending MIXED PYRETHRINS 4X to it...

I have the impression that many of you have already successfully copied some of these programs. Very good. I think this is very superior stuff. Some of the energies i am getting off the small stones are astounding in quality. More to come.

OK, here are some heftier ones. Quarters in the pics for scale. The set on the left is quartzite and citrine. Even cheap artificially-baked citrine is fine here, or danburite, or smoky quartz. Or failing that, regular quartz is fine. The large stone can be any white or clear quartz. The programming is anti institutional oppressors, targetting the evil people in governmental, financial or corporate entiites that do a lot of oppressing and ripping off. It feels real strong and good to me already.
The larger unit is again quartzite, with a small danburite. This is programmed to optimize Earth energies in the vicinity of the stone. It feels great, too. [Note: this stone is thin and flat, though it need not be. It is approx. 5 X 18 X 28 cm.]

Oct. 9, '07: Alrighty, here are some more goodies:

On the left, the spider squisher with its danburite companion. I re-used an old mold made from cardboard triangles with a tape coating, so the surface is wrinkled. What's in it? A lotus coil in a passive circuit with a 2.2 uH choke coil. Titanium spiral turnings. About 4 tbls spodumene, and a rounded tsp titanium dioxide. Inside the coil is a tiny topaz and citrine. And that's it, other than a bit of other misc. orgonite powder of less importance. And 1 white peppercorn in each of the bottom 3 corners. Apparently, these spiders don't like white pepper, either.
After i cast it, i realized that rutilated quartz would also have gone in there nicely. In fact, one could just use a good-sized chunk of rose quartz or big rutilated quartz instead of the tetrahedron; i guess the titanium content of these stones will make them good for this. Alternatively, i get that amethyst would work pretty well, even a cheap cluster.

Next is a howlite and small Apache tear. Quartz would be pretty good, too. This is against the Joku, which are a type of hooded, rat-snouted reptilian. I wouldn't even know about these critters, as they don't seem to attack people, but a friend clued me in. They're around, and seem to be information-gathering psychic spies. They have an evil vibe. Pitwexin recognized what i was talking about right away from the description, then i dowsed what they're called.
Next, we have again an amethyst and citrine set. This is against a type of perhaps blob-like critter found in underground bases. Again, they don't attack people, but do work with greys, etc. and have a nasty-ish vibe. And i would never have noticed them either, but for the fact that someone called them to my attention. I think they may be called Lompoy. [Update June, '08: The Lompoy are actually what I later termed "king greys" then "2nd Tier Tall Greys". There are actually 13 tiers of tall greys so far discovered, and all do attack people, though the bigger ones seem to prefer subtle telepathic means and only seem to resort to brute force when that is stymied.]

And next, we have a big quartz crystal, actually 2 crystals sharing one common side, each with separate programming. This is real handy. It is similar to a Rifat Anti-Occultist PC, but maybe 10-12X as big, and 15X as powerful. Real handy as a weapon when the going gets rough, whether held in the hand or carried in the left pocket. Since it's so heavy, i will probably wear it in a belt pouch at times.

Now the critters are really pissed off, as these new crystals are munching their derrieres, and they are trying hard to punish me.

Oct. 15, '07: (9am) After i posted that, the astrals got so bad i had to have Pitwexin fix me up with something fast. I dowsed that a tetrahedron i'd made 3-4 years ago would do as well as what i had been planning to build, so i had him program that.

Here are the new items, along, again, with some quarters for size relativity. On the top is the astral ripper. It works on intel astrals and probably any evil human astral RVer or attacker. And much more effectively than i would have thought possible. This tetrahedron has a fair bit of malachite in it, and brass, both of which are copper-rich. If you cast something for the purpose, brass is recommended. Possibly the best stone for this is chrysocalla or azurite. Azurite crystal is very pricey, but sometimes one runs into lower grade chrysocalla/malachite, possibly also with a bit of azurite, lapis or other copper minerals. These are found in copper mines. A big chunk of this would be excellent for this program, in lieu of the tetrahedron. A big malachite alone is not so good. The little stone is amethyst.

The lower set is for remote assassination of evil bastards. Effectiveness not yet proven but it feels like it's doing something. I used shaftlike crystals because i plan to make them into a perpendicu-wand someday. Any clear quartz of similar size is fine. It can be short and chunky, clustery, whatever. The small stone could be quartz, citrine, maybe others.
[Update: This program as well as info about it has been updated. See March 10, '08 entry below. The set depicted here no longer has this program.]

(9pm) Really nice. Nobody's been hitting me except the intelligence dummies, and they get fried before they can do more than vaguely tickle my aura.

Oct. 21, '07: It occured to me that since my #1 radionics trend is sending them into my jail, that maybe Pitwexin would be able to make a set of stones that automatically jail any negative entities nearby or attacking, as well any other ones you direct it to. That is, send them into a separate jail, not act as a jail.

Here they are: a quartzite the size of my forearm and a malachite almost as big as my fist.
[Note: This pic is no longer correct. The programming in the malachite has been moved to another piece, and the malachite is now programmed for something else entirely. But keep reading.]
They don't have to be that big, but if smaller won't be as powerful. I'm thinking malachite is definitely the choice for the smaller stone, and the larger one can be clear or milky quartz or good quartzite. Any shape would do, but somewhat columnar may be best. Mine will be mounted in a vertical position. This may be best, due to some aspects of the programming. But even a cluster or shapeless chunk will work. Instead of the big qtz, a cast tall cylinder (e.g. shampoo bottle mold) of resin with a lot of silica sand and some copper, and maybe a water bottle and whatever else seems appropriate added, would also be very good. A substitute for the malachite would be a dome, egg, sphere, or (last choice) cone of resin and brass with hopefully some malachite (can be crunched up; in fact it makes a green powder that colors resin).
[Note: see also Oct. 23 entry for more choices.]
I just happened to have that nice big malachite laying around that i'd bought in 1992 for $28, is the only reason i was so extravagant.

(Later) The new crystal set is working amazingly well. I have withstood some surges with it.

I get that one can have 2 sets of these with benefit, but more than that is of no benefit. I will be getting together a smaller, more portable set.
And I will be making robocop antennae for these units, as i have the impression that otherwise reception is only 93% of what it could be. In fact, i plan to make this stone into the next RoboCop. And then i can put RoboCop 1 to to other uses than jailing.

As some of you may be realizing, Pitwexin is a nice guy, who has innumerable projections of himself that are likely to help worthy warriors with programming. The mere attempt to copy any of these depicted stones is likely to get you personalized service.

Oh, yeah, while you're at it, ask him to make you a totally etheric jail, programmed to return very fortifying energies to you while it slowly digests the prisoners. Then you can empty any other jail you may have into it, and re-use any stone you may be using for a jail for other purposes.

Oct. 22, '07: Pitwexin's programming is open enough that i can modify it, so i made some of my stuff so that any of my ladies can use them at will, and they will automatically attune themselves to the user. It is not very effective or fun to use someone else's weapon when they have this sort of programming, unless it adapts to the new user.

Dealing with corruption in Rifat products: I know some of you have bought these. Pitwexin can fix them easily when directed to them, but i suspect he may not be as adept at finding which ones are corrupt as i am.
A few days ago i noticed that my friend Jim had some corrupt stones acting up with bad energy, and i dowsed which ones, and P fixed them. Then P had to fix his bones. Tim is veering away from crystals, and is more into programming people's bones lately, and Jim has bought various bone programs. This was harder for P to sort out, as i was not real familiar with which programs Jim has, but he eventually cleaned that up, too.
Then a couple nights ago i noticed several of my own Rifat stones had vile energy again, so i had Mr. P fix those, too.

I suspect that most of his stones that are several years old are OK, but in the last couple years there has been more corruption. If you suspect you may have corrupt Rifat products, email me and i'll have P fix them if necessary.

Oct. 23, '07: [Leaving one of these Jailer crystals standing vertically in the center of a power spot] lets the Earth energy work with the weapon, making it much more powerful.

I had Mr. P fix me up with my 2nd Jailer set. Quartzite is 6" long.

I found that rutilated quartz is just as good as malachite for the smaller stone. If rutilated is used instead of malachite, it can be proportionately smaller.
And i get that if one were to cast something instead, a combo of copper and titanium would be good, with or without malachite and/or rutilated qtz added. (Brass can sub for the copper.) This would be better than the brass + malachite mentioned earlier. In the absence of rutilated, one could use some clear qtz.
(End of excerpts)

Oct. 23, '07: Temporarily connecting an antenna unit to the big one really seemed to help. For the small one, I plan to make a stand that I can set it down in vertically, that contains a mobius coil and input wire for hooking up to a freq pulser or whatever, and also an antenna that connects to the crystal.
As it is, it works real well held upright in the right hand, with the rutilated quartz in the left. It may be of some value to hold the main crystal aiming at the target. Thus, I will sometimes dowse the direction of the attackers' hive (it will always be in a different relative location, due to Earth's rotation, etc.) and point it at them.
If rutilated quartz is used instead of malachite, it may be advantageous to silicone-glue the rutilated to the tip of the main crystal. I probably will not do that, due to the pointy nature of the tip on this one.


Can I copy these programs? Yes. I do not advise that you attempt to copy Mr. Rifat's items, but Mr. Pitwexin's are another matter entirely. Mr. P has numerous projections of himself that can assist the worthy with programming. You may find him helpful if called upon respectfully. Or you may copy them yourself, but intend them to be attuned to you. The ones in these pics are attuned to me, except when in use by one of my assistants.

Why does each set have 2 stones/items? If you do a web search for "Rifation" you may find where Tim Rifat explains that -1 X -1= +1. The 2 stones are interconnected. The larger one (usually) has what Tim calls an "attack hole" which eats the specified negative energy, and sends it to the smaller stone, which Tim calls "bioparticle", which contains a white hole attuned to the rightful user. Thus, the larger item will usually have a bad vibe to some extent, but the smaller one will not, unless there is corruption. And corruption has not yet been noted in any Pitwexin products, but abounds in Tim's.
The smaller one should feel very good.

Did Tim invent this technology? I don't think so. I think most of the stuff he offers has been developed largely or entirely by him, but the basic technology and principles were not. Tim was almost certainly the first to bring this tech to our time-line, however.
You may note that most of the stuff on this page has different targets or functions than Rifat's stuff.

How do I best use these items? You can experiment with putting them on trend plates, etc.
Or, try holding the small stone in your left hand, or wearing it in your left sock or left pocket or possibly other location upon consultation with Mr. P, and the large one in the right hand as a weapon.
Perhaps the best way is to have a bunch of different sets and arrange them in a circle. The details don't matter, other than that the smaller pieces should be inward from the larger ones. If either item has a point, this is faced toward the center of the circle. However, with my tetrahedrons, jailers, and other upright-sitting items I just put them upright. Normally you may find it is best to pick one of the smaller pieces that has a vibe you particularly like, and carry it on the left side, leaving everything else in the circle. This brings you more of the good energy from it all, and also causes it all to work more efficiently.

Are these stones compatible with Rifat products and/or other orgone devices? Yes, provided none have been made by black magicians to deliberately emit harmful energies. And many such devices are on the market.
Personally, I have dozens of Rifat items plus a bunch of Pitwexin stuff in a big circle, in the center of which is a bunch of orgone stuff that is hooked up to my radionics, pulsers, etc. This works very well, as negative energy dug up by the orgone stuff is dealt with by the ring of stones.

What if I have orgone items already made that I want to program? I do this all the time. I doubt resin will hold much programming after it is cured (though it will lock in any programming given while it is curing) but the metals and minerals will hold the programming. One can program the entire piece as if it was a large crystal, but usually I prefer to also program a component within it as the smaller item in the set. Some pieces I make contain numerous sets within them, as I program various components. Now that I'm friends with Mr. P, I have been asking him to reprogram many of my items, as he is way better than I am at this.
Examples: I have a Power Wand donated to me by a friend, that contains within it a large crystal and a smaller one in front of that. The 2 crystals are now programmed as a set. I always prefer to have the smaller one (or the one with the "bioparticle" function) on top, or tipward, in an item like this.
I also have a unit donated by Jim that was made by Jon Goldman, and consists of 2 resin pyramids of equal size, one atop the other. So this has also been programmed by Mr. P, with the "small one" being on top.

Oct. 25, '07: Here is an example of a circle. The intent is that the energy goes inward toward the center.

I got that an individual could have as many as 10 anti-werewolf demon sets with benefit, and 4 anti-octopus sets. It is probably good to use different mineral combos, if available, for each set.
Here the anti-octopus one is some unknown conglomerate that Catmagnet collected in Oregon and sent me years ago. It dowses as very good against octopi. It has an amethyst companion. The werewolf one is another chunk of quartzite and an amethyst (though either stone could be amethyst or qtz). Same for the Nordic one. For short greys, we have quartz and malachite. For insectile demons, amethyst and pyrite (though qtz & qtz is fine, too). Against Goetia demons we have a smaller quartzite and a small Apache tear (though about any qtz would do for either). Against Enochian demons, a quartzite and small quartz piece.

The anti-Nordic one should be good against all evil Nordics. They have been too weak to attack since being deprived of their squid-gods, but they are around, plotting and conspiring. The squid demons may be extinct in all time-lines and universes now, and mighty good riddance. If I detect any more, I'll have Mr. P make something for them. Insectile demons and short greys might be almost extirpated now from all timelines of this universe; you should tell your crystals to hunt in Universes B through F if no victims are closer by. I have not noticed anything much from the Enochian or Goetia demons lately, but if I look for them, I find there are still some around in this universe.

Collecting one's own stones:
You may be able to scrounge up decent minerals yourself, which is easier on the pocketbook and environment. I am so glad I collected a bunch of this quartzite in Virginia. I think what makes it so special is iron deposits. There are some tarry-looking spots of black stuff, some silvery or grey stuff, and the stone I depicted 2 days ago even has gold flecks of pyrite on one side. So if you find quartzite, it's probably fairly good, but if it has iron in it, so much the better for many programs.
Around here there is a lot of good blue granite (blue-grey resembling asphalt) which works real well with Chris's charge (OTB 14) but I have yet to find it suited for any of the programming Mr. P does. Yet, other types of granite may be fine.
Also there are tons of sandstone rocks on my property, which I dowse as suitable, except that it takes more bulk to make as potent a stone, so I have not used it for this purpose.
Various ores would be great, too. If you have a source of free minerals you think may be good for programming, you can email me for consultation.

Ah, yes, almost forgot about the Seraphim. These are one of the types of "angels" given in the Bible, serving the "God" Yahweh. From the Hebrew word sraphim, meaning fiery serpents. They are snakelike and have a burning, dry energy. Fortunately, these vicious demons seem nearly extirpated from this universe, so again you should have your stone hunt them elsewhere if they can't find any here.
Quartzite + citrine, but probably any type of quartz would do for either, including rose qtz. The quartzite is almost 5" long.
I get that one could have up to 10 of these, too, but that may not be necessary.

I also had P make up a couple more sets against the octopi, as these are a big problem still. Despite what I said earlier about mixing up the minerals, both of these new sets are amethyst/citrine just like the first. It just seems like a very good combo for these demons.
These are not as big as I would like, but will have to do for the moment. One can later move the programming to another item, and have Mr. P fill in more programming if the new item is larger (and there is more programming that would benefit it, as is the case here). I will probably cast a cone with aluminum, titanium, amethyst, malachite, and a bit of allicin powder for these octopi soon, and transfer the program to it.

But why stop there? I thought of a few more. The more you have in your circle, the better. You may not have all these minerals in the right size range, so you'll just have to wing it.

There are certain forms of black magic developed around India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tibet, etc. The first unit addresses practitioners thereof, including Tibetan Bon Pos. Cheap rough carnelian and a small Apache tear. Likewise, there are some unusual forms in Africa. Howlite and sodalite.
The insectile demons are not to be confused with the mantis ETs, who are still around. Quartzite and citrine.
The next stone only harms evil Masons and Shriners, not the well-intentioned chump variety. Apache tear and malachite. Quartz is fine for both.
Ironically, the stones for the evil, huge, 4-legged dinosaur-like entities are rather small. Amethyst + carnelian. Ruby, obsidian, and probably others could just as well sub for the small stone.
Draco, a type of big reptilian. Quartzite + malachite.
Unfortunately, one can only have one Freemason stone of this type, but one can address the problem from different angles. The pedophile stone attacks all human child-rapists, whether black magicians or not. Unfortunately, one can only have one of these, as well. Danburite + selenite. A smaller amethyst is at least as good as the selenite, but I didn't have one handy. Amethyst or clear qtz can also sub for the danburite. This last set feels particularly powerful and hard-working, and everyone should have one.

The terms Freemason, Zionist, and Nazi are almost synonymous with each other, but there are some nuances of difference which allow us to attack the same people from different angles.
The Zionist one will not harm the tiny minority of well-intentioned Jews who are merely ideological Zionists, but don't know it's a scam foisted by blood-ritual oriented fake Jews and Masons. It is effective against Mossad agents. Don't like Muslim extremists? Your real issue is mainly with Satanist MPDed Mossad agents in their midst.
The Nazi one will not harm ideological Nazis who are not into black magic and haven't really significantly harmed innocent people because of their race.
Like the Freemason set, both of these are Apache tears + malachite.
Unfortunately, I have to agree with the Nazis regarding Gypsies AKA Roma AKA Romani people, who are indeed subhuman scum; a weird project of the evil reptilians. Although most of them never do human sacrifice, all are into blood ritual and MPDed. They have really been filthying up the landscape with their cat-carving rites and pedophilia for a long time. Although they place great emphasis on female virginity at marriage, their virginity-checkers neglect to closely inspect the anal sphincters to see what Daddy has been doing to Missy since she was an infant. Again, in the unlikely event that there are any innocent Romani, these crystals will not harm those.
Quartz + sodalite.

Although we have a rock already for institutional oppressors, that might work best for "gentle" tyrants like Monsanto, banksters, CNN. So here are some more specific ones for overtly violent types. Any clear or milky quartz/quartzite should be fine. The small stones also qtz, or selenite.
The first one targets all evil/crooked law enforcement, including FBI, secret police, Pinkertons, etc.
The 2nd one targets evil military types, including mercenaries like Blackwater.
The last one targets evil people in "military intelligence", CIA, NSA, DIA, DARPA, Mossad, KGB, etc.
There is some target overlap among these categories and between these and previously-shown stones, but I think that's a good thing.

Oct. 26, '07: Some more "ethnic" sets. Pitwexin feels that different ethnicities have developed their own flavor of black magic, making it appropriate to make specific sets for these various flavors. Even their DNA might play a part. The first 3 are quartz + Apache tears.
Chinese: this set works on most black magic in China, Korea, Cambodia, Viet-Nam, Manchuria, Burma, Singapore, Malaysia, maybe others. It works on the cruel Chinese prison camp torturers and all RCP Satanists.
Japanese black magic seems mostly influenced by the heavy reptilian interest in Japan millenia ago, and has a different flavor. And Japanese have a lot more reptilian DNA than other Asians. And their industry, government, and military is even more darkside than in the US.
Filipinos somehow developed their own strain. This happens to be a shard of qtz bought as "crushed quartz".

The last set, rose qtz + Apache tear, is for Native Americans. It is larger due to Pitwexin's own involvement in issues pertaining to the North and South American continents in his timeline, which somehow interfaces with ours. More info in today's entry in my blog. I'm not sure what all is in this set, but it contains programming to heal the Americas from the evil influences, and usher back the better Native American values and traditions, which also exist in his timeline.

These might be the last of the "ethnic" sets.
First set is for Mongolia. Citrine and qtz.
Second for Indonesia. Apache tear + Apache tear.
Third for New Guinea. Apache tear + Apache tear. Sizes are deliberate.
Last for Sweden. Don't ask me what makes them special. Quartz + malachite.

Oct. 30, '07: Incidentally, I realized later that the Sweden set works on the Karl Welz lineage/clan.

Evening before last I had Mr. P make me an anti-chemtrail set. That evening we were having severe smear all over the place around here, so I felt motivated.
He made me the set, and the following morning, and ever since, the skies have been totally clear. Coincidence? Yeah, most likely. I wanted to test it a bit before I posted about it, but either it is phenomenally effective, or I haven't had a chance to test it yet.
Huge quartzite here with a 2" amethyst that you can barely make out on top. But he can program your chem-busters or whatever.
I keep the amethyst in my circle of stones, and the quartzite outdoors on a minor power spot.

Heart center protector. For many months, the bad guys have been hammering on my heart center as the preferred target. This set stands guard over my heart center, and tears energy away from any entity seeking to harm it. It's still powering up, but it seems to help a lot already.
Eventually, they will just hammer my other centers more, but still, that's a relief for me.

Bigger-than-a-fist quartzite, and a piece of howlite. But there are a lot of stones that would work for the small stone.

Nov. 2, '07:They still prefer to hammer my heart center. I got that one could have up to 4 of these heart-protector sets, plus a purely etheric set (no stones), so that's what I got now. I also got that the local sandstone (if picked through) is good enough for this program, along with snowflake obsidian (but other obsidian is not so good for this one).

Also last night, the Joku (hooded, rat-snouted, reptilians) got aggressive toward me, pestering me with the same kind of remote mental remote-influencing as the Scutum Crux Arm reptilians have been doing. One can have up to 10 sets for the Joku, and apparently the best stones are howlite/Apache tear or amethyst/ruby. So on top you see 6 more of the howlite sets, and one of amethyst/ruby. I had a bad feeling that the Joku were to take over the harassment that is being diminished from other sources.

Incidentally, the pic at the Oct. 9 entry, far right, is a general anti-evil program that anyone can have as many sets of as they want. You can have him program your orgonite stuff even that which is out in the field far away. He can use a stone or magnet within the cast to hold the small-stone program. Likewise one can have unlimited numbers of the anti-chemtrail set.

Once the Joku are suppressed, the Tall Whites try to take up the slack. Previously I gave howlite + hematite as the combo for these, and it is a superior combo, but probably not very good for more than one set. But the Tall White set is another one that one can have 10 of.
I used amethyst + howlite for these, which is great, but any quartz + any quartz is about just as good. I may make some of those, too, if these 3 new ones don't suffice.

Nov. 19, '07: Here's a set for the Fpiqow birds: demonic birds whose emblem symbolizes the characteristic way they have of standing with their wings folded across their evil chests. The powers-that-be deliberately allow releases of sordid information about what US forces are up to (Abu Ghraib, etc.) so that anyone who chooses to disregard what they know is true in order to appear like good patriotic Nazis and plaster their vehicles with these evocative symbols will taint their souls with low-level black magic.
The decals evoke and provide entry into our world for the Fpiqow.
Quartz shard + malachite.

Last night I realized that there was another program available specifically for human black magicians. One can have up to 4 sets. Selenite + quartz shard. I didn't have any selenite wands. These are slabs. I forgot to put a size-comparison item in the pic. The longest selenite is almost 4". Quartz or quartzite is almost as good as selenite here.
Also, citrine + emerald is a bit better for this program. I am using a small danburite here until I can locate my baggie of rough emeralds. Danburite is not quite as good here.
Incidentally, the "assassin crystal" of Oct. 15 has still not proven effective, but I have ordered some pipe fittings so that I can make it into a perpendicu-wand, which I believe will help.

Nov. 29, '07: The astral ripper of Oct. 15 is much larger than needful to hold the program. I made a 2nd one, with copper pipe, brass, titanium, quartz sand, and malachite. Titanium is good for this program; I had overlooked that earlier.
Amethyst is half-hidden behind it.

This is all that's necessary to hold the full program, considering that the programming was done during the curing process. But that doesn't mean that one can't augment the power and effectiveness. I now have attached an antenna to the unit at left to maximize receptivity (i.e. ability to detect astral attackers and suck up their evil energy). See OTB 24 about reception.
And I have incorporated the unit as part of a complex and powerful perpendiculotic machine. Now the astral humans can't seem to hit me anymore. They attack, but their energy is so sucked up by the unit, that I can't feel it unless I dowse for such activity. And right now there is gobs of such activity, and the unit is sucking it all up.

  *   *   *   *
I also wanted to mention that I am regarding sandstone with favor. I made a Native American (see Oct. 26) set for a friend with sandstone instead of the rose quartz. I think it is actually superior for this program. And I think sandstone is acceptable for most of the programs given for quartzite or clear quartz. The stones may need to be slightly larger, but the energy is good. At least with the sandstone around here, and I suspect most is similar in quality.

Dec. 15, '07: Yesterday I realized I was being hammered by another variety of little green men. [Note: the stronger elite ones are blue.] These are not the 4' tall ones of a couple months ago; those seem under control. These are like 5'2' to 5'5" tall, and I believe they are called Tyhiz. They are mean and clamoring for eradication. Pitwexin has made me a crystal set against them. That would be the quartzite. Any clear or white quartz of about 1 cubic inch size will do, but I realized after taking the pic that citrine was significantly superior here, and tranferred the program to one, not shown here. If citrine is used, it can be a bit smaller. Cheap grade citrine is fine.
And a chunk of selenite seems to be the preferred choice for the small stone. Unfortunately, one can only have 1 set of these.

Dec. 31, '07: Tim Rifat sells a Sedna set for $400. Sedna is a planetoid in our Solar System that is ushering in evil-resolving energies.
The set is kind of good, but falls far short of his claims for it, and is greatly overpriced even in comparison to his other stuff. Unlike the BTRI and BSRIE which Tim may have developed mostly on his own research, the Sedna program is one he ripped off from another timeline. What's bad about that is that he's only giving you a fraction of the entire program, and exaggerating the claims and price for it.
Tim, last I checked, is only offering the fraction that can be programmed into a crystal. To get the entire program, it has to be installed in your etheric body. If the Sedna PC is worth $400, then the genuine program is surely worth $1500, but may be yours free if Pitwexin deems you worthy.
I got mine a couple nights ago once I realized this stuff. Gives me an enhanced feeling of breaking-loose-from-the-bullshit. Interestingly, the Sedna set I bought from Tim over 2 years ago is now inert, as one can only have one copy of this program for oneself.

Jan. 3, '07: Since posting that, I have realized why Tim charges so much for it. It's a lot of work. The Sedna program contains an etheric ring in it, that must be forged from huge amounts of psychotronic fuel. In order to make one, Pitwexin needs to vacuum up vast quantities of octopus demons and hammer them down to pure metal, so to speak, to cast into a ring. The effect this has on octopus demographics is not a bad thing, but I think that so far he has only made 6 Sedna programs for people who've asked after reading about it here. I think he is working on 5 more now. But I suspect that many people who have asked may not get one.

Jan. 4, '08: I recently realized that the best position for carrying programmed stones, etc. may be in a pouch on the right hip, especially if you want to be aggressive. It might be best on the left side if defensive. In either case, the small stone of the set could go in the left pouch or pocket or sock.
Personally, lately I have taken to wearing a device with 100% STQ and receptivity on the left, with a wire going from it to another device with 100% STQ and receptivity, containing as well a Loohan amp coil (OTB 29) on the right. Then another wire goes from the right unit to a small crystal I carry in the right pocket. This setup helps a lot, and I will be able to plug in a wire to a larger orgone unit when driving, for instance, or carrying one around in a backpack. One's personal life-force really boosts the auxiliary unit(s).

Another thing I carry in my left pouch is an experiment that turned out well. One day I had some extra epoxy mixed with my special magnetite, etc. left over. So I grabbed a funky, ugly old danburite off the window sill, blew off the dust. I poured the extra epoxy mix into a pill bottle, then dropped in the fair-sized stone. I asked Mr. P to program it as it cured with the general anti-evil program, but programming the main epoxy body with the program usually used for the smaller stone in a set, and the ensconced danburite got the programming for the larger stone.
For some reason, this piece seems unusually suited to wearing on the left for protection, as though it draws in the attackers' energy better.

Jan. 10, '08: OK, here are some new programs originated by Pitwexin. Lately I've been going "Hey, here's a cool rock. Does a program suggest itself for it?" And if I get a positive indication, I then find out a good companion stone for it. At some point, I have to dowse who is targeted by the set, and what it does to them.

The big smokey quartz at the top is actually my old $400 Sedna PC put to new use. [Update: The new program has now also been moved to something else. This stone no longer carries this program.] I don't think there are many good substitutes for smokey quartz here. Natural citrine (not the baked yellow stuff) would be very good, too, but much more expensive. Amethyst or yellow citrine would be fairly good. The companion stone is danburite, but there are many others that would be just as good: charoite, lapis, yellow topaz, obsidian, natural brown citrine, probably others.
After he made it I dowsed that it attacks the Tall Grey telepaths in a different manner than the anti-Tall Grey set above. I guess it jams their psychic powers or something.
The Tall Greys are masters of implanting thoughts and impulses into people's minds. One of their favorite things is to damage relationships by implanting boredom, contempt, aloofness, etc. They also have various public information programs going strong, notably Vote Giuliani, Support War, Ignore Chemtrails, Conform, etc. The pervasive influence of this is not to be ignored, and possibly explains the erstwhile popularity of The Chimp. Giuliani is evidently the Tall Grey choice. If he's not yours, consider getting this set.

This particular set works differently from the others. It is not best put in a circle far away from you. Keep it close by. It is better kept in the right pocket or on the right hip, with the smaller stone in one's sock. Or even better, on a witness plate of a powerful orgone device near you, with the companion either in the left sock or also on the witness plate. If carrying the big stone is inconvenient, and you do not have a radionics device close by you, keep the stone near you, e.g in a purse.
By keeping it close by, it better stymies the grey influence, and also to some extent protects the people close to you.

Possibly the best use is to put this particular stone on a grid-blaster or even just tape it to a power cord on an appliance or adapter that is always running. It seems that this program rides on the grid more powerfully than others, and will thus hassle greys for a large distance around. The companion stone can go in your left sock or also on the grid. It seems just as powerful there, but it might give you better personal protection in your sock. I live off-grid, but I just realized my best bet is to put the crystal on the grid (I have a grid-blaster in town) and carry the danburite in my sock. Since I am surrounded by the grid here. If I travel elsewhere, it would be best to take the smokey with me, and put it on the grid there, if possible.

The 2nd set is a large, rough, low-grade rutilated quartz, and a rough ruby. Rutilated is superior here, but the ruby could be subbed with rhodochrosite.
This set works on the spider demons in a different manner than the anti-spider demon set above. It seems to weaken their attacks. I don't understand more about this, but I put it in my circle and it feels real strong.

The 3rd big crystal is a cool unusual brown quartz cluster that a friend sent me. It was found in Colorado. It seems to be iron-rich. Other iron-rich quartzes are likely to be good for this. So is brown citrine. Smokey, amethyst, or yellow citrine are a bit weaker. Rose quartz just a hair weaker still.
The small stone is natural citrine, but could be smokey quartz or obsidian.
This set works on the evil reptilians in a different manner than the anti-reptilian set above. That's all I know, but it, too, feels real strong in my circle.

Oftentimes, rather than invest in a big pricey stone, one can equally good results with the proper resin mixture, especially if programming is done during the curing phase. You might prefer not to use the fastest-curing resin. I feel that the big smokey and the iron quartz can both be replaced by an iron/resin mix. The iron can be steel shavings and/or iron oxide powder. Quartz sand or powder should be mixed in liberally.
In fact a project is hatching in my mind of a gridblaster-like unit with the program from my smokey transferred to it during curing, thus freeing up my smokey for something else than sitting on a gridblaster.

The rutilated quartz can probably be replaced with a resin/copper mix (relatively fluffy copper), with some titanium and/or rutile and/or titanium dioxide added. And quartz sand.

Jan. 13, '08: I had Pitwexin move the programming from the smokey to this mini grid-blaster (OTB 21) unit as it cured, which is feasible even if the pour is done in several stages. This one took 2 pours. I still wear the danburite.
An extension cord was doubled over and the end taped together with, as it happened, silver-coated copper tape, and a ferrite toroid slipped around it. And this was cast in my best "multidimensional" mix based on magnetite, iron oxide red, and hematite. I forgot to add sand. That might have made it 3% better. But it hardly matters when you pipe in mega-orgone. There is a binding post coming out the side to pipe in output from larger devices. This thing rips.

I think this is one of the best programs yet. Last night I realized something I had failed to note earlier: This program addresses the evil reptilian telepaths just as much as the tall greys. The evil repts and tall greys are very energetically similar.
I love this program.

Jan. 23, '08: In fact, I have since realized that the program is a lot broader than that, acting to some extent against all evil entities. I am now naming it the grid program. Of course, it is very compatible with the other evil-scrubbing programs.
[Update 2015: This pgm is now very compact. It goes into not only resin and stones, but metal pieces (even small shavings) and even some glitters.]

Here is that smokey again, in its 3rd incarnation now. These 2 sets are astral rippers. Remember, one can have 4 sets of these. I got that smokey quartz is actually pretty good for this program. Clear quartz seems to be the best choice for the companion. I have added this set to my circle.
The 2nd set is azurite with a malachite companion. This is perhaps the best mineral combo for this program, but this modest azurite only holds about 68% of the power of the program. Yet, because the mineral is so intense, and because it is small enough to carry in my right pocket, it is very effective. I wrapped the stone in something protective, then put it in a small pouch that also holds my special crystal that is attached to the other stuff I wear, so it is very energized and attuned to what's going on with me. The malachite is on my left ankle.

Recently I realized that garnet is particularly good against the spiders. One can replace the citrine (previously recommended as a companion stone) with a much smaller garnet, and gain effectiveness. One can also replace the large component with a large garnet.
I recently scored a bunch of rocks at good prices, including 10# of grossularite garnets. This one holds 98% of the power of the program, despite being a good bit smaller than the tetrahedron I made. (It's a lot heavier, though -- very dense stone.) I had P transfer the programming from one of my amethyst spider rippers to whichever of the garnets he found best suited for it. Oddly, he chose this stone out of the whole bag, despite the fact that there are a few even larger ones. I guess shape dynamics can be more important than having all the capacity.
The small stone is a faceted bead, pretty large for beads, and as big as it needs to be for this program. Incidentally, having a hole drilled in a stone does not ruin it for our purposes.
I love this big garnet. If I hold it in my right hand while wearing the bead in my left sock, it really wreaks havoc on those spiders which are still pretty darn pesky these days.
For some reason, it also feels real powerful when placed on the water line.

Big garnets are also real good for the general anti-evil program (far right pic of Oct. 9).

Mar. 10, '08: Regarding the "assassin" set of Oct. 15. I've just been keeping it in my circle in recent months, but recently I realized something about it. It is intended to be carried on oneself when near evil person(s) or talking to them on the phone, etc. You can lay it on your PC when emailing such persons or (less good) even surfing their sites. There has to be a physical universe connection or at least proximity for it to work well. Yet, I don't think it's good for putting on the electric grid or plumbing. Maybe the target(s) should be more specific.

Carry the small stone in left sock, and large stone in any pants pocket or belt pouch or hand. It should be especially good to have on you when shaking hands with perps. Even being near them and in eye or voice contact is good. Or show them the crystal, as I'm doing now (ha, gotcha!)
Ideally, if you are a massage therapist or acupuncturist who has evil clients...

Also, the program seems to have shrunk in size, as now I'm getting that the main stone should be much smaller, but still a bit substantial, as shown here; the program has been transferred to this set. In fact, this stone is about 112% as big as necessary. I am also now getting that a high-quality, shaftlike double-terminated clear crystal with at least one of its points having a fairly symmetrical, centered point is best.
I suspect Pitwexin revised the program, as now I'm also getting that danburite is the best for the small stone. Shown here is a funky danburite of the proper size.
We just put this set together, so it is untested, but, it does feel strong.

As an aside, lately I have also realized that the choice of size of any of these stones described on this page, as well as the choice of stone type, may vary from person to person for whom the set is made.

Mar. 13. '08: Further notes about this program. It is interactive with your intentions as regards what targets to work on. In other words, say you are in an environment with a lot of darksiders you are in contact with. You can tell it to lock onto all of them and strip energy off of them. Or you can tell it to lock onto all of them but only work on certain specific target(s) which may not even be related. Maybe you are working on your mother-in-law, but happen to be at a meeting with a lot of Satanists. You can have it simply record the connections to these Satanists, and continue working on mother-in-law. Later, you can have it work on these people instead. In other words, it will retain a connection indefinitely, but only work on those people when you want.
Or you can tell it not to retain connections as you, say, walk through a big city, but merely opportunistically strip whatever energies it can off of evil people you happen to contact. Even a glance or the sound of footsteps is a contact.

Mar. 14, '08: E-demons. A friend told me about DARPA's "e-demons" that infect his phone and internet communications. These seem to me to have a much subtler energy than other demons, but I was able to detect them when he pointed them out. But not in my area. And not in Christiansburg, VA, or DC where I recently blasted the grid real well. I'm pretty sure the grid program (see Jan. 10, 13, 23) is responsible.
So I made some simple grid-blaster units for a couple friends in 2 locations in the Eastern US, and sent them off. When the recipients plugged them in, the e-demons vamoosed for some distance. These units were programmed with the grid program, the anti-chemtrail program, and the general anti-evil program.
Apparently, the energy jumps from the electric grid to the phone and internet grids, because they are interfaced in so many devices.

Mar. 15, '08: (From an email elaborating on this subject.) One can hardly help but connect to several "grids" at the same time, deliberately or not. Psionic energy easily jumps thin insulators that would impede electrical flow. So if your 'puter is plugged into the grid-blaster, and your DSL is plugged into your computer, then really the DSL is connected to the grid-blaster, too. And at the same time, the power supply to the cell phone satellite dish can be plugged into the grid-blaster.
On the other hand, even if the dish is plugged in elsewhere in the house, it is still connected to the grid-blaster energy. In fact, so are everyone else's dishes, PCs, etc. for quite some distance around. So you probably can't avoid blasting all those networks. Plus all kinds of other appliances, transformers, etc. will be radiating the energy everywhere.