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Proof that Swami Loohan has Mystical Precognitive Powers

This is what NOAA predicted on May 22, 2005:
Residents in Hurricane Prone Areas Urged to Make Preparations
NOAA today announced to America and its neighbors throughout the north Atlantic region that a very active hurricane season is looming...
And here are some quotes from my posts in 2006. The ones with the links are Yahoo! forum posts, impossible for me to hack retroactively. The others are from my blog, theoretically possible for me to hack retroactively. But, one could then find incriminating evidence on Google Archives, the WayBack Machine, etc.

April 20, 2006: I foresee weather mod to come to more or less of a dwindling halt overthe next couple months, with no significant summer droughts worldwide,nor very severe hurricanes.Or i'll eat my hat.
[Note: (munch, munch) Although the situation is much improved generally, there are still some droughts in places, but they are not caused by DOR or hi-tech. Deforestation, perhaps?]

April 28, '06: Well, they whipped up tropical cyclone Mala real well while i slept. They might as well enjoy their last days of weather terror before i get my new tools.
[Wikipedia on Mala]

May 5, 2006: Of course, they will keep replacing the hardware and i will keep nailing it, but it will be a lot easier for me, and frankly, they might as well get used to the fact that weather mod is now outmoded.

June 8, '06: Weather mod: Once again, i will go on record as predicting that weather mod is almost a dinosaur. Expect this year to have the mildest hurricane season in a long time.
The 5 weatherships are history, as are other weather-mod craft. And any new ones that may appear can probably be easily dealt with. HAARP and several other major sites are pretty grailed-out. Black magic has lost most of its horsepower, and is losing more daily.

June 23, '06: I see that "There are currently no Tropical Storm Advisories..." I think it's pathetic that all those guys at NOAA are drawing big fat salaries, and can't even get a decent hurricane started. Here it is past the solstice, and nada. What a bunch of inept parasites. I shredded on them a bit yesterday, and will do more from time to time. I resent the fact that they are well paid for doing nothing, while i am unpaid for doing a good job.

July 14, 2006: Look out. They bad.
On May 22, NOAA boasted of being able to provide a very active hurricane season.
I like theirspunk.
I've gone on record repeatedly predicting the opposite for this year.
Anyway, wunderground has now downgraded Carlotta to a storm.
C'mon, NOAA! Is that the best you can do?
When does this alleged season start?

July 22, '06: Well, the rain missed me, but the cool front is welcome. Very nice, 70s at my cabin. Supposed to get down to 60 tonight.No rain, some storms brewing over the oceans, war in Lebanon, yet the energy is very good. I think the weather will balance out over time. I'm a little more worried about the war jerks.

July 28, 2006: For some time now, HAARP has been near-dead in terms of DOR production. I checkit andpolish it up (all weather mod transmitters) often.
It has been a long time since i have seen the truly striated, corrugated HAARPclouds. Idon't know about the rest of you. I do often see a bit of that action, butnothing like theold days (see some of the pics on my site).

Furthermore, all their weather-mod "UFOs" are toast. So i fail to see how theycan manifesta HAARP storm. Not with DOR, that's for sure, and i doubt the freqs do muchwithout thedemon DOR riding on them.
Look at the "hurricane season" for proof. Exactly as i predicted, and exactlycounter towhat NOAA predicted. The hurricanes die before they get close to land.

Aug. 10, '06: In yesterday's newspaper, there was an article that NOAA was now saying that although the season has been surprisingly gentle so far, NOAA still expected some heavy hurricanes this year. I think it predicted 3 or so.

Aug 25, 2006: So what is your explanation for the fact that i have repeatedlyconspicuously disagreed with NOAA's predictions about hurricanes, andbeen right? Coincidence?
Once again i will go on record as predicting that engineeredhurricanes are pretty much a thing of the past. We may get a hurricaneor 2, but they won't be very frightful. From here on out.
And droughts are going to continue to fade away. Mark my words.

Sep. 1, '06: I have been enjoying remarkably cool weather the last few days, and the forecast is for more of the same. It appears that the hot summer has broken. The mornings are so cool that the biting insects aren't flying.This inspires me to write some of my infamous bad poetry:
The world will never be the same
Or Commander Loohan ain't my name.
Sep. 21, '06: My impression is that these Western Pacific typhoons are primarily a natural phenomenon, unlike some hurricanes that have hit the southern US in recent years.
[Note: Yes; although "boosted" in the past, these do seem to occur naturally, and I doubt they will go away.]

Sep. 26, '06: No hurricane advisories, nothing but a relatively small storm in the west Pacific...Progress continues.

Oct. 10,'06: Well, things don't seem to be getting any worse, except for the enemy...
It's October and still no major hurricanes have hit the US.

Oct. 31 '06:Been hearing geese the last few days like never before in my life. Often it's too overcast to see them, but sometimes i do see formations of hundreds of them. I don't know if it's a good omen or what. Geese are supposed to fly south in droves, and that sure enough is happening. Something must be all right somewhere. I hardly ever even find HAARP flared up anymore.
We've had extraordinary fall color lately, though today's gusty weather blew a lot of the leaves off.
Which reminds me, when was the last time you read about a cetacean beaching? These might be a thing of the past. It required massive demon energy transmitted by the underground transdimensional transmitters to do that. The work of demons and reptilians and greys, probably.
And dang, it's beginning to look like we missed out on hurricanes this year.
[Note: I haven't noticed any news articles on beachings in some time. The last I recall was almost a year ago. At this time, Dec. 13, 2006, I prognosticate that in a few weeks I will be able to prognosticate that mass cetacean beachings are a thing of the past. Yes, in the future they will be a thing of the past. Right now, the greys and repts might still have barely enough power left to hassle some dolphins if I challenge them too much.]

Nov. 12, '06: Also some morons are spraying up the skies again real bad...
Seems fairly pointless to spray as there is no longer any DOR component to it; in fact the chem has a very sweet vibe. Weather mod can be seen to be a failure. The whole Operation Cloverleaf or whatever is just a huge wasteful, polluting, make-work program for parasites.

Dec. 12, 2006: Weather mod via HAARP is about dead. It was overwelmingly powerfullast year, but has been pulverised since... (T)here is very littlethey can do without demonic energy.

So up yours, wretched NOAA scum!

Update Dec., 2007: Indeed, this year it has required the active inputs of evil entitities on a local level to achieve scalar effects in the chemclouds. At first it was the short greys mainly, but we removed them all from this timeline of this universe, and I have been blocking their re-entry. Actually, also cleaning up the other universes and timelines to a marked extent. Then it was evil Lyrans, mostly, and sometimes Pleiadians, but eventually we reduced their extensive population down to where they seldom do this anymore. Then it was the Tall Brunets AKA Luo trying to make up for them, and we have been whittling them down pretty well lately.
The evil entities messing with earth energies and weather seem almost eradicated as we end this year.

Hurricane season is over. Here is an article on the 2007 season, written by someone who is not a Satanist insider. He credits African dust with mitigating the predicted season. Yeah, dang it, how can a fellow predict hurricane severity with that capricious African dust floating around?
However, I don't have an explanation for the record speeds of intensification of the hurricanes.

I didn't pay close attention to the news this season, so the first 2 big hurricanes were fairly strong before I noticed them. These hit Central America pretty hard, but did not seem to be steerable by the usual suspects.
Then I found out about Noah a couple days after it hit the mainland.
These could have been mitigated, as evil ETs were involved.

I seem to vaguely recall seeing forecasts for more severe hurricanes subsequent to Noah, but am unable to find the bookmark for that.

Anyway, as we end 2007, I perceive weather mod as being about dead, in terms of the evil energy input factor. They are still chemspraying quite a bit. I'm not sure what effect this is having on the weather; getting plenty of rain here. But there is still a severe drought in the SE US.

I have not read of any more mass cetacean beachings, but then it's not like I've been monitoring the news real well. If you know of any, please email me the particulars.
It is my belief that there will never be more of these, as the ones I did check out were caused by demons and ETs.

Update Aug. 29, '11: Well I have read about a couple cetacean beachings since. In at least one of these I found gobs of demons responsible. Different kinds of demons than before.

And now they managed to create a bit of havoc with Hurricane Irene hitting the east coast.
As I reported on my blog on Aug. 27, this was influenced by a bunch of ETs from M63:
(5:40pm) I scanned the US map and felt all kinds of "demonic" energy which seemed to emanate from Fort McCoy, WI. DUMB at 6 miles with 552 ETs from Galaxy M63... and it has something to do with the Hurricane Irene.
We are taking out the base and already the map feels better.

(5:45pm) I am still finding plenty of demons over the Eastern Seaboard area, though. We should jail these.

(6pm) There was all this demonic energy off-coast so i found a U base here with 231 more of the same ETs. And another a bit south of Bermuda, with 362 more. Being scrubbed.

(6:25pm) See this huge ridgy area of the Atlantic? It is now being mopped up. It is peppered with hundreds of these ET bases. All this is relatively new. Since the incomparable Cmdr Loohan put an end to US mainland hurricane horror years ago, they had to sneak in a bunch of new ETs (to get their dumb asses slaughtered).
I think these ETs are mainly using psi and demons to influence the weather.
So I think we are rid of that bunch and I expect no more significant hurricanes hitting the US mainland this year.

Update Nov. 2012: So what happened with Hurricane Sandy? HAARP Engineering 'FRANKENSTORM' Hurricane Sandy. They got us. Every few years they develop new refinements to again create big hurricanes with less and less obvious DOR. For some reason, we have apparently not been able to locate the sources for any measurable frequencies involved here.
Note that the lady refers to ripples as "ultrasonic undulations". I have found that these ripples always disappear if one bags all the demons or neutralizes all the physical negative entities who are [psychically] causing them. But occasionally the enemy is so bent on their course of action that they will sacrifice endless zillions of demons in order to continue.

Even though we are unable to detect the transmitters by their energy signature, what I believe is happening may be explained by Weatherwar101: it's likely the NEXRAD radars sending.

Update August 27, 2017: Both links in my last post are to CIA sources, it turns out.

My blog commentary On Hurricane Harvey:

And what about Hurricane Harvey? I really don't know. I checked before it made landfall and all I could detect was a relatively few demons, which we got rid of. I completely forgot, though, to check the NWS map. Right now, the SE section of US has a lot of live-looking stations. Harvey made landfall the night of the 25th -- I can't find an archive on that site for these maps.
It used to be that when a NWS station flared up, it would be DORy because U bases close by would also flare up. But over time we got rid of the bases, apparently; at least I don't feel any right now.
Years ago they seemed to rely on toxic energy from demons and ETs to bring these things about, and we were able to mitigate quite a bit. Now they seem to have weapons that are energetically "invisible" to me and don't require demonic input.

Years ago I read that hurricanes are nature's response to droughts. I am not sure how much truth there is to this. The drought map shows no droughts other than way up in MT and thereabouts.

Update September 25, 2017: And then came Irma and Maria. This time I monitored Irma from early on, and found Egyptoid U bases and their demons involved. But even after we got rid of these, and had an allied presence in the sky, Irma still caused much damage. Maria they snuck up on me; I didn't find out about her until after she wrecked Dominica.
My suspicion is, because we are now onto Egyptoids and it is only a matter of time before we get all their U bases, they decided to play their hand at hurricane boosting, after having laid low for years.
We'll see what the future brings.

Weatherwar101 (CIA) claims the storms are made by artificially vaporizing water, and shows some convincing footage to support it. This may be at least part of the truth.