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Loohan's Reptiloid Allies

Disambiguation Page.

April 26, '08:

Although there are several evil reptiloid species, there are some on our side.

  • Dragons, not to be confused with Draco: [update: wrong: these actually are 20' Draco, but have a dragon apearance on the 41D]
    Back in the summer of '06, some allies appeared as we were fighting demons. This was long before I figured out that humans can easily jail demons with the mind. This was back when the demons had seemingly unlimited toxic energy to throw around. These dragons came into our plane, arrested a few top demons and carted them off. Unfortunately, the demons were usually able to fry the dragons and escape back then.
    These dragons seem to be of the same type as depicted in oriental art, which I'm not sure are all that reptiloid.
    Recently, these guys have become conspicuous again in their assistance.

  • Pisol Reptilians: (rhymes with Lysol)
    These I have described in my MP3 file. They are offspring of evil reptilians. Some repts were abducted by good guys, and their genetics altered to make them very positively-oriented as well as having superior psychic powers, etc. These in turn have bred a large number of good reptilians. These are some of my favored allies, and help me constantly.

  • Herbie the Tortoise: This impressive entity first appeared by my cabin last summer, and returned many times for sustenance in his hectic battle of life. I'm hoping he comes back this year.

  • Saurians:
    Also last summer ('07) some big, evil, 4-legs-on-the-ground, dinosaur-like lizards were found to be shielding evil places and beings. I eventually arrested a large quantity, apparently all in existence. Some were almost 500 feet long.
    At a later time, I found that some 31 quadrillion of them wanted to switch sides, apparently. I freed them, and put them to work helping us. In fact, I assigned one to protect Herbie, because, believe it or not, demons were hassling him just for associating with us. There were still a lot of demons around last summer.
    Eventually I started to notice that some "good" saurians were defecting, and put those back in jail. Then more, and more.
    Finally I checked up on the one protecting Herbie. He confided that his friendship with Herbie was the only thing enabling him to resist the pull toward evil that had been bred into him.
    At that time there were only 83 saurians left that had not turned back to evil. I asked my ally Pitwexin if he could re-program their DNA or something, and he did. These 83 never had to be re-incarcerated. I haven't told this part of the story before, I don't think.

    Later it occurred to me to take the rest of that original 31 quadrillion defectors out of the jail and sequester them in a gentler one, in case Pitwexin could help them later.
    Recently I nudged him on this. These saurians are excellent at shielding against hostile energies in battle. Just now I realized he had deprogrammed over 12,000 more, and I put them to work against the mantises.

    Update October 11, 2008:

    And here is the realm of some different reptilian friends (though evil ones are present, too, attacking them). These are not from genetic modification of evil ones; they have some other provenance. They do have a heirarchy of 100 tiers, similarly to the 81 tiers of evil reptilians, but they don't seem to be goose-steppers about it. It may be benign caste sytem of some sort. They seem to dominate this part of Constellation Sagittarius (pic cut out from this pic).
    I recently married one of the 100th tier maidens, a shamaness named Piti. She has pastel lavender skin, as nearly as I can make out, with black hair and brown eyes. I don't detect scales, and she does have body hair.
    All my allies totally trust these reptilians.

    Alas, it is October and I have not seen Herbie this year.

    May 2, '09: Time for some updates...
    As chronicled on my April blog starting April 12, there have been some new developments as regards this subject. At least one more good reptilian race that I am now working with (can't get a name for them), as well as good Draco (their home galaxy) and good dragons.
    Perhaps wildest of all, it appears that Godzilla is a real dragon, who was taken over/enslaved by greys and made to work for them. He resided just NE of Hokkaido, Japan, under the ocean floor.
    Perhaps he or the greys telepathically affected some people into making movies about him. The greys had high ambitions of making him their evil "god" of Earth. In any case, (warning: 862 KB) this pic seems to resemble him closely. He is 625' tall, grey, and with red eyes.
    Since being relieved of his parasites, he has been rampaging wildly against the short greys hidden in secret bases in the Earth.

    May 29, '09: And he's still mopping up greys.

    Meanwhile, I got custody of 2 huge dragons we have named Alicia and Ray. They had been parasitized by greys until they were a miniscule fraction of their former size, but with proper feeding, are now over 700 miles long and growing back. They are very lovable and helpful. They are doing energy work now.

    There seem to be several types of good dragons. Godzilla has only grown a few feet.
    Also I married a 528' dragon who has not grown, and is a master of crystal programming and energy work.
    Get to know dragons, and you are likely to like them more than most humans. Very deep, rich personalities.

    Also, I realized that the good dragons I mentioned at the very top of this page are actually 20' Draco. These reside in the depicted region, and are presently under attack there from the same grey hive that's attacking me.

    Most Draco I'm familiar with are 8'. Also, I just let in a bunch of good 10' White Draco from another universe, to munch some of our greys.
    All types of good Draco seem to have one thing in common: on the 41st dimension they appear as much larger, colorful "chinese-type" dragons. When fighting they often display this appearance to show who they are and to intimidate enemies.
    I also was given a special Draco wife, and she has a much sweeter, more sensitive, and feminine nature than most human women. She is kind of shy and self-effacing, yet full of love. She normally hangs out beyond my perceptual range, discreetly shielding me from attacks with her wings. But she also is very yang, in terms of decisive military action.

    June 23, '09: Recently I have brought in a bunch of new Draco from a positive universe. These are white and 10' tall. They are very good protectors and have a beautiful kung-fu type of movement like Shaolin monks.
    They also have a large dragon shape on the 41D, but instead of being multicolored, it is white.

    Also, we have befriended the Xso reptilians. I first became aware of them months ago when someone wrote me about "black demons" wrestling with him in his sleep. These turned out to be small reptilians, the Xso. My impression is they are 5'6" and thin. They were very nasty and troublesome, and attacked more people overtly once discovered. Then I didn't have any problems with them for a while. Then my friend Esterian wrote me that they had been controlled by greys, and were all right now. More info in my June 11, '09 blog entry. They are working with us now.

    March 5, '10: For some time now, the formerly evil Chitauri have been converted to good, and have been very efficient at eradicating an evil physical reptilian species (the one Alex Collier mentions as living 150-200 miles underground, which is usually the case).

    In addition to that, we now have 11' tall physical Golden Draco who are are helping us big time.

    March 26, '10: Now I have some new "spooky lizard" allies. They are black, 5' long, and look a bit like Komodo dragons. They are 7D beings, and are helping ward off energy attacks on myself.
    I can't get a species name for them.

    Update June 18, 2010: The Lacerta (physical reptilians) were formerly evil, but completed therapy some time back, and have been fighting evil underground ETs for us since.

    The former arch-enemies of the Golden Draco, the Red Draco, recently completed therapy, and have also been an enormous help.
    Both these races are also physical, unlike some Draco that apparently aren't.

    March 4, 2011: I stopped trying to update this page with all rept ally species. There are a great many more now. And we have exterminated even many times more than that of evil ones.