Loohan's Paranoia Series:

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you."
          --- from a '70s dayglo poster
(Note of Dec. '06: The first 3 bulletins contain info that is somewhat obsolete now, as there is little or no black magic left to power these transmitters, etc.)

Paranoia Bulletin #1: Underground Transmitters

Paranoia Bulletin #2: Other Transmitters Near You

Paranoia Bulletin #3: Your Food is a Weapon Against You

Paranoia Bulletin #4: Sexually Transmitted Demons

Paranoia Bulletin #5: The MPD Horror

Paranoia Bulletin #6: False Higher Selves

Wolves in sheep's clothing: a partial list of prominent personages in the orgone/anti-NWO/UFO communities plus a few miscellaneous individuals of interest. These people are all into blood-ritual sacrifice black magic. Many are connected to the NSA or other disreputable government agencies.

Loohan's Lecture Series:

MP3 audio recordings of hot air and deranged ravings about how bad a place the universe has long been (but it's improving rapidly).
Please save to your disk to listen.

Loohan's Lecture Series 1a: Sorting out the Gnostic mythos. ET genetics projects. The races on Earth. The truth about Jews.
28 minutes, 25MB.

Loohan's Lecture Series 1b: HTML page.