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People have asked me about this pic.
I'll let you in on a secret:
It's all done with computers.

Years ago I came across a site that allowed you to make your own marquee sign. You type in the text, and it spits out the pic with your text in it.
There were several marquees to choose from. I chose this because
  • "Zion" is so evocative
  • I have never seen any church with "Pentecostal" on it that did not have a Satanist vibe. I believe all their pastors are Satanists, as well as much of the congregation. In fact, that is the case with this one. [Update: all those Satanists have been killed and replaced with doubles, as explained below.] And most of the Pentecostalists who do not have that blood-ritual vibe, are nonetheless also shapeshifting reptilians.
    (And, of course, the Pentecostal church should not be singled out, as it is but one of countless Jesuit-controlled religions and "cults".)
  • That delicious chemtrail in the background.

    So, is Sovereign Grand Commander Loohan the epitome of evil? You'll have to judge for yourself, after viewing this pic. (Which was taken when I busted the Jesuit-Masonic Scottish Rite "House of the Temple" in DC on Jan. 20, '10, as chronicled in my blog.)
    The white socks are proof that I am an accomplished Master.

    Seriously, folks, almost all seemingly groovy "alternative" websites are CIA, and many of the ones that aren't, are of other similar agencies or reptilian shapeshifter groups, e.g. is Tavistock, warriormatrix is US Navy, and are NSA, and most "Libertarian" sites and personalities are actually lizartarian.
    Unfortunately, very, very few people are sensitive enough to discern whether the parties behind a website are genuine, or are shapeshifting con artists. Many of these sites are in the forefront of disclosing the truth of illuminati methods and tactics. And they routinely "disagree" with each other, and accuse each other of being agents.

    Some noteworthy historical and contemporary agents:
    • whoever released the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Jesuits are the Elders of Zion)
    • George Orwell, FTM shapeshifting reptilian
    • Aldous Huxley (the whole family was satanist shapeshifting reptilian)
    • the Wachowskis who wrote the Matrix flicks (satanist shapeshifting reptilians)
    • Nick Begich, shapeshifting reptilian who allegedly wrote Angels Don't Play this HAARP
    • David Icke (deceased shapeshifter, replaced by clone), who brought so much arcane truth to the forefront, but promotes mostly other shapeshifters who also tell much of the truth
    • Matthew Delooze (shapeshifter; recommended reading)
    • The Dalai Lama (satanist), Gandhi (satanist shapeshifting reptilian), Martin Luther King (shapeshifting reptilian), the version of John Lennon who had the beaked nose (MPD satanist shapeshifting reptilian)
    Of course, the agencies crank out quite a gamut of sites and groups, some of them almost pure BS (constantly promoting NeSarA, Saint Germain, Sananda, Koot Hoomi, etc.), others about half and half, etc. The most valuable yet insidious ones are the ones that put out the most percentage of truth.

    So how do you know whether I'm trustworthy? You don't, unless you are very sensitive that way, and almost no-one is, reliably. But, I don't care. This site is not to convince anyone of anything they can't perceive for themselves. There are at least a few people out there who recognize that this weird crap I write has the feel of truth, even though it doesn't make much sense. It is mainly for them that I do this. Because if I empower those few, that makes my job a lot easier.

    I am an energy-sensitive. I live in a rural area of North Central Arkansas, and kick illuminati ass for the fun of it.

    I have been sensitive all my life, but only developed it much in the last several years. Even decades ago, I was aware to some extent of natural Earth energies. Also sometimes I could feel the energy residues that people left in furniture, etc. In the early '90s I suddenly became aware that I could feel the energy qualities of semiprecious stones, crystals, and homeopathic remedies. I started making crude resin-and-shavings orgonite in 2002. In early 2005 I became aware that I could feel my deployed orgone devices on a map. Then I developed my map-reading much more. Later in 2005 I started dowsing images of people. By that time, there was a very serious war going on between toxic, demonic energy, and positive orgone. The period from the 2nd half of 2005 through the end of 2006 was the most harrowing, in terms of demon attacks. As a result of this war, all blood-ritual black magicians became overtly DORy in Fall or so of 2005.
    Aha! I had a way to spot gov't agents! However, it was not until Summer 2012 that I realized just how many evil shapeshifting reptilians overrun our world; about 2/3 of them are not into blood sacrifice, and thus do not have the conspicuous auric damage therefrom. Special programs had to be devised to make orgone dig into these people to make their energy show up.

    If you are a psychic, here are some legendary personalities who have an "accessible" astral/telepathic presence, whom I have been working with, and will vouch for me:
    Venus, Hecate/Demeter, Selene, Jehovah (not Yahweh), Jesus, Krishna, Shiva, Subramanya, Ganesh, Odin, Bragi, Thor, Valiant Thor.
    Also the following beings who used to be evil, due to archonic possession. I exorcised the demons, and they have been back on our side since:
    The Biblical archangels, the Egyptian pantheon (all except Ra & Hathor were overtly evil, but Ra and Hathor no longer exist for whatever reason), Satan, Lucifer, Ahriman.


    People who haven't been following me will start to read my blog and not understand some of the terms I use, etc. So here is what is going on on Earth and beyond. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Maybe if I was more omniscient I would be able to form a logical overview, but so far things seem wildy illogical. If I was making shit up, I'd make up stuff that was way more plausible than the truth. I wouldn't believe this stuff myself, were it not for the fact that working with it I usually get good to excellent results, according to the feedback of countless people over the years.

    There are 50 corrupt universes (or perhaps more accurately, 50 versions of the universe), known as Universe A (that's us) through Universe XX. There are also an unknown number of pristine universes.

    This is not the same thing as parallel timelines. Timelines seem very similar except, as far as I can figure out, each universe has its own set of timelines.
    Negative beings can jump into our world from other universes using portals, wormholes, or the like. They can also come here from other parts of this universe by the same or other means.
    Years ago demons used to storm me from other timelines, but I haven't noticed that in a long time now. I suspect most of them came into our timeline because that's where my allies and I were wreaking havoc on them.

    By negative beings I mean evil physical ETs, evil ET/human hybrids, and evil non-physical beings (which latter I usually refer to as demons). These commonly use directed negative energy and black magic against others. (Of course there are also other types of evil beings, notably human black magicians, not to mention common criminals and parasites who are not into the paranormal -- but these don't hop around the multiverse.)

    Negative beings use energy to cause various unpleasant phenomena. You can read about the various symptoms that targeted individuals blame on microwave attacks. Most of these can be caused without any electronic help! However, quite often, electronics are used as well. Usually they serve primarily as a carrier for evil psychic energies, although some types are quite nasty by themselves.
    Very commonly, demons are thrown at people and their pets and/or implanted into them. Also, non-sentient etheric implants are very common. So are cords, spells, jinxes, etc.

    Many negative beings can be jailed and destroyed. Indeed, in the last 10 years, we have mopped up most of the truly dangerous ones, but vast numbers still remain. Also other negative etheric constructs (e.g. etheric spaceships, demon hatcheries, implants) can be jailed
    Some species have accepted therapy, changed sides, and become formidable allies, e.g. the Red Draco.
    A great many species we have been able to delete in entirety very easily (and others with greater difficulty).

    Many species have both a solid, physical phase (to our perception), as well as an etheric, jailable phase. Examples include the EHETs (see glossary) and many reptilians such as the types represented in this image (#1 and 2 we were able to delete in toto, fortunately).
    Update: the reptilian types in this pic are now so beaten down that they don't seem to be a problem anymore.

    Recently we have gotten much more effective at jailing this class of beings. We even have about half a billion Earth animals helping us jail them. [Update mid-2016: more like 40 billion now.]
    It used to be more difficult to force such evil beings into an etheric phase in order to jail them, but now even many chickadees and toads can do it.

    The NSA and CIA are largely offworld agencies. The offworld agents consist of shapeshifting reptilians which can attack from afar or project into our underground via portals. (Abductee drawing of offworld CIA operatives.) The odd thing is that recently we have become able to jail these, too, even though we can't (yet?) jail other varieties of shapeshifting reptilians of which there are many strains that have arrived from offworld.

    I'm not sure what the explanation is. I am really confused by this stuff. So many things point to a conclusion that even the everyday street varieties of shapeshifting reptilians are not really subject to what we consider the laws of physicality. The way they can quickly and easily replace themselves with identical clones or other constructs which seem to have all the same memories and skills. The way they seem to ooze underground, usually in the apparent absence of tunnel entrances. The way they promote and engage in fracking, which one would expect would devastate their ubiquitous tunnels and underground facilities.
    Yet at the same time they can interbreed with Earthlings, and do seem subject to the same limitations in physical abilities when it comes to, say, sports; they do respond the same ways to healing modalities, they do get the same diseases and substance addictions. Not only the ones that are interbred with Earth humans, but also the pure ETs.

    Also there are a few types of evil ETs masquerading as humans who are not reptilian. In some cases I'm not sure whether or not they are repty, but in others, like the fairly common werewolf I'm certain they are not.

    One thing that these "paranormal" evil entities share in common is that they try to spread evil, toxic energy, and are harmed, or at least "lit up" by positive energy. We have available many free programs for frying them. Most of these require resin, but some go into stones.
    Often the response of, say, shapeshifters, to strong programmed orgone is to "protect" themselves by oozing negative energy slime into the environment, which is difficult to remove. This suggests that they need evil energy. When fried with strong positive orgone, usually they soon go underground, which apparently provides them some relief. And there they may be detected by us, and our ET allies are allowed to kill them. Then they get replaced by doubles, most often shapeshifting clones which are even more sensitive to orgone, and soon go underground to get killed in turn.

    The sheer vast numbers of the enemy make no sense. Their various species commonly sacrifice zillions of individuals per second in order to inflict mild temporary discomfort on some targeted individual.
    Moreover, they often go to extremes to get themselves killed, as if that was their real objective. Many of us have often gotten phone calls from underground bases, or emails that spring loads of underground attack bases at us, which inevitably all get mopped up. I have gotten snarky emails like that aplenty, and even a few seemingly nice ones. I have had many agents try to join my forums from U bases.

    The most common physical enemy we have on Earth now (mid-2015) are clones of shapeshifting reptilians. In the US, most of the cars and trucks on the road are driven by them.
    The clones are not capable of occult attacks, except for the fact that most of them channel toxic energies from offworld ETs. If you blast a clone, you will feel something, if you are sensitive. This is usually EHETs that can be jailed. In addition, (like the non-clone shapeshifters) they draw on their underground peers to provide themselves with negative energy. But this latter activity is more to help them resist positive energy than for attacking. So with every clone that cruises by, I routinely jail a bunch of EHETs and mark a bunch of underground facilities for destruction. They never seem to run out, but their resources do get thinner over time.

    Developments in 2016:

    The reptilian ETs seem to have faded away. Most are not, however extinct.

    When i drove through Tennessee and Virginia in January, about half the clones on the road were lycan (werewolf) instead of the usual repticlones. Many repticlones had been replaced with them. I have not noticed this in other places yet, though.

    EHETs are now extinct, as are many other nasty species that have been bothering us, such as the chem-repts. Chemtrailing was then taken over for a couple of days by physical exotic craft from underground bases, spraying metallic chem. In the US, NSA, USAF. In Brazil, FAB. NATO was spraying in Europe. So we took out a bunch of their bases, and presently it is mostly done by misc. unidentified ET species, again using vibeless drones and vibeless non-metallic sprays.

    Repticlones were then channeling the energies of low-grade demon species for some time, but now they seem to have run too low on demons to even do that much. A great deal of progress has been occurring.

    Also around late 2015 I started to become aware of how many transgendered agents there are around. Many of these are repticlones and other lab-grown pseudo-humans, but a great many have a human vibe. These latter had eluded my radar until recently. Some of these are descendants of the Pharaohs. For more info see here and here.

    As we start in on 2018: Last year there were tons of werewolves when I visited the DC area. I gifted heavily with the Channel Program, and now there are hardly any again.

    It has become increasingly evident that a very high percentage of what I used to take for humans actually are Egyptoids. And also lots of innocent people have much Egyptoid DNA.
    In fact, I now have the impression that non-Masonic, "normal" humans are a minority most places on Earth. Even a high percentage of "indigenous people" are actually negative, hand-sign waving, hoax shills. Evidently this planet was seeded long ago with this gender-mutated race, and many of the white v indigenous conflicts were and are actually hoaxes.
    And most other types of evil pseudo-human, Masonic ETs are hybridized with Egyptoids. This includes the majority of reptilian shapeshifters.
    They keep us around and "manage" us like duped sheep. We are a genetic resource, as some Egyptoid bloodlines have developed serious health issues. Also they like to torture (usually covertly) and vamp on us, rip us off in many ways, rape and enslave our children, etc.

    My own progression as a "truther": I use the term truther but actually that word was probably invented by the CIA for their agents.

    It started in 2005, when, after much orgone blasting, suddenly all blood-ritual black magicians got a very strong nasty vibe. So then I was dividing the populace into those who had the blood-ritual vibe, which I called for many years "satanists", and those who did not, to whom I gave the benefit of the doubt, if I doubted tham at all... However, there are a great many satanists and other black magicians who are not into blood ritual, and hence have a less obvious vibe.
    But on occasion I would realize that some media story was a hoax, e.g. some kid had allegedly been abducted and killed, yet I could tell he was a live satanist.
    Also to some extent I was detecting reptilian DNA in a few satanists.

    Then starting 2011-2, I became increasingly aware of the great many reptilian shapeshifters everywhere, 2/3 of which did not have the blood-ritual vibe. I realized that many "truthers" etc. I had trusted and vouched for were such shapeshifters (SSers).
    And increasingly I was finding other species of "human" ETs also.

    Then around late 2015 I became aware of the phenomenal quantities of transgendered agents. Lots of these I thought were human, but eventually I figured out that evil TGs are virtually always ETs. The ones that seemed human could be lit up by new programs, indicating they were actually Egyptoids.
    This engendered another round of realizing that many agents I had considered OK and vouched for are actually Egyptoids.
    In fact, almost anyone, past or present, of any fame, was Egyptoid (or Egyptoid hybrid). Anyone I ever thought was cool.

    Hence if you read my earlier material, I often vouched for people whom I now know are evil, Masonic ETs. In many cases I have gone back and inserted updates about them, but not all.

    Now it has become apparent to me that almost all media stories are hoaxes. The media seldom go out to talk to real people about real conflicts and situations. It is almost always just ET actors pretending to be enmired in issues which actually do not exist, except as pretend-conflicts between agency front groups.

    There are no nation-states or heads of state. Any stories about intrigue and conflicts between various countries, ethnic groups, political parties, religions, causes, etc. are hoaxes. It is all BS flowing down from the Vatican via Freemasonry. Recognize that any "truther" or "journalist" who bolsters such hoaxes is a Masonic ET (or other type of fake human) and such stories have no truth in them.
    And there is virtually no "alt" media. Also, CIA etc. is all over YouTube, FaceBook, etc. working more hoaxes, and making shill comments in social media.
    You will find little else on the internet. Except here at, of course.

    More recently it has also become apparent to me that Masons openly flaunt the truth about their scams and misdeeds. It seems to be an important part of their magical practices. Thus, oftentimes, they will flaunt Masonic hand signs, gross cross-dressed agents, and deliberately crummy/bizarre image manipulations in their hoaxes. So now I like to post (see forum especially) visual evidence that any intelligent person can evaluate, rather than just pronouncing my psychic impressions.